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 Marushin Xabungle rifle, ABS factory made

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Modelgun Perfectionist

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PostSubject: Marushin Xabungle rifle, ABS factory made   Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:34 pm

You might be very puzzled what is this whole "Xabungle" thing. There is no such real weapon, so where did Marushin find the original for this model?

Answer lies in Marushin connection with toy and movie industry. Japanese animated series called "Combat Mecha Xabungle" (ザブングルグラフィティ) was broadcast in 1982/83. It featured a Combat Mecha Xabungle (duh!), which used various weapons. One of them is an assault rifle with a scope.

Just as MGC did, also Marushin knew power of movie franchising. They entered an agreement with series producer and obtained rights to release a model of Xabungle rifle. Surprisingly, it was not a simple toy, and not an airsoft springer, but a full-featured modelgun.

Wikipedia information about movie:

More information about TV series:

It is a unique modelgun, designed as a toy for children, based on a fictional weapon from TV. As far as I know it was made available in two versions, one was self-assembly kit, the other already factory assembled. This is in line with many other Marushin models which were also available in such two versions.

Obviously this model is not manufactured for a long time, and you chance lies in second-hand sales, or new-old stock (new, unsold kits that were in storage for a long time).

Thanks to shazhib I was able to get my hands on a factory version.

A colorful box should have appealed to kids when it was released. Box features Combat Mecha with rifle in the background, and kid's hand with modelgun in foreground, as well as numerous texts (translation welcome!).

Inside the box you will first find a manual. It is a simple, four-page document, but I find it much better and detailed than usual manuals. Exploded diagram is a norm, but it is followed by very detailed take-down and reassembly instructions, showing clearly and with plenty of details positioning of parts.
Next page is dedicated to operations - loading cartridges with caps, carts to magazine, magazine to model, and finally firing (cock, squeeze trigger). There is also very nice picture explaining ejection - not only how far from modelgun and on which side (right) they will land, but also possible range of angles (forward/backward). Nice!

Under the leaflet there is a model itself, scope, five cartridges, cartridge loading tool and a box of 5mm caps (Power cap). Everything is laid out in a plastic form. Model has a red warning tape attached to the bolt, explaining that this part will move backwards when fired.

It is much smaller than it looks like. Whole model is about a pistol size, with different proportions - longer than taller. Grip is fairly small, adapted to kid's hands, not grown-ups.

Material seems to be plastic, probably ABS, but it seems of different quality than usual ABS. It's also quite electrostatic - on pictures you might see that it immediately attracted dust from surroundings. Another difference from "real" modelguns" is the colour - it's olive green (or military green).

Controls... what controls?
Except for the trigger there is no controls on this modelgun. It is simple. Very simple. Simpler than you could think - after all it is just a toy.

Rifle has a flash hider on a short barrel, foregrip (?) with a bipod attached underneath, main body with "carry handle" approximation and scope mount on top of it. Body features magwell, trigger block, grip and a bolt sticking out of the back. Everything is made of plastic, except for trigger mechanism, bipod attaching point, bolt attaching ring, extractor and ejector.

Scope can be installed by sliding it in from behind, until it "clicks" in place. It actually works, and features a large magnification, but field of view is very small. To release the scope, you need to use a stick (or a screwdriver). Insert it in hole under back of the scope, push the tab down, pull the scope backwards trying not to break or damage fragile plastic. There is a front sight, but no back sight, so it's not quite possible to target this model using sights ;-)

Left side is marked with "XABUNGLE WG RIFLE" and 3662 serial number, repeated on the grip. Left side has a separate "XABUNGLE" and "WGR" marking.

Bipod under the barrel is held closed using an interesting, simple mechanism, with a plastic tab that goes inside a hole in the bipod legs. Pinch the legs together, then swing them down and forward to deploy. They are held apart by a metal spring that has a tendency to fall out of its place. When deploying/folding bipod take care not to break parts.

Can you find mag release button? You need to look better, check everything closely... Gotcha!
There is no mag release button :-) You just pull magazine out of the magwell using your force. It is held inside magwell by a plastic tab that springs out and locks inside the magwell.

Magazine is plastic, with a plastic follower and plastic lips. Maybe at least spring inside is metal ;-)

Capacity is not known, I have not removed cartridges from the box.

There is 5 cartridges supplied with this model. They are typical PFC design, with a 5mm cap inserted into the top part, facing down.

I have not fired this model, and I do not intend to fire it. It is quite fragile, I would prefer to preserve it as a collectioners item.

In order to fire you would load magazine with cartridges, pull the bolt back, insert magazine and pull the trigger.
Model fires from open bolt.

This modelgun is constructed more like a toy than a model, so it's even more fragile than usual modelguns.
This is the main, and I guess the only problem of Xabungle rifle. I just can't imagine that it would survive long in kids' hands.

Basic disassembly
Very easy, just follow pictures in manual :-)
  • turn barrel to the right (looking from behind), about 1/4 to 1/2 of a turn.
  • pull barrel with foregrip to the front of the model. Note carefully how they go together, it will be easier to reassemble if you know which nooks and crannies go together.
  • using screwdriver carefully push the metal chamber up. Tilt it then, so that detonator pin can clear body.
  • at the back turn metal bolt ring to the left by 1/4 of a turn. Remove bolt assembly backwards.

Now you have a model which is disassembled for cleaning. Remember to dry every part after you clean it.

Further disassembly - unscrew screws in the metal trigger assembly, remove it from the body. This is shown clearly in manual with pictures.

Reassembly is fairly easy, provided that you insert things in a correct orientation.
  • put back the bolt, extractor should face right, groove in the left side will go over ejector. Keep trigger pressed so that sear does not interfere with bolt.
  • turn metal bolt ring to the right, so it locks correctly
  • insert chamber, first tilt it, then push carefully into place
  • put back together barrel and foregrip, slide them in place, make sure they are correctly aligned
  • turn barrel to the left, locking these parts to the body

Xabungle is more of a collector's item than a usable modelgun. It does not resemble any real weapon, references an obscure "Xabungle" TV series, it's fairly fragile and truly looks like a toy. I would probably not recommend it unless you are a curious collector.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Re: Marushin Xabungle rifle, ABS factory made   Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:28 am

Your Reviews get better and better smootik another superb effort

Here's a link to more discussion and Video of this unusual modelgun firing:


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Modelgun Perfectionist
Modelgun Perfectionist

Number of posts : 1787
Location / Country : Poland
Registration date : 2009-03-03

PostSubject: Re: Marushin Xabungle rifle, ABS factory made   Fri Jul 09, 2010 5:15 pm

...a review would not be complete without any size comparison.
Even more so for a toy that looks like a rifle - you might think it's big.

I have included below several shots comparing it with two standard objects: Colt 1911 and a DVD box. Xabungle is slightly longer than a 1911, but substantially lighter, too.

Movie on this DVD is "Motorama", a little known but very interesting film from 1991. Brilliantly mad, it is an alegory about meaning of life, with some very black humor. Main hero is a collector in search of the last remainig piece for a collection (no, it's not the girl), cover is marketing-ish) - something that many people could identify with. You can find more information here:
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PostSubject: Re: Marushin Xabungle rifle, ABS factory made   

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Marushin Xabungle rifle, ABS factory made
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