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 Index of cartridges

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Modelgun Perfectionist
Modelgun Perfectionist

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PostSubject: Index of cartridges   Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:34 am

Click >Modelgun Cartridge Library Index< for a searchable index (not up to date with list here though!)

Please make submissions of additional cartridges!

Please make sure that you have a minimum of information available (take a look at a sample entry) then contact smootik, Cerwyn, or one of moderators to include it in the database..
You are welcome TO REPLY to existing threads, adding information and observations. Cartridge questions should go to the main category, as previously. Please do NOT create new threads in this subcategory. Cartridge information first goes to an offline database, then index and forum threads are updated based on this database. This allows for easier updates across a larger number of threads, for example adding cross-references to manufacturers. Content of the forum is however independent of the offline database, it will not disappear or get removed.

For more information check also:
Guide to cartridge types
Cartridge types explained
O-ring sizes

Static index, sorted alphabetically by manufactuer and cartridge designation
Library contains 100 cartridges.

ACG Baby Nanbu

CAW M3A1 Grease Gun .45ACP
CAW Hudson MAD MAX Shotgun

CMC Mauser 98k

F.J.C. .45 ACP triple cap

Hartford (HWS) Hartford .357 Magnum
Hartford (HWS) Colt SAA .45 Double Cap Cartridge

Hudson .45 Cal (1st) Open
Hudson .45 Cal (2nd) Early CP-HW
Hudson Cal,45ACP (12x29)
Hudson .45ACP CP-Type
Hudson 50AE Blow Back New PFC
Hudson 7.62mm AK 47 Early CP-HW Brass
Hudson 7.62mm AK47 LATE BRASS CP-HW
Hudson 7.62mm AK47 Late Aluminium CP-Double-Cap
Hudson No 12 blank
Hudson Skorpion vz61
Hudson Sten MKII/Madsen M1950
Hudson Type 14
Hudson 7.62mm (9.5 x 30mm) PPSh41 TT33

Kano-Do (Japanese Custom Shop)

Kano-Do 9mm C.P. Full Size
Kano-Do 9mm C.P. MGC P220 Replacement

Kokusai Colt SAA .45 Revolver - Metal Modelgun Type
Kokusai .357 MAGNUM Metal Models
Kokusai .357 Magnum HWABS Models
Kokusai .38 SPECIAL
Kokusai Cal.9mm Short

KSC 9mm Luger (9x19) centerfire

MAD Police - Japan Custom Shop

MAD Police 9mm Marushin M92 type  Similar to MGC P220

MGC ,223 (9.5x40)
MGC .223" M16/XM177/M4 series CP-HW cartridge
MGC .223 Custom cartridge for early M16A1 / CAR-15 BLK models converted to C.P. type
MGC CAL 44-40 Western (new)
MGC CAL 44-40 Western (old)
MGC Cal 6.35mm
MGC Cal,45 SMG (12x30)
MGC Colt.45 CP-HW GM2-Pistol Chrome & Copper
MGC Cal. 9mm (9x24) MG-BLK
MGC Cal. 9mm (9x24) for M-76 etc
MGC Cal. 9mm for M12S
MGC P220 9mm cartridge
MGC M92 Beretta 9mm
MGC Cal.22
MGC Cal.45 Plastics - Early
MGC Luger P08 (ABS] CP-HW
MGC M-11
MGC Cal. 9mm x 22mm SHORT MG-BLK .380 SUPER For MAC-11
MGC MAC-11 Open Cartridge
MGC P210
MGC Small Cal./BLK For SIG/08
MGC .357 Magnum New Cartridge (Model Unkown as yet)

Marushin (M16A1*M655*XM177E2) 9.5x45mm
Marushin .50 Automag Clint1
Marushin Walther PPK/S & PP Centre Fire
Marushin Walther PPK/S Side-Fire
Marushin 7.63 Mauser (9.5x32) (for M712)
Marushin Marushin .357 Magnum (Rimmed & Rimless)
Marushin Marushin .38 Revolver-Enfield
Marushin 9.5x25 for MKK P38
Marushin 9.5x27mm UZI/MP40/SDMK I
Marushin 9.5 x 27mm for Beretta M92 Centre-Fire
Marushin Browning HP Side Fire
MarushinMarushin Browning HP Centre Fire (Single 0-Ring)
Marushin Marushin Browning HP Centre Fire (Double 0-Ring)
Marushin Marushin S&W M39 & M439 Pistol (Side-Fire)
Marushin Xabungle
Marushin for M84(CF)
Marushin Marushin .45 ACP

Modify-Tech ]Replacement for Marushin M16 / M655 / XM177E2

Mulberry Field .32 ACP PPK/S Real Look Cartridge Version 1
Mulberry Field .32" ACP Real-Look Cartridge Version 2
Mulberry Field .45 ACP "Real Look" Cartridge
Mulberry Field 357 Magnum "Real-Look Cartridge Double Capped
Mulberry Field Mulberry Field .38 Special
Mulberry Field 9mm Luger "Real Look" Cartridge
Mulberry Field .44 Magnum Real-Look Double Cap
Mulberry Field .44 Magnum AUTOMAG Real-Look cartridge

Shoei MKb42(H) Blowback 2012 version
Shoei FG42 CP-HW
Shoei MP44 CP-HW

Tanaka Tanaka 9mm Evolution
Tanaka Tanaka Evolution 2 - 9mm
Tanaka Glock 18c 2nd Generation 9mm
Tanaka H&K USP
Tanaka Mauser 98k
Tanaka .357 Magnum HWABS Models
Tanaka .44 Magnum HWABS Models
Tanaka Colt .45 SAA Revolver - HWABS model
Tanaka Colt .45 SAA Revolver Old type Cart

Tanio Koba
GM-7 Plastic
Tanio Koba GM-7 Aluminium Alloy
Tanio Koba 9mm Short EASY-CP Marushin M84, MGC Ingram MAC11, S&W M76, S&W M39/59
Tanio Koba 223 5.56mm M4A1
Tanio Koba .45 Replacement for MGC Thompson
Tanio Koba 9mm Replacement MGC P220

Cal.9mm SHORT
WA Cal.22"LR CP
WA Cal.22"LR BLK

9mm Luger disposable
WaShan for M84(CF)
WaShan Colt .45ACP

Last edited by Cerwyn on Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:20 am; edited 99 times in total (Reason for editing : Tanaka Evolution2 9mm C.P. Cartridge - All 9mm Tanaka models added)
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Re: Index of cartridges   Fri Apr 06, 2012 4:10 pm

Several cartridges added ... plenty more needed to complete this DataBase please Very Happy


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Index of cartridges
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