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 Beginner's Guide: Loading Marushin Beretta M9 Cartridges

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Beginner's Guide: Loading Marushin Beretta M9 Cartridges   Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:06 am

***Draft... Better Photos to follow***

Loading Marushin M92 Beretta Cartridges

Your modelgun will only function correctly if your cartridges are prepared and loaded correctly. This is intended as a Step by Step guide on how to do this.
Cleaning of used cartridges is dealt with in a separate article...

Unlike Marushin’s MP40 and UZI 9mm cartridges, the M92 type uses rubber O-rings for better gas seal and a floating striker pin to suit the Beretta M92 series pistol’s hammer and firing pin operation.

As supplied, each box contains 15 cartridges and a bag containing 15 x 7mm dia. rubber O-rings

First of all, unscrew the cap from the cartridge and empty the case of it's contents.

These are

  • Main cartridge body
  • Cartridge Base
  • Striker Pin
  • Drilled and Grooved “Piston”

The Striker Pin will have already been fitted with 1, or 2 rubber O-rings depending on type.

The 5 cartridges supplied with the Beretta M9 “Dolphin” pistol I bought only had one O-ring whereas the additional cartridges I bought separately had 2.

I assume that Marushin redesigned the cartridge at some point.

The O-rings supplied loose in the bag need fitting into the groove in the outside edge of the drilled “piston” like so…

Tools required for loading are :-

1. Loading tool

2. Cotton Bud (Q-Tip)

3. Small Brush.

Mascara brushes are ideal for this! Get your Girlfriend, Wife, Mother or just go yourself to the nearest Make Up shop and borrow sample brushes (Debenhams are ideal )

Silicone or Lithium based grease make perfect lubricants

The all important Cap, in this case Marushin 7mm

Step 1. Run the mascara brush through the cartridge case and over the threads to ensure cleanliness

Step 2. Dip the Cotton Bud in either only a little Silicone Oil and smear the inside of the cartridge bore. This aids lubrication and gives a little extra smoke effect too.

Step 3. Smear a little Lithium or Silicone Grease onto the O-ring, then place the Piston into the Cartridge ...

Step 4. Squeeze a little grease from the tube, this much should be plenty, and smear it over the outside edges of the cap. DO NOT smear grease onto the powder charge in the cap.

Marushin cartridges rely on the cap acting as the blow back piston to operate your gun. The cap must be adequately greased to ensure smooth and free sliding inside the cartridge otherwise it will not function correctly.

Step 5. Place the cap into the cartridge, powder charge facing up

N.B. Faulty caps are sometimes found. If the "charge" falls away from the plastic cap discard it as it will not ignite correctly.

Step 6. Push the cap and piston down into the cartridge using the loading tool. Notice that the wider end of the tool is used, push the cap in only as far as the tool will allow

Step 9. Smear a little grease onto the O-rings, then push the striker pin into the cartridge base.

Ensure the pin is in far enough so that it’s base, or the “primer” sits flush with the cartridge base.

Making sure the firing pin is grease free, screw the base into place,

and there you go,

ready to move onto the next one


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Beginner's Guide: Loading Marushin Beretta M9 Cartridges
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