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 Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:57 am

MGC CAR-15 PART 4 (English Translation)

Part MP40 processing chamber (2002.7.26)

<BLOCKQUOTE>Initially refused, but, this time no new videos. The reason is because the cart is damaged. Processing chamber was successful once, and durability problems occurred using the cart. Thus, even an improved processing scheme based on the following in mind now because it is the point in advance of possible failure cart, thank you as you read. (The text below, before it was created Dearimasu failure Cart Please understand that point.) </BLOCKQUOTE>

<BLOCKQUOTE>Last, but every bill presented to improve, because there is no tried Marushin MP40 spare parts for a proposed diversion of the chamber, the report will be processed, so I really do.
(Incidentally, when the check directly to stock parts for Marushin said, "Please Wait" and the reply was, I ordered through the shop, was able to obtain easily mighty. Is a little strange.)
Initially it was thought easier to encounter various problems and try to actually start with very hard.
Again, to divert part of the model is entirely different from that recognized the difficulties fairly again.
The work was essential to have an electric drill and a vise. The rest is just nasty (laughs). Real work over six hours. Work would be better to avoid the summer (story experience) </BLOCKQUOTE>

1 Around a fixed length
<BLOCKQUOTE>MP chamber for about 1 mm longer than the original because, shaved paper.
Note that the bolt is cut (loading gate) is. </BLOCKQUOTE>

2 Adhesion of two fixed projections

<BLOCKQUOTE>The original, so projections are provided for fixing bolts to come off the side chamber, a similar process must be provided for the MP.
Referring to the original size, ABS adhesive cut parts from junk parts for the ABS glue. Size, where both respond in kind bond together. Include ABS, so you can fix it as much, and not very severe positioning needs. </BLOCKQUOTE>

3 Expansion of the chamber loading gate 3
This is just nasty.
This model looks like we dropped in a chamber inside the tip about 1 centimeter of the bolt.
Therefore, the loading gate Orijinaruchanba (up to around 1 cm depth from the entrance) has been expanded considerably.
But MP chamber, in part, from just being cut is very shallow Fidinguranpu must equal the entire milling込Manakere. But to me there would be any simple machining lathes and milling alone at an electric drill. And there are only rocks and thin-diameter drilling.
The hike will start working but he still is. During times Set in the middle chamber body can process, making sure the relationship between the bolt and continue working. Way out of the extractor can process simultaneously.
2 hours to struggle. Finally completed.
There are still a few spots where the interference bolt closure, the judge will become familiar with their own.
The area has Fidinguranpu is fairly uneven, over the paper easily, you can Gomakashimashita grease (which is already very Gessori at this point.) </BLOCKQUOTE>

4 Ditoneta fixed
No one had trouble here.
MP has a projection for the four chambers inside are fixed in a manner sandwiched Dito Dito there.
Around the front of the protruding length is fine (the bolt) and have come up is to use the combined cart P220 and M16, this projection falls on a tip, can be inserted into the chamber as a whole.
So, I decided to cut the bolt protrusion from the union enters cart.
I have again used the electric drill is quite hard too. Hindsight, maybe I should use削Ri取Re and chisel.
And the conclusion is called, it fails. Stripping and protrusions can be inserted without problems until the cart is coalescing around this time of the projection length is shorter becomes fixed Dito sweet.
At this potential is out of the impact of the percussion Dito. Reluctantly gave up this way (crying).

But then tried the Marushin P38 Dito method of fixing.
This model is a metal holder Dito (Faiaringupinhoruda part name) sandwiched between, and inserted into the barrel in the state has adopted a way to screw potatoes. If this method can be fixed without a projection for Dito fixed inside the chamber.
Immediately, a rusty red from the worn-out and try P38 for holders, but somehow he is likely feeling pretty tight.
For both purposes, and we, at this rate it will not work moves forward, shaves off all remaining fixed-projection chamber with grim determination.
I think that can be set if the holder to clean smooth interior chamber after削Ri取Tta protrusions, it becomes fixed by the holder itself Wrong sweet one, leave it rough machining state purpose.
On top of that, try inserting the holder. Coalesce into a cart in the state. As I hit the tip holder, you need to shorten the length of the holder can not be inserted.
Because it is pretty tight relationship with the holder of the chamber is fixed Dito short of confidence and also be all right, but I had cut the holder in a little nervous while Kon Kono. Chamber set up for about half the length of the holder, re-insert cart union. Apparently, at this time seems to be a breath of relief issues (interim break.) At this point, over 5 hours (getting tired of equivalent). </BLOCKQUOTE>
<BLOCKQUOTE>Even now and consider taking advantage of the locking projection in the chamber was shortened, as well as its projection, MP for the chamber because there is quite thick, and place three or four chambers (on the same circumference) 2.5-mm drill holes, I think it was better to present the methods used to secure the screw Dito potatoes. Standing before regret. However, in a fixed way to the genuine one because it is not likely to cause trouble and keep the shock of firing is enough. </BLOCKQUOTE>

5 Ditoneta
<BLOCKQUOTE>The first is simply to divert the MP I was supposed to cut for Dito, that changed the way Dito fixed, we have by Dito itself naturally needs to be changed.
Dito for the MP for thicker than P38, and a holder for the same model is incompatible.
So, out of the junk box failed to adjust some of Dito, once confirmed Tiles, among them the short M39 chose to try this because it would fit and for what length.
Set machined holder, inserted into the chamber. As expected, Dito is a fixed point to this as well but was relieved not be located in the center Dito had set a little awry.
This point is whether the tolerance and try to determine the actual set itself (again, tired sloppy.)
However, the length of the survived because it seems just fine Dito. </BLOCKQUOTE>


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:25 pm

MGC CAR-15 PART 5 (English Translation)

6 operation confirmation test
Chambers that improve a little bit thin compared to Orijinaruchanba, plastic tape wound on the set itself. Feeding the cart confirmation union.
I was worried about the impact of Dito and contoured Fidinguranpu little and turned to the side, apparently not seem to be a problem.
We tested the powder to set fire to the cart immediately cap.
It is only from only three in the semi-continuous firing is successful. Originally intended purpose, the road has been secured to barrel straight through the gas chamber, you can see from the muzzle of the gas jet in the firing of a single.
At this point, more than six hours after starting work. Not much energy to fire bullets and expected number of tests carried over to later full-fledged blaze.

7 fire facts

Another day, I tested using the cart's ignition combined with the first problem mentioned. 10 offers from cart, but was fired in semi-suspicious, so I reviewed was the sound of heavy firing abnormally large while a whopping P220 thousand cuts Orimashita warhead section of the cart. The remaining cases only part of the screw, otherwise the tip of the state remaining in the chamber.
Development and 2. Stopped firing at this time. The warhead of the original P220 cart is thin material, and that was pretty embezzle, and overlapped with pliers because it was modified warhead section deformation during firing of the last several Jamuri to the very weakened hit by an intense inner and suggested the idea of corruption. Some try to get something instead of a warhead section 9 Miriruga materials, this will be reluctant to quite so thin. When the ignition of gas through beautifully, but was fired while I'm sorry I let the sound is off.

8 irresponsible idea
Some may come up, so I called the alternative, I will say. However, in practice himself says that success is no guarantee that it will not not try at all, please understand that we will not compensate me, so you even do anything.

(1) PFC processing diverted Cart
Marushin M16 for PFC is still available if the new cart. End of the case, if the cut is narrowly focused much narrowed neck portion, should be able to load a magazine of this size model. The development also think you can force a cap Blowback. You can double the cap should be no problem when it comes to it. After feeding and durability. What worries me in a shorter tip durability. PFC for the handgun is not all right I think it survives cart・・・average thickness. P220 durable tip than I think is quite cart. It is feeding it and, after a cut and polished into a beautiful, if a problem in the chamfer around the hole in the reamer also is・・・penetrate the Dito. Dito length is slightly longer than the CP impression. More processing chamber as I can keep the original proposal.

(2) CP and the diversion of magazine models Cart
CP magazine just for this model can not be used, I think that can be used in the processing unit. I do not even fit in kind, impossible not know how much effort you would not think. That way you can leave the M16 for CP cart. (Later, CP tried to put this model to the magazine model. It is very hard to enter if you can not. That is where the fix might be fewer.) However, the adjustment of the lip position and magazine cutouts may be necessary for the catch. Moreover, because the longer the length of the cart, Orijinaruchanba (before regulatory unconfirmed) is no problem if I, MP in the chamber will be in contact with the holder of the Dito, Dito must devise a way of fixing I will have. Instead of a fixed chamber, the feeling of having to think about how to fix the barrel.
Marushin PFC magazine and I think it can work as well in the combination of the cart.

