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 VCRA Legislation: Proof of Defence Required by Site Admin

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: VCRA Legislation: Proof of Defence Required by Site Admin   Sat May 08, 2010 1:30 pm

VCRA Legislation UK Members ONLY

With reference to previous post explaining the UK's VCRA Law and it's affects on Sellers and Buyers of any Realistic Imitation Firearm, in this case GAS BLOWBACK AIRSOFT GUNS, re printed below, please note that as of today, 8th May 2010, ALL members residing in the UK wishing to post "Wanted" ads for GAS BLOWBACK AIRSOFT GUNS are required to provide the Site Administrator with Documented proof of Re-enactment Group, Airsoft Site Membership, or other categories shown below BEFORE submitting posts.
Any such Wanted Ad posted without providing proof will be removed.

Please be advised also it is strongly recommended that all UK Members approached via Private Message or e-Mail by Members wishing to buy GAS BLOWBACK AIRSOFT GUNS contact Site Admin in the first instance.

As explained below, it is the SELLER'S responsibility to demand and obtain Proof Positive of the Buyer's right to purchase. Failure to do so is an offence against the VCRA and conviction and penalties SEVERE.
Site Admin will attempt to assist UK resident members by confirming receipt of Buyers' documents. It will be the SELLER'S responsibility to verify legitimate membership of Groups, Sites etc.

Buying & Selling Modelguns / Blank Firers and Replica Imitation Firearms in the UK

Most of us living in the UK will be fully aware of the Violent Crimes Reduction Act and the implications it had when it directly affected Replica Imitation Firearms in Ocober 2007.

However, as this forum is growing steadily with more and more new members coming aboard (great to see cheers ), I thought it best to remind folks of how the Law affects any replica gun bought and sold by UK residents. It has also been brought to my attention that members are being approached by PM or e-mail by individuals that are not exempt from the VCRA, wanting to buy Blank Firers and Modelguns.
This post is a reminder of the Seller's responsibilities, by Law, and also the Buyers responsibilities and minimum requirements to ensure a Legal legitimate sale or purchase.

All Sellers (Dealer or Private Seller)in the UK must ask for, and will need to see proof of the buyers:-

1. Age (minimum age 18yrs)
2. membership of a group (Re-enactors or Airsoft skirmish site)
3. details of the groups PLI (number and company its held with)
4. contact details of membership secretary

The Seller then needs to confirm the buyers' membership before the sale can take place.
If a buyer isn't able to prove legitimate membership then he / she is NOT legally entitled to buy.
Be warned that illegal sales carry heavy sentences, the Law WILL come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Importing COMPLETE replica firearms into the UK is also in contravention of the VCRA unless the buyer provides HM Customs with the above listed details proving entitlement to import.

Spare Parts and accessories, cartridges and caps are unaffected by current legislation so no such constraints apply.

Sales OUTSIDE the UK may well be subject to the Laws of the Countries involved so please make sure you're fully aware how they affect you before making any purchases guys.

Thank You,


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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VCRA Legislation: Proof of Defence Required by Site Admin
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