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 Fitting Bakelite Foregrip to Marushin MP40

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Fitting Bakelite Foregrip to Marushin MP40   Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:59 pm

smootik wrote:
Here is some photos of ABS Marushin MP40 "customized" with a WWII bakelite lower grip.

This grip is quite particular, it has been damaged during WWII. Whole right side has been exposed to high temperature, there is also a puncture in the middle (not from bullet as far as I can say). I have no idea what exactly happened to the original gun and owner...

After installation of that grip on Marushi, whole effect is rather wierd, as bakelite does not quite go with a shiny modelgun. HW version (as PPU posted just before) would probably look better.

Original grip fits perfectly Marushin modelgun. Note that it is a one-piece part, unlike Marushin two-part grip.
For installation you need to unfold the stock, and then remove the main "screw" under grip that holds upper receiver to lower receiver. To do it you need to push pin inside this screw, from a side. Do it in "closed" position. Be careful, as the bolt that blocks upper receiver is spring-loaded and it will spring out after you remove the pin. I would probably advise to do it with screw in "locked" position and upper receiver still in place. This will not allow that part to fly away ;-)
I have first pushed the pin from one side using small screwdriver of a proper width. Then I used pliers from the other side.

Once the screw is removed, it should be quite easy to slide grip on lower receiver. Take care not to damage grip!
Installing back the screw is a bit tricky, as you need to push bolt part inside receiver, against the spring, from the other side that you are manipulating the pin. Once again - take care, spring will most likely shoot out quite a few times while trying, hopefully not towards your tv set or porcelain ;-)

Two screw holes at the sides of the original grip are smaller (thinner) than in Marushin grips. You will not be able to reuse Marushin screws, but good news is that even without them the grip is quite stable. Front is held by take-down screw, back is blocked firmly on top of pistol handle grips.

When folding stock is folded back onto grip, it might interfere a bit - the fit is quite tight here. There could be some friction, scratching grip.


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Fitting Bakelite Foregrip to Marushin MP40
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