(3) a combination of original cart Orijinarudito
Ditoneta of the specification Burobakkumoderu gunpaper has provided gas to the depression in the tip pool. Embed this part from the tip of the pin length 7,8 shove millimeters as the firing pin. On top of that, the depth of the drill diameter of 5 mm or 7 mm in the bottom of the original cart穿Chimasu 3,4 mm holes. Set caps to the bottom of this cart powder, can be used to set Dito firing pin, what can not revive a powder specification Opunditonetamoderu cap? The problem is that if only that were the thickness of the bottom of the cart would be obtained if a sufficient amount of recession. Have you ever been someone to come up so easily? I think I can say the same for stainless steel and sterling・・・.

9 Some corrections, supplements, And More
I've reviewed last Sun Gun pulled out an old magazine, it turned out that there are many things to correct and supplement, listed below.
The first model is the name of the command and CAR15 M15 then I have revised and very much "M15 Komandosabumashingan" It seems that was the official product name. But now it cares.
Our model has been started and it sold in 1975, become the prototype of the M16 model is said to be released around 1973. The number of sales the previous year According to the article 20, M16A1 model, M16E1 Ding total of 100,000 commands our model and model 3 model! Is that it was nearly sold. A substantial number of exports went about (which appears well-made Hollywood films. Among the "Full Metal Jacket" is famous) and I think, that it was only sold in Japan there is still considerable quantity I think when it comes to. As sales continued in use for some time after the paper was developed gunpowder gunpowder caps, and you look at the time of publication, "Using explosives from 6" paper, etc. It enters the disclaimer. The end of the model kit! Price 8,500 yen! I will buy it now! (With delays・)
This model is as good as the model gunpaper decent reputation, has published a photo of blowback to the post about looking at a good clip too. But now the paper is not available for gunpowder been better if the display model at best, I would not have gotten any that are equivalent to plant the seeds of my closet as it was. Irasshaimashitara been left to those who live helplessly, once the challenge is to try Why not? This cart-related problems (I think), and a full recovery, but it did not go, yet when the first operation was moved quite smoothly. Proposed several alternative (idea irresponsible) whether and do you want to work really well do not know, as is Even with anyway, because it is a mass of metal, but worth a try at a certain I think. To ..., please do not become angry but junk!

  2003・12アップ 2003.12 up
Emergence of a long time. The name was corrected several times in the last report model, the official product name "CAR 15 Komandosabumashingan" pattern of the correct answer. Finally neat Some time, "Haikyapa" Thanks to the continued folding the MGC's out of print, which ignited a new crown that doubles as a means. Again adjusted for the length of the face around the bolt and including Ekisuto Dito. Eject most of the problems was poor when the last fire. At first, I was thinking just power shortage, due to weak retention in the face bolts cart recently had to think again, according to the SP Ekisuto slightly enhanced. In addition, the tip is set Ekisuto Ekisuto deep grooves (nails) increased the amount of protrusion. By increased retention of these carts, now can expect reliable ejection.
Also, Dito is adjusted a little bit longer. It is simply intended to prevent misfire. Cart cart and used the last M16 P220 cart Cart coalescence. Possible to use a new one, taking care that the previous damage from happening. The problem was a little trigger. Would have worn contacts for parts of Russia and was set to trigger shear may fall even occasionally pulling the trigger. This is a semi-reliable operation can not be expected. Once, junk spare parts (which you previously) but this does not fire at all that there is a full turn a blind eye ^ ^. The way that was broken blue Chajinguhandoru obtained事Naki spare parts replaced because there was junk. Probably because it had become brittle part of a hit. I get the chance, "Custom Shop Degozai" Do let's ask for a custom. Adjusted at the end of a street, firing into the polymer prepared from 20 to cart. At this point, because it was not yet adjusted to the length of the Dito, misfire occurs 20 times in development. Blaze but strong. 20 offers from again, so long to try one more millimeter Dito. This is a misfire occurs in about one eighth time. Ejection failure occurs even in the middle of the next 20 (>_<) development. Naka Naka (-_-Wink formidable. However, compared to operating level is very high on the stage before the adjustment. "This is the last" many times I offer a challenge from the cart 20. But I fell down from the first two, the remaining 18発Ki Reina was decided to automatic fire. I was happy once the fire exit. Edit these movies, some of fire plug in the last 18. If you look at the movie know, better than I thought coming off the gas. Rust in the barrel (which is also a steel pipe inserted鋳込Ma) take a more vigorous gas smoothly if you have not touched the inside of a hassle, but would then erupted. At the firing cycle without early and no later. The catalog from the past and was 700 per minute. Body weight class (mostly zinc alloy prepared to deal), just bolt the comparatively mighty is the perfect lighter recoil is light. The movie also raised the quality level where it became a 1.6 mega Note (this is overkill (・・Wink). Selling model, so much I wrote before, I fear you have some people in the fine. The internal structure is completely original and different, so real pro might be shunned, it is very interesting in this well-conceived structure. Full Auto, especially when the same movement that is effectively an open bolt and a great idea. MGC say the heyday of the model to feel the greatness and splendor of. The previous model, but it's impossible restrictions, if available after the model of regulation is possible. But you rarely see the auction. While many pre-fire model there is only good in powder form, paper is expensive and fortunately it's not enough. If you are interested, get assigned to the restore, and enjoy the fire is doing?


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
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Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:31 pm




Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:47 pm




<BLOCKQUOTE> マルシン製のキットモデルです。



<BLOCKQUOTE> 一見、サイドファイアモデルとはなんら変わらないように思えます。

<BLOCKQUOTE> マルシンのHWは、素材の関係か結構グレーぽい色合いをしていますが、これも同様。

<BLOCKQUOTE> スライドにはヒケは少ないように思いますが、フレーム、特に後端のハンマーピンやセイフティが集中する辺りはかなりヒケが目立ちます。

<BLOCKQUOTE> MGCのモデルに比べ総体的にエッジが甘いです。



<BLOCKQUOTE> これは詳しい方に聞かなければ気が付かなかったのですが、マルシンのモデルは以前からフレームのサイズがおかしいそうです。

<BLOCKQUOTE> 外観ではないのですが、ディトネーターの固定方法が他のモデルとはちょっと違います。



<BLOCKQUOTE> ハンマーはスパーが左右に広がったものなのですが、これが気に入らないので左右に飛び出した部分を削り取りました。

<BLOCKQUOTE> 最初、マガジンの抜き差しが大変固く、指が痛くなりそうでした。


<BLOCKQUOTE> これ以外、問題はないでしょう。



<BLOCKQUOTE> 上にも述べましたように付属カートは5発。




<BLOCKQUOTE> いやこれは見事なモデルです!







<BLOCKQUOTE> 久々のマルシンHWガバ。



















Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:51 pm


Marushin made a volume of Centre Fire Government HW

Marushin made a volume of Sentafaiagabamento HW

<BLOCKQUOTE>Marushin made a model kit. Marushin Government of plastic products in the past, but there were those fire-side, which is sluggish in terms of sounds like too much work. I had previously owned, the memory of a magazine was not a problem of fire 7. Volume deficits and unexploded retreat, and jam it, but what is always trouble, increasing the model was quite frustrated. Government was based on a Suzuki Works good reputation because, unlike a lot of hope and expectation I purchased, do not remain very good impression. It unawares HW (ABS also) Centerfire renewed. Cartridges also Riarusaizusentafaia PFC. Rumor has it, or not come near perfect form reborn as a model and former Saidofaiamoderu. I thought I would like to get before, I had a chance to get it恵Marezu Ijiiji, we were able to finally get this kit models. Finished product but also good, I enjoy the build up from a kit in his hands after all. Now, if I'd best smoothly. And began to think of the results,・・・best! ! </BLOCKQUOTE>

Impression of the appearance;
<BLOCKQUOTE>At first glance, seems to be no different and Saidofaiamoderu. I heard that the differences between apparently not. But I remember is that Saidofaiamoderu I think it was a little bit sticking out the barrel, this model has become a face. </BLOCKQUOTE>

<BLOCKQUOTE>of HW, the dumping of gray shades to pretty or related materials, as well. I have湯Ji places, those who wonder whether the painting will be essential for bluing. But I do not mind (shades of a carpenter, like a fine) </BLOCKQUOTE>

Sink mark Bali
<BLOCKQUOTE>I think the slide is so small sink mark, frame, safety pins and hammers are concentrated around the rear edge of sink marks in particular stands out considerably. There is also a kit from Bali. The bottom of the slide, pretty much to admire (?) I'm standing in Bali. </BLOCKQUOTE>

<BLOCKQUOTE>MGC is a sweet edge than the overall model. Especially worrisome is the frame just forward of trigger guard. There is no boundary between the surface and bottom surface of the flat side. Here I think we definitely have the edge standing. </BLOCKQUOTE>

<BLOCKQUOTE>Worst. The gleaming brown colored, in the grip is like a cheap real shame. This, somehow - I want to. </BLOCKQUOTE>

frame size
<BLOCKQUOTE> I feel it should listen to people familiar付Kanakatta, Marushin models are likely before the frame size is wrong. Is especially remarkable about the short length. Just when the grip is the distance between the crotch of the index finger and thumb trigger. Therefore, when viewed from the side will see a hammer around the base of the original should be almost invisible. MGC obvious compared with the model. I, especially because of the hammer side polished, but it stands out even more ^ ^; </BLOCKQUOTE>

<BLOCKQUOTE>The appearance is of no fixed model for other ways Ditoneta is quite different. Previously, the potato was a way to screw this model is only a push in the barrel. It seems that it is very firmly fixed. If you remove the thin metal rod into the muzzle, Dito Ategai to be knocked out with only a hammer. Who do should be safe unless compelling necessity. </BLOCKQUOTE>



However the plane of the burr and first slide and frame. Brewing is also going to be painted, but is only noticeable sink marks on paper is No. 400 Keshimashita wanted to do something, where there is also surprisingly deep, threw on the way (^ ^ Isuzu. The only treatment then polished brass brush. The surface texture of different places, but pretty ugly, "was treated roughly during the war model," and mean that good (laughs) However, just because I could not bear grip with matte black paint. Image as the "dirty finger marks (finger marks of ink you do?)" I feel it (^.^) </BLOCKQUOTE>
<BLOCKQUOTE>The hammer is something that has spread to the left and right spar削Ri取Rimashita part because both sides ran out like this. On top of that, and a little accent to the polished side. </BLOCKQUOTE>

<BLOCKQUOTE>First, very hard to remove and insert the magazine was going to be sore fingers. We Innashashi (manufactured plastic) inside the paper and polished brass brush and Gurippufuremu. Just hard to enter the fixed fingers on both sides of paper tape or ruler and chopsticks, and polishing. After a while, now seems an acceptable level. That can jump by pressing Magukyatchi is still impossible to say when pulled out, but must still pick at the problem is not so lightly抜Ki出Seru. It seems to come more fairly similar symptoms may be common problems in the kit. </BLOCKQUOTE>

extractor set
Most of the trouble, slide the rear end. Why has spread flared. Looking at slides from a trapezoid look back. And here, Ekisuto (steel. Good, real, great!) And insert the larger the opening even further. Bring to just open the original acceleration, is inserted from a tight size Ekisuto, it seems they ran out of the slide with a jerk. Contact surface and slide around the bleach, I have a hole into the Ekisuto Ugatsu, barely the size there (yet subtly shape does not match), so plugging Ekisuto will cause not understand. Also, what a fine if it is adhered firmly and slides bleach, bleach the Marushin is for some reason, just have to fix to put glue around to apologize to the top bleaching models which side is bonded almost no.

I set the filing of a cylindrical electric drill, but a more削Rimashita bleach, this is probably a bit messy. Electric drill and Ryu - who has owned the master would be able to work well, they are not hard. Above all, Bleach has been adhered to, tired of removing (外Seru it were surprisingly easy to do), so increase the difficulty of the task. It also cut the Ekisuto one also needs iron, so pretty psyched. However, as a result there may be more comfortable. After setting the Ekisuto, poured glue and the slide contact surface of bleach, scissors vice, but also put荒業enough time to fix it, know what it is thought it will work. </BLOCKQUOTE>
<BLOCKQUOTE>Otherwise, would not the problem. After it is finished組Mi立Tere orderly according to the instructions. Set during Rikoirusupuringu (a long random mushy) and the slide stop (the link will escape holes (T_T)) might be confused by the insertion of the familiar problem of all. Since the cart comes with 5 development, which the MGC manually feeding CP45 check from adding two real cart. It seems no problem. The cart will eject the same place every fall. Overall very smooth movement. Can have quite promising.

<BLOCKQUOTE>Cart As I mentioned above comes from 5. MGC is a real cart 45 can also be used, CP was somewhat hesitant because too little power. This fire comes only with the cart PFC. To the first video from a good preparation because there was quite confident. It was night by chance, firing in the dark and just try it. Once a burst of fire during the first five. The fear of a second burst, which we pushed the cart to the top of the inner failure, misfire occurs. By the third time we pushed to the firing position of the loading rod included. This is a great success. Likewise the fourth. Perhaps because of inflammation in the dark, the fire looks good from the muzzle. Is this model known as a firewall may be the center of the Marushin PFC cart features. This just before the MGC GM5 (formerly CP) under the same conditions but the fire, the flame from the muzzle was insignificant. Maybe that's cause I think whether we are straight through a hole in the center of the gas flame of gunpowder Ugatta cap. HP also introduced before the Browning CZ75 muzzle flash is too loud. Please see the movie anyway. 5 automatic fire (single burst), two blazing, blazing five, and five blazing. Along the way, but rather see the flash, it is not anything special. Thank you so simply because it is attached not misunderstand, grease and oil in the cart. </BLOCKQUOTE>

No, this is a stunning model! I know that a fire like this is perfect form is a model! Beretta is a great model of the company, also is not lost. Could it be higher than the Beretta. There is a weight the MGC HW governor who, in less recoil that comes to hand, while I feel a great sense of balance and smooth operation. PFC is a characteristic of the cart has been reflected in very good condition mild. Surprisingly even outgassing. However, the appearance is very及Bimasen MGC models. Design the overall sharpness of the edge degree of sink mark will not match at all. To those looking for a display model is not recommended. But what is life Burobakkumoderugan fire. The point of this model is not completely lost. In the finished product price is reasonable (or 11000 yen market prices probably little place), I think we can buy it at about 7000 yen to 8000 yen kit. you are not the finished product itself to a little adjusting, I'll do more of it to buy a kit to be entertained or do you think? The new governance is available on the market and the MGC Marui Custom Series kits, this model with it. Speaking from this model is the best balance of performance and price.
Early models often are broken Faiaringupin there was, I think that is the Marushin revisit. Creating a bottleneck on the kit is only spread from the slide, devised to overcome this please everybody. Anyway, this is a buy. I never buy if you like fire! Development of age and because it is such a variation, but the frame and hope for newbuildings, with Mal Singh'd continue to manufacture a model one day longer. In another two or buy a Street. .

<BLOCKQUOTE>Updated December 2003 </BLOCKQUOTE>
<BLOCKQUOTE> Marushin HW governance after a long time. The work, of course, is a model that can be ignited easily with a lot of fun also excellent durability, and unfortunately none of that is custom parts. MGC series loneliness than wipe governor's custom. そこで、ほん So I fiddled a little bit but look. First of all around the site. Front Sight and the keeper was obtained based on the Nobakkutaipusaito separately Puraripea replication. Attached to the groove in the slide. But eventually, and it should not be so easily and had to rely on bond (>_<). Dent shape modification of the tail scraping the bottom of Gurippuseifuti and unrefined. Smooth type checker to ring down the front of the trigger well. The filing also cut into Komu Samuseifuti carefree. Akira Osamu and only slightly with a hammer. Ijiranakatta is only about the impression has changed a little thanks. 少し現代風になったかな。 What has become a little more modern. (Photo: "S5" See Report) The body skin lightly with black oxide paper Mukishi.Then, the cool side of the inscription clearly comes to the surface a little slide. The stamp is less than picky, I just clearly distinct, they are fine with it, and changed its recognition. Almost original interior remains.Once you remove the bleach, free materials and only one F processed to remove a pin that the SP has not tweaked the tension. The original cart PFC. Enjoy a beautiful fire, even if careful modification of the primer. As I wrote before, CP is a slight and a little too much power, be careful to stop the trouble and slide out from the frame. CP is recommended if the inner gas venting. Also, feel under the weather over the original magazine (which may rarely comes off the bottom), so, MGCGM might be better diverted to those for 5. While many models must fire while scared poor durability and damage (especially the barrel) can feel free to enjoy the fire without worrying about the points of greatest strengths is the best. I think this is worth it just pick the model.
<BLOCKQUOTE>Add 2004.8, "a small CP Marushingaba to try" (Categories, December 2006)

I was free, a small fine and strong Marushingaba 45CP tried to specification.
Sure, it was supposed to be like this for some reason something I can not remember why now. What is blurred? Well, that just for fun.
Suppose even like the original PFC, while the real 45CP can be used by all normal, small CP bother to be a specification, but should not (・・Wink.
Reason: real cart to fly more than a light heavy ⇒ heavy, a large impact on the body (action and reaction.)Pain that is easy. だから CP light into so small. Also, a magazine from your weapon and that the small number of eight.
People still want to do (I'll have?) For some considerations.
MGCGM5 magazine if the magazine can be used as for the small cart. Tighten your lips slightly if you divert the Marushin ones.

Dito is still able to work with ○, short length, so more than 2 mm real cart, occur occasionally misfire or explode. This is better fitted to stop any trouble cart.
I Marushin PFC spread of the center hole of the old cart-type plug, that Set will fit just Dito Kuni Kitsu just a step. Some nut-sized just right, still possible.
In short, how to find a metal that is fixed on a donut stuck around step of Dito Kuni Kitsu. Dito has been drilled so as Kuni Kitsu chamber, such as pulling out nose pliers if the plug or hit the rod side chamber muzzle direction.

As it does with bleach Ekisuto ○, without chewing on the rim because of the small Ekisuto Burichifeisu does not eject. Bleach We assist you with a piece of plastic is bonded to Cart 1-mm Ekisuto the opposite side.
Since bending is also missing Ekisuto, to strengthen the curve.
In addition, the hall is set in the groove or rather Ekisuto, cut a little deeper toward the center Burichifeisu. Notice that because the bleach is too cut Pequena.

○ bleach and ejection as is the relationship between the shallower rim ejector, the ejector is bent inward so that you may fail to eject, which cut the contact with the bleach then it of course.
Here too, so be careful and bleach would cut more than decomposition.

With governance in diameter is small compared to cart chamber inner diameter chamber ○, center come out well. F is not exactly part Sounaruto primer cart hit the pin, misfire occurs. We adhere to the chamber a thin plastic sheet suitably rounded so that the cart is held in the center position in the chamber.

Would something happen then.

The movie is featured in the HW model (also variously modified around the site.)
見Nikukattari or to fail a little, back light compensation, ugly and sorry about the blur Itari pins.
HW excess power, so that inner feeling, that you are using the old type of underwear.
After this, the V12 was introduced earlier also had to use fake small cart. At hand, but eventually the same commander Ting Ting is a two-Marushingaba, both the original cart was unavailable three naval vessels. In the remaining original real 45PFC cart is kind of what's up with Hudson for the M3A1 has become (^ o ^).

18.12.23 The first movie was shot in the garage. That the burst is the second and 3rd shot. Next room. The last outside. 8 blaze any success. Loaded and operated the first bullet slides, I was found to be loaded from the magazine 8 from 8 to blaze. Adjustment be carried out above, small almost certainly be working smoothly with CP come true.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:39 pm











































Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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MGC M11 Ingram


MGC predominate by a small masterpiece of SMG.
When it was introduced, but I was really surprised by it's rate of fire.
Continuous sound of firing, Buwa Buchimaketa cart comes out as a large vibrator, like the trembling body. What is called an excited, stunned自失alone will take a while know what it口走Ri. Full Auto Speaking of Stirling and the Explosives, long ago paper M16, those that only knew the system was that of a groundbreaking application.
The excellent condition of the operation, maintenance is delightful, no doubt the goodness of a super-class goods today.

Originally sold under the ABS system, and eventually made Opunditoneta HW CP made cart system was changed. Sappuressa a full set, and slings, remember that the magazine was supposed to set it 32 consecutive to. Of my own body, made by HW. Open Detonator system is firing. If you have owned were sold so I will come fairly substantial number. Mechanism is interrupted by the assembly, adjustment type models, especially since there are no extremely simple, inexpensive model kits to resell ask you to come It is.

The model has also frequently appeared in movies, was the most impressive masterpieces, starring Robert Redford Esupionajiakushon "Condor." Killer, played by the first half of the CIA office Makkusu・Fon・Shido When attacked, as a creepy killer, calm scene after the fire he had female staff away from windows. It was a small fire, flames shooting from the front of the muzzle and the muted sound of firing Sappuressa (muzzle flash at the time was still conservative) could be very real. but an M10 could have been. this point is unknown.


Anyway, while out of the box experience the fully automatic top form could have been anyone. Of course, the finished product must have been the case in probably the model kit.
However, they used two trifles, but now I feel I will just point 3. Before that point just mentioned.

Set Sappuressa

Sappuressa too strong, and the screw should be careful outer barrel is missing so easy. Screw stops and during inflammation where appropriate would be better to hold the body side.


For Dito Opunditomoderu cart, clearance to the maintenance needs are very severe attention. Sandpaper or steel wool to polish the inside Ditoneta and cart it wrong.
The Inner Peace, Opunditotaipu cart is better off when you eject nuisance.
Can not find it very difficult to just a small thing and once we fly out. Troubled cart can not be used without it.
見Mashi even in auctions, the case I see something that is not well aligned, but the inner. Because I had lost some fire, and now are in the usual cardboard (laughs).
It is easy to lose even when washed. Pipes behind the piece flow happen to a couple. When the sieve is washed with water, a necessity.

After that, fine, but loading explosives cap special tools (standard equipment) is a set of very difficult and there is no gunpowder.
If, before you get the ones that are used in Opunditotaipu auction, and will be sure to remember the existence of inner and loading tool.

For CP, the inner cart specifications for sealing O gas may be heard talking as soon go up in smoke rings. In that respect, better maintenance, may be opened easily.


The magazine spring is very strong, this model will have trouble loading the cart. It would have been sold, I only missed Katorodingutsuru buying. Load is penance without it . loading mug full of 32 stations in particular are almost close to torture.
Also, it may not work well or at the time of feeding and the greater the resistance, the number of full-load into your weapon and was working fine but you will better off in the least.
My own magazine (one of 32 stations, 16 stations 2) In all, this spring to cut a series of 16. In the video, but this particular problem it used to be there.Fingers hurt too much, thanks to the load 15 rounds.



Preparing for the two types of movies with and without Sappuressa.

Yes Sappuressa more thing, this one is tied to the firing of three. The magazine used 16 stations. The first 15 rounds, the latter two should be from 9発To 10. Curt lot (from about 70) I have owned in this neighborhood, so stop Tokimashita cumbersome load of explosives. The cart is to fire Hazama Hazama maintenance, the body was sprayed with oil only. We in the fire like an impossible posture Fasutodorou third scene, hold your left hand cart for collecting cardboard (figure can not show to others) because you are. This model is essential cardboard collection cart (laughs).
It is long and thick Sappuressa, there is impressive and the gas ejected from the muzzle right.
The sling, the barrel is set to remove the roots. I'm just at a loose end that way.

The following people without Sappuressa. The number of ignition fired from about 80 have been connected to one where success.
Occurred several times during a jam and only this is the number of fire indeed.
Chopped a little too picture, I wish I was a little hard to see.

Anyway, fast firing cycles, from 10 or so is fast. How much shorter would probably 0.5 seconds. I think that you know the fire from the flames are out of short barrel. Of course, the sound is bigger fire.
As I mentioned, such a model best condition anyway. Is seen well in the auction, the price is too expensive, so it does not seem to get in a relatively easy I think. In this, firing lovers If you have not yet experienced the pleasure, we recommend that once experienced is by all means available. ABS, HW, CP, open will not care either way.'ll be addicted for a while.

Additional 2003.6.14

Acquaintance is always Itadai "@ Jun 1's" you transfer it from the Ingram M11. With another series of 16 Sappuressa Shotomagu and body. Dito and no, it depends from peeling paint, "I'm junk" was the story, and you really look, surprisingly good condition. At least those of my hand (HW, ABS extrusion for each one), several steps better than the state. If it can be resurrected as something less than an effort. If that happens, HW Ting possible fire two simultaneous full-Ingram made. This goal is determined for this!

First decomposition, an internal check. Ditoneta certainly not, and was crushed as screw holes for fixing the mountains Dito, but otherwise quite okay. ボルトの動きはいたってスムーズ。 Fairly smooth movement of the bolt. The exterior paint some bald, but it is a little ugly Sumu If you throw it. The magazine was a little opening for some portion of the lip, kept referring to the magazine on hand tighten a little. Now all pieces are only Ditoneta. Own model before but for the cart to the cart with open 380 mulberry, and then only the current 5 mm 7 mm for CP and CP M76 cart because the cart was available, we will adjust for these and decided. Of course, if ms for 5 CP, so the original intact, but we just取寄Sere parts of the Sumu, no fun So取寄Seru can take a long time (laughs). So, we diverted Dito Glock 17. 5 CP mm diameter hole in the tip of the cart is pretty small, point, tip its cap for 5mm same Gurokkudito quite thin, and it just may be fairly strong. Only slightly thinner than the original and only the thickness, length spacers so if you ask enough bite mm 3 OK. Fixing screws can not use potatoes, there is a tape wound sealing Dito, we can fix it by pushing enough. Be careful, the central part of Gurokkudito thickened further. Perhaps if you think that Glock is set to stop the advance of the cart shall be in this part of the Ingram case is not necessary. At this thing is blocked here, once the gas fire erupted from the tip of the cart, hit the inner wall of the chamber would向Kawazu forward. The outgassing even worse If so, sticking to the chamber wall debris to ignite more than that, loading the cart, it could cause a problem with extraction. So cut down on this piece and sand. But rather to repeat this task if you do not require Orijinarudito, just in case. 5 CP ms word on the cart. When the inner fire (firing pin) is internally tilting cart. Gas is then ignited, the gap between the inner wall made cart (or rather, once a weak point sealed) from escaping at once, I could not get enough strength back. Also, you were set for ejecting gas to the inner O-ring to dampen, very dirty now in your cart張Ri付Ita debris to the rubber. You can use the Orijinarudito that might not happen (or influence the shape and thickness of the tip of Dito), would be liable to be a form thing. So I have been using for the inner Tanakaparakato. This is a very good condition. However, O-rings after firing off a significant probability. Well, this point is the fate of 5 CP mm, Shikanakarou give up. By the way, MGC 5 mm 5 mm for the O-ring and O ring size Tanaka is different. MGC thick ones, thin ones Tanaka. At least, the inner O-MGC Tanaka set the cart can not be set to ring I also bought・・50・,・・・hopelessly.

M76 for a word in passing cart. M76 and only 5 mm in size CP cart cart is almost identical, of course, excellent compatibility with the magazine. Problems in the cart when using the M76, and durability. Material is quite thin. 7mm cap spec or a cart might be a limit. In addition, while the tip cart yea big hall, the interior space of the tip can not afford the cart. Therefore, to use this HW Inner best avoided (the original, M76 Curt caps while others use the old type of shot.) Because there is a risk for later pop out the inner fire. Thinner material and a large opening, a narrow internal space (less gas escaped) so that the conditions are aligned, high in the inner HW power, such potentially quite high. Of course, the same thing, so if you care to use models other than Ingram. However, even with an inner cap used to ignite fire while the poor, as well as outgassing. There is not enough space inside the tip of the cart, the inner傾Kazu is a situation that becomes the lid from the inside. This is fun, intense dirt inside the cart. Therefore, once the center of old inner 1.5-mm drill holes, make your own using the inner cap venting while shooting (20!) Was. However, this is one more. But generally works well, sometimes it ran out of the amount of recession. Was successfully opened in the middle is a good venting hole, those sound a little off the power does not appear to be getting better gas leak. ドリルを2本犠牲にしたのに(TT)・・・。 But at the expense of drilling two (TT)・・・. HW inner end using a commercially available type of inner hollow. Dito is a readily available would be fine for a cart that was adjusted to 380 last mulberry, do not see why. Once removed for cleaning, but it feels like I been diverted to other models as it is apparently kept Dito Reluctantly, Dito was set for the Glock also. However, M76 is a cart if you use length adjustment is required. This adjustment (rather than those of・・・is not) ends. As a result, three naval vessels of the hand of Ingram, ABS Opunditonetamoderu Ting has made one, HW Ting is one of only 5 mm steel cart CP model, and other naval vessels are made of HW 7 mm for the M76 CP Cart (also possibly mulberry 380) was the model. By the way, before, "says Osamu Hutoshi" Ejekutaroddo received from tungsten is set to have five Mirikyappumoderu have the most power.

Now fire.

The first movie, the scene a short fire, for example - and that? What is it cutting? Oh well Anyway, it tied a lot of short fire scene. Finally the only successful pairs (M76 & mm 5 CP) by the fire, 15 rounds of fire which none have succeeded. But the last millimeter bullet 5 CP's failure to eject (TT). Closely connected, so too, Beware of the eye as they may turn (laughs). The difference between using the cart, would you know if you stare・・・・・a・good movie, absolutely nothing to it (laughs). Unlike the original purpose, taking out three models of naval vessels on hand, M76 cart, cart 380 mm 5 CP carts being used to eventually open cart Wait, the state has everything.

24 models from the rotation of the second largest public, not including 15 rounds per second. Just amazing. If a pair of inflammation, especially the moment the trigger pulled, and turns white before my eyes a moment in my head, air could pass from 30 feet, feeling that I had・・・carts scattered.

Just do one from every 15 30 is required from the two carts, we need to do two minutes of maintenance Ting is a very post-fire (TT). Have done the same thing in the Dolphin, a relative increase is also part of the cart, if the cap 7 mm, the inner O that's so, so requires no set work again in the ring but (tedious but still), if 5 mm is each part is small and difficult to handle, and, O the set of tasks must be re-ring work extremely troublesome. 5 mm compared with the CP still feel more power, but it feels a little high-pitched sound like fire.

However, by nature, but the number of bullets fired would naturally many, the maintenance must be better by firing a magazine. The cart is of course, where the chamber is also required. Really, sticking to the wall debris to insert a resistance to the cart, it may fail to extract. This time, I thought the movie was an interesting challenge,懲Rita Frankly (laughs). もう絶対やんないぞ! I絶対Yan no more!


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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Marushin Beretta made M92FS


Marushin model made in top form masterpiece. According to just listen, MGC M9 seems something of a perfect form. In addition, KSC is the perfect form for the M93R, Marushin Dolphin, the little brother to the M84 model is working well proven. It seems that the Beretta is a model of a model it might be good chemistry.

PFC Centerfire cartridges are so used to not cause too rare misfire, you can certainly blow the fire back. The sound is good through ignition of gas.

Especially with the new carts are raised further performance improvement of the primer, making it even easier maintenance.

The PFC, as well as original cartridges, 9 Miriruga MGC CP system should be used.

We welcome the introduction of the model in hand, a model will be optimal for the first time.

Also, there is also a model kit, model kits to people who hand out the first time here, I can be assembled without any particular difficulty.

ABS, the model was initially only taken after the HW seems more polished performance products are also sold.

At present, this model includes a model airgun is up to our many models, but little from the model of a little食傷screen appears frequently, but had begun to emerge about the fuss.

買Ikomi Chou・Yunfa to mimic 2-chome, I think that perhaps people who have come shooting considerable. The manufacturer shall not different to the expected performance is appreciated.

Trademark issues (whether it's engraved?), And the company in the Marushin is perhaps no longer sold there are rumors. You should see the matter I think that I marked, I want to continue to sell at no stamp.

Good model of working as a mark of genuine stamp is sloppy (well, not much better, but sloppy) If the model of perfect form, but I choose the latter so without hesitation.


Firstly: I think it works out perfectly in the box nine minutes 90 percent if the finished product. I did not buy the finished product, but the status of kit and I certainly do not know, probably.

If we proceed with the instruction manual as a kit, you can finish in any way without problems.

Of course, deburring and polishing of working surfaces is required for each part is working for them, of course, is not that significant.

However, it might be model-specific kit, so I will describe just that I feel have got some points.

This model, I think that he owns a lot of folks. While it helpful, so I hope some people might be suffering symptoms similar to mine.

slide stop

Assembled, I tried to check the operation of the slide stop, stranded on an empty magazine into the area with the slide stop and magazine floor, many times that occurred nowhere to go.

Design, such as if it adheres to the frame work but have to stop the slide, or when it is pushed to the floor, and the influence of tension Suraidosutoppusupuringu not come out of a magazine, slide stop fleeing From what they are, these symptoms occur.

Then, gripping the back of the panel, hold down the LEFT or thin position just slide stop, the ABS has improved adhesion to the plate just as we hold with enough force to stop the slide.

Hold strong and now is not very hard and work from that area, please go easy.

The effect seems to be a gory way.

In this regard it is possible that large Dearimasu wrong about the propriety of what I understand, Please judge people by everybody. Also, the sentence would only obscure the model you have, the more Please read the work, making sure to put aside.

This model has been reproduced,real gun.

This mechanism is to move forward, pull the trigger and trigger bar, and press one of the frame that was set Burokkurifuta. Lifters pushed backward to rotate the other end is lifted, lift the unit Faiaringupinburokku Suraidoburichi provided.

I have not refused to forward the bleach inside the block Faiaringupin bit value is allocated within the path of bleach Faiaringupin by moving on.

Hit the hammer is released and the rear end Faiaringupinpuranja referring to its forward firing pin was hitting the primer and the equipment will be free of the cart.

The timing is perfect, and this set of blocks, no problem, there is sufficient there is no upward movement.

How to check it still remains obvious, pull the trigger, causing the hammer to press the rear end of a stick thin Faiaringupinpuranja.押Shi込Memashitara hidden inside the shaft as the rear end of safety pin no problem. the bolt face should protrude about 5 mm Faiaringupin.

However, if it is little more than three millimeters, it will push the little考E物.

In this state, the bolt face is突Ki出Shimasu Faiaringupin is small. So it can catch fire, do not care I do not mind speaking of things to seek certainty, too. Fire is the center of what awaited.

Try and have been removed, Faiaringuburokku coring out of the semi-cylindrical length of about 5 mm in diameter were pinned on the left side of the block. And this, at the top and hollow coring out of the first is the semi-cylindrical coring out of the very short length to overlap.

And try to check the movement set to slide the block If your design in place that block, the pin portion of the wall of the block (where no coring out of the top block) and hit the bit's not going. Just a block and came up a little bit, coring out the short position through the pin, the pin can move forward a little bit. to rise to near the limit of coring out a block of referring to its position on the road through the long, pin-pin will be able to move freely about most.

I do have a structure like this three-stage do not know why. I know there might be some rational reason.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, if it becomes a problem when the pin is free of the hammer blow is not my model, but a lot will not rise to the position of coring out a block of pins, the shorter guys It seems not enough to protrude.

Nevertheless, slight pin突Ki出Shimasu did not notice it for a long time partly because that was something that the fire ignited the center.

At this rate, however, not convinced a lot. But so many times, before you hit the pin end, the hammer should be in a situation free pin. Not take advantage and driving force is not.

In order to do so, I heard you, what do I do if I took the following measures.'m Sorry if different.

Originally I thought I would take, how to increase the amount of upward movement of the blocks in some way, for that is serviced, fully aware of each part related to the movement, not coordinated with the understanding You can not. No, I'm confident that the path to early immature. increase the amount of upward movement of the block, and give shape to accommodate changes in the block.

It does not even say that there is no big deal. Just aligning the longer the length of the shorter coring out. In other words, it does not extend to the upper part of the longer coring out.

The work was done using an electric drill.

OK, so it just can be free to reduce the amount of upward movement of the blocks this way (should be) is.

There could also take the plunge and cut the bottom half of a block is referring to its dies, it is not substantially reproduce the auction block rising from the exterior when the trigger is pulled.

As I wrote at the beginning of this section, not sure what is good in this moment. I'm worried because I do not know why the three-stage structure is a two-stage structure can understand if you do not pass through the pin.

However, since this model Faiaringupin inertia formula, should have been designed to be moved around the stage distance of the pin striking force was conveyed in the original pin. Forcibly stopped in the middle of it It is not quite there does not seem a good influence. would it be?

In this regard, then, there supplements.

Although it is similar to those that did not stop the slide, holding a solid bar, can not itself trigger operation of Burokkurifuta Gurippupaneru triggered by the bar. Fled away out of the bar, not to hold each other tightly If you caught me. In my case, I get the symptoms only HW model.

Once confirmed, you are holding is insufficient, you'd better also reinforced ABS bonded to the plates, etc..

Apparently, in the early models Gurippupaneru these symptoms will go out, you feel as if something about having problems later. Slide stop problems as well. While manufacturing continued, you know what was actually blur Gurippupaneru mold. You'd better watch out a little.

○ Barrel

It is noticed that after the fire. Rather, it is forced to気Dzukazaru accurate.

I go back to slide in the middle of the fire. Imashitara and for some reason, the rear end lifted the barrel no longer seems to have it closed because of slides.

When I disassemble the barrel is deformed by the impact of blowback as part mates with the frame rails. Ability to lift the rear end worked like a barrel on impact, it seems the base is down the barrel of the plastic I have a metal frame. Similar symptoms occurred in the Tanaka Glock 17, a slide that has damaged Orimashita be heard from before, M92 does never heard. What would you do?

Fortunately M92 is large scoop from the top of the slide, the slide into the worst corruption that seems like a Glock had.

Marushin M92 we own just to be sure all the barrels out of the system model, I reviewed side by side, I noticed something interesting.

First, this HW problem areas damaged models made kit (rear rail portion of the barrel), but a hole had been opened in advance to set the pin seems to be reinforced, but the pin was not inserted.

ABS is a 2-chome kit model, where both the work of many problems (not even open the hole) no.

HW barrel model kit manufactured by Dolphin, was first inserted a metal pin in place of the problem.

Apparently the manufacturers noticed this condition, I think that by putting the corresponding pins for reinforcement. My ABS because it is relatively early model, I might have been something before corrective action. After the dolphin is fairly than it would have been better. In, HW What is it? It is not understood. The pin had not been set yet解Semasen holes are open.

The idea Ugatta it was a model from a kit rather, in the form of a dolphin or a different Kotonari slides, or had been subjected to treatment that may be damaged when the emergency slides, but many are considered, Well, not too deep s stop pursuing.

I cut the damaged parts part, you type in the pin hole. I'm fine now. Otherwise I have trouble several times, then there is no ignition.

In addition, a supplement. When the reinforcement pin punch, a little cutting込Manai Rokkinguburokkupuranja in advance (like cutting out the bottom plane), each other interfere with each other, please note the pin reinforcing打Chi込Memasen .

(2002.7.11 Categories)

If you have this model, once confirmed, if not better measures are in effect I think he should think it safe to type in the appropriate pins. Especially not the original cart, CP Those who use a cart I've done definitely better.

Dolphin, but I also used to CP, I had to peel off some of the surrounding area reinforced with a pin, would have taken considerable force. I use a long action if necessary.


Using the HW model is made of.

The first is used for firing, was scheduled to ABS, the model appeared to cause a problem with the parts from old age, according to HW that the docked model is used.

In fact, a model has never been so far fired.

I, ABS Chome two models, HW owns pair of models, firing exclusively on ABS on the relationship between Orimashita do in a pair of, lost a chance to fire, and what they still keep going state fire yet no or are.

The school bills itself as the firing is a miserable Saka Isa, "a little waste" is a place called the honest feelings.

The exterior is painted to close at Aianburaito unskillfully, also is not a pretty sight. Also, it seems that this is a bottleneck when a little fire.

Prior to recording, from 5 times I tried to test fire 3. Before expectations fell slightly. Marushin M92F is made of about 80 points from 70 points to 100 points on what you want.

And that the firing was the first time, that may be affected in bad shape in damp gunpowder into the rainy season just happens to have enough, I feel that much weight back.

Might have a major impact on the paint than anything else. When painting, the movement of the movable portion to slide away to paint without the HW, the sharpness of the specific products subject to the sticky feeling.'s A barrel after firing , provides an even, much less seen marks like rubbing there tight slide.

When painting do not operate on the assumption that you ignore common sense, which is施Subeki masking of moving parts, as reflected in the failure has become an example of this would happen.

Going nowhere, so now, "I just try to do" and the original preparation from PFC 15 1 cart. Gunpowder silver cap.

As you can see the result is.

Soon after the first shot is referring to its good condition seem to be insufficient in quantity since the mid back, firing sound, it felt like to Orimashi weaker and the recoil. Possibly explosives There might be affected.

Occurs during a misfire once, twice, double recovery. Misunderstand me stop firing at once to 13 after the firing, and it has re-ignited.

Editing these two positions by referring to its cut Motatsuita Please note that point, I have been a single video.

Later, I tried again. 9 CP Miriruga cart using metal caps. Increase the tone this better too.

Connected to the blaze from different angles, and has been edited 15 blaze. I expected a little more powerful scene, at present it seems to be a limit.

This is my video as a little unhappy. There way too many problems. However, poor coordination of the owner (failure), despite the handicap of being able to demonstrate that the tone so far, has proved Iemasu and the goodness of this model features a reverse (excuse).

There seems to distributors' inventory is still being sold so many, many models come by right now I have appeared frequently in future auctions. From the model will be fairly easy to get, who do not have the , by all means, we recommend that you obtain.

The mark, like only the tip of the right frame. Shimaitai I think I just will not break off. The more I look The more you know, stand on the belly.[/center]


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:40 pm




Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
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Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:42 pm



















Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
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Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:55 pm

Marushin Beretta 92SB (HW)



HW model kit made by Marushin.
Bought late last year. M84 was the model that you purchased last year with half of the purchase.
However, older models BIN. I fear in the corner of the shed was buried probably shop (laughs).I laughed silently Ittara wife shops.
I made it cheaper. Both old and new models of HW Fire Center, which is now engraved Beretta also does not manufacture, let alone a small number of FS compared with SB.
A small amount of 4000 yen level Deattarou or forgotten. Wait, Lucky (^ ^ ♪.

Was originally supposed to be sold is based Saidofaiamoderu Suzuki Works. Airsoft can be a model now speaking after Beretta 92FS is the mainstream model, SB is not much. The internal mechanism of its FS should do though exactly the same.

Open the box of old check. Parting is conspicuous Bali and firmly say about your brilliant (laughs).
I pick up after all, is falling debris just lifted the cut. I see joy.
Paper to clean them with patience, it takes a brush and polish brass finish will be stopped temporarily. In the meantime it will be going for black染Me上Geru where your mind is complete.

We assembled in the middle, there was a slightly different location of the holes and Innashashi Purafuremu.By the way, but I have heard such a thing, nor in haste so terribly. If there's nothing wrong to think a little ingenuity.

Initially, the internal structure is completely identical to the FS model and I thought, I noticed that there are very few differences.
And its size a bit surprised how fixed ejector.
The FS was pinning both the SB was one screw. In addition, the length of the FS size or rather kick a long cart, and the contact surface is a plane, SB who is short and sharp. I hurt so much sharp and carts, SF I thought I should be replaced for different sizes and positions of the pins from entering the pin, does not work, so I gave up.
In addition, SB is definitely better contact with the cart inside the ejector is tilted only slightly better.

Perhaps, that may be used as an ejector for the fire side.
Around here is a guess, cart fire side from large handful than a real 9mm, the slope of the ejector is superfluous, if the real 9mm from the small subtle, as is the contact with the bottom cart I fear that in the last minute had・・・. When the tilt is adjustable so that should not touch the bleach area.

Reminds the bleach, just off the splendid little bleach added to the force of this model (laughs). In the beginning was closely adhered to, HW and ABS for a while now so out how much does not get along, and now only has to fit. Not even fire any kind in this offense.
However, even disconnected from Bleach normally Faiaringupin is the fact that the blind pin is fixed to the bleach can not remove. Just in case you申Shi served.

It was purchased in order to fire again, to prevent unexploded hammer to change the type of SP enhanced. On and do custom parts? May believe that, what, M712 is that the hammer for the SP (laughs).
Regards this is just so fit. Saka Isa, the more resistance when the slide back, there is a reduction in friction outdo the other parts. Besides, the real power of the PFC current 9 mm from the CP is comparable, some increase in resistance is not a problem (should?)

Resulting model and compared with the FS, the difference is that the overall impression is limited to the details is quite different.
The shape of the shape and stand out in front of trigger guard Gurippufuremu. SB throughout the FS is offensive to the feminine feel. Removed from the decorative parts, what can I do with the representation that has emerged is the base style and elegant lines.
Well, it might be natural from the original here.

Anyway you like. Since the fire performance Marushinberettashirizu proven, the operation will not be a problem at all.
This was a rare challenge dyed black. At the modest blue and quite frankly I ^ ^
I used the "super blue." What a made in America. Anyway, "K's" and "tan's daughter," It's not like the added technology, aiming to start work around those just do not have patience because it gets dark.
Thick paper plate and plastic wood, polished flat portion of the slide and frame 800 → 400.
Then, the polished brass brush, degreased.
As it takes as a stock solution swab, complete recoating a few times.
Then dry brush just caught a polished brass oil to pay back the soot.
Very easy Blackened perfectly still. Sometimes it looks blue light by adding and subtracting (or・・・imagination.)
As his own is sufficient.


The test firing occurred occasionally eject failure. Again, probably with little contact with the ejector cart. Getara little more inside, began to eject safely.
Also, what's wrong with the relationship between Russia and the rear end of trigger bar, disconnect tone is so bad, just adjust the portion cut by abrasive contact with the trigger bar shear.
After all, no problem.
HW blowback, so when you feel the weight of the slides are soothing.

Only one movie magazine.
Magazine minute but fired before this one really is damaged or cart, it was so terrible and you may experience a failure of the ejection was deleted. Current cart PFC.
After a blazing 7, is cut short changed.
Very good sound through the gas fire. Once you have applied enough oil to clean cart, flash going to be a substantial (in fact, this was the last in the firing is impressive it is).

This series was discontinued on trademark issues in recent years seems to be gradually disappearing from store shelves. A great pity.
If you have store inventory, nothing would be better secured first.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:59 pm


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:13 pm



<BLOCKQUOTE> またまたマルシン製ガバです。


<BLOCKQUOTE> 加工する箇所はスライドとバレル。
<BLOCKQUOTE> 「XS」さんに加工にどのような道具を使われたかお聞きしたら、簡易型のボール盤を使用とのこと。

<BLOCKQUOTE> 作業をするに当たっては、十分に事前の準備、特に加工箇所の決定には細心の注意を払わなければいけないのは当然なんですが・・・。

<BLOCKQUOTE> 明けて、翌朝。
<BLOCKQUOTE> 日中は「どうしようか」と気にかかり、白昼夢状態。
<BLOCKQUOTE> まず手をつけたのはリアサイト。
<BLOCKQUOTE> 初日の作業過程で思いもかけず外れたブリーチは、いい機会ですので側面を僅か削りこみ、スライドの広がりを防止した上、再接着。

<BLOCKQUOTE> 相変わらず晩酌効果(酔っ払い)の影響下にある状態で作業開始。





<BLOCKQUOTE> 隠蔽工作開始。


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
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PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:15 pm


<BLOCKQUOTE> 半分やけになりながら作業開始。
(* *;。




<BLOCKQUOTE> 以前から気になっていたリコイルプラグの回転を止めるため少し加工。








<BLOCKQUOTE> 2003.4.6追加.









Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:36 pm

ABS Marushin custom wind breaks SFV12 Sentafaiagabamento

<BLOCKQUOTE>The Governor once again made by Marushin. This model ABS. HW previous model to buy, so impressed with the good tunes. Have you two come to think I was able to buy at half price to buy a kit, Street shop happened to the familiar. History of this area is, as I mentioned in the bulletin board, so little likely to repeat infamous (laughs) I'll pass this around. Initially, the purchase was scheduled as I finish a very commonplace. One of the half, again triggered by a custom shop on the same day (yen 12,000 yen 24,000 ⇒ price (^ ^) v) was purchased from MGC made SFV12. I was drawn to the fun of designing bitterly venting ports disposed slide, barrel and corn was firing at Shirubamekkimoderu躊躇Wa many minutes (not that dirty, durability issues), and octopus. At that time, one more thing, the acquaintance got a new bulletin board "XS" based on the V12's Marushingaba knew that the wind was custom made. Then, with a governor can be fired without worrying about the gas port. Oira also want to try a cursory," and the idea of the opportunity. Even if it fails at most referring to its barrel, slide and parts supply is also true even if the price Sore程Marushin expensive parts, no. In that unusual exterior, dabbled in custom相成Rimasu How about 318i, Yara. </BLOCKQUOTE>

[Process] places
<BLOCKQUOTE>Process where the slide and barrel. Slide is serviced, you must free up front at the top Gasupotosupesu symmetrical, elongated barrels, we need the gas port hole in the space along both sides of the slide again. The model, SFV12 barrel, so there is no corn, Barerubusshingu. However, for the barrel, you must create a cone sleeve cone types. It happened, "weight to modify" your HP's up and who was the production process Sutabikasutamu sleeve on the barrel cone type, and so I see it is impossible to create an amateur. Therefore, it simply gave up wild, fixed by the barrel bushing as normal. </BLOCKQUOTE>
<BLOCKQUOTE>Face used a tool you hear what's working on that, using drilling and simplified. I do not hand things to buy, I thought this opportunity, because it seems surprisingly low in the workplace had been disposed of, I suddenly remembered the punch. In the electric drill, a hole of two things, two bundles of documents for filing. The original power, because it is so much a hole in the paper, but what I do not think the plastic stuff, and easily convinced, will somehow, even given the choice of the drill. While talking and exchanged like a fool, get a catch-all section and section staff punch women. Greatly extends the dream at this point (but quickly fade.) Immediately buy back the same day, the new devices and other tools for processing. </BLOCKQUOTE>

The first day
<BLOCKQUOTE>Ni当Tatte of preparation, you work well, especially in determining where the process should pay close attention, you're obviously not. In nature do not like working fine originally, and yet, the character can not they have to start working at a whim (sometimes to work it strange that a totally different), so, appropriately "Why this neighborhood?" Compromise in that. Above all, attitude is the problem that the work while drunk (can not stop but I know tea ^_^Wink. Scissors, begin emergency slides to the device! "Kyuin" I hope, will open the hole sounds fine. The power seems secure enough. And has so far been kept happy
The first, scheduled穿Chi holes, front and back ends of the two places I wanted to let the meantime, sequential processing by connecting a hole at the end, "・・・have missed ((+ _ +))・・・. " Processing also moves to the opposite side, feeling very upset, resulting隠Sezu "・・・schnapps, and here is what (>_<)". In mind the brevity of the usual drunk at this point, referring to its effect, "I'll just go through and this will !(-"-)" to reach out to the barrel, and that no matter what the insult, the best of The finished, one of six left a hole the poor, twisted barrel 12 gauge. Fits in with the excitement somewhat drunk, and suddenly return to consciousness, "・・(--Wink" absorbing too late, but I thought wrong. After that, even while failing to repair the original, only without extending the wound cover all random. Toshimashite致Shi方Naku compromise where appropriate, "Well, anyway判Rumai a distance" and嘯Ki day while sleeping. </BLOCKQUOTE>

Second Day
<BLOCKQUOTE>The next morning, to dawn. Sober look at horror, thinking completely changed the image of the slide and barrel (@_@Wink. Work with painful reluctance. </BLOCKQUOTE>
<BLOCKQUOTE>During the day, "I do" take care, and a daydream state. After returning home and check the status again, "how terrible!". So, ponder over a cup of hot water percentage of shochu slowly. However, before turning to the more sober of course, have trouble thinking clearly, "Wait, I like (^ o ^)丿!" And that, willy-nilly start working. The contents are as follows. The second act curtain ((-_-)/ Pishi violence! Pishi!). </BLOCKQUOTE>
First touched the rear of the site. Gas port was opened to the slide (which Rashiki) Nomaruriasaito than the bit's too poor, so decided to remodel (or rather the drunken momentum.) But, no, elaborate and should be able to just make up junk from parts on hand Sorerashiku appropriately.

Marui P38 kit that happened, lying uncovered in the rear of the site, I decided to stick with it appropriately. In another good-looking, but not enough by Different to the original. P38 slide cut to fit the top of the Governor, Rear bottom will be glued to the site later than the original site where the rear site. Of course, remove the rear site of the original carved. I want to change the front sight, it was a surprisingly low-mounted rear Deki上Gatta site, and that the height of the match, just to stay in this for a while now but did not find it appropriate in leave. </BLOCKQUOTE>
<BLOCKQUOTE>Bleach out of work during the day without feeling too crowded, not only cut the sides, because it is a good chance of preventing the spread of the slide, the replantation. Also, to prevent the spread of the slide by the insertion and HW Ekisuto, when the model is slightly different, more Ekisuto削Rimashita. I do not like thinking that I had it easier than expected, the hard work to do securely attached to the device. Putty on the sink mark盛Tta prominent location and the internal parts damaged during the work, as usual, beautifully polished, to reduce the operation. HW model so that the magazine is not inserted and removed, it is still hard, even place a paper inside the frame. In the end, once this amount of rest time and even two days. </BLOCKQUOTE>

Third Day
<BLOCKQUOTE>Effects still have an evening drink (drunk) starts work under the influence of the state. The third act of atrocity. Have not only been serving a day, place a patty paper to wait so troublesome. Since the last proper paint anyway. I would not feel better from the exterior and custom and I hope everyone ^ ^ On top of that, the rear site was created last Sun P38-based adhesive sites. Anymore, so no plans to tweak the frame, slide and immediately paint. Put larger models in cardboard, spray-painted matte black. Special spray gun, toy, since this is the car's body paint for cheating at the time. We will be doing in a room filled with the smell of paint thinner, of course. overlap, it makes me sick of being like a paradise (◎ o ◎) ♪. Good children do not imitate it. However, such a shock was immediately poured cold water on him! "Gyoe!" On the positive side, worn paint. Pequena cold season is still painting. Pains, bumps in the finished paint surface is also uneven in its own way (>_<). After a moment, stunned, recovering somewhat, consider the rational remedy. Anyway, continuing up the paint dries you can not do anything other start working. Meyou and referring to its degree of little polishing the silver, Barerubusshingu. Cut the plane to skid checkered polished silver tip, even as Rikoirupuragu. The hammer is going to replace it as it is for the commander at a later date. I also have settled for painting, assembly Check for other inconvenient places. HW is a procedure should have the same model, used to make a little effort it takes to shear off the spring so much. Apart from this point, completion problems. Excited by lust and fire a burst occurred here, "I did a little Miyo" PFC and cart ready, fire one shot. Clean ignition misfire, no hold but does not open. Then from 2. I tried opening the hold, from 3 meter useless. "Hey, what made you MGC?" While throwing a bad move, and so much cynicism and try to check the operation of the slide stop manually. By the way, the axis slide stop is not polished, but that would have narrowed the periphery of the hole to set the frame under the influence of painting, realized that did not even care what, in haste, adjust these parts . Slide stop, then feel well, "Pachin" and now works (this was in fact failed.) It is too bad, because people on the paint peeling, once re-polishing, referring to its decision in that case (whether or not to paint again) decided to. Adjust ignition carryover to tomorrow. Looking at the bulletin board当夜"V12 fake. Up to fast" and requested 1. I regret I should have mentioned, the board completed. Um, hurry. </BLOCKQUOTE>

Fourth Day
<BLOCKQUOTE>Hazime Hiraku coverup. The peeling of the coating used in nail polish remover. Where it has to work at it pretty thick coating. I feel like the situation is worse every time we put something・・・hand. It・・・・・,・Do not try it. While I continue to work with, such as peeling paint Arakata last. But terrible. Boro do well hidden in the armpits, I wish I could stop there silver powder, which also failed. I have become a dirty silver fox. Then again, I started rubbing rags soaked in oil, the degree of misery thickens. Already at around 11 pm, no energy to fire bed. I still carry on. </BLOCKQUOTE>


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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Fifth Day
Getting Started in despair while being half. Once the complete decomposition starts off the silver powder. On top of that, the compound begins to shine in, do not disappear until now not all the wounds. She has even bought two weeks, the surface is only 20 years such a state (* *;. Comes the end of the wrongdoing, but it is up to speaking of it coming,・・・model is poor. Confession. Somehow finished working on the assembled, it moves to adjust the fire. Prepared from seven fire cart. The hammer may fall a few times then. In the process of adjustment, when the connection disk vice scissors polished, tightened too deformed patterns. Hurry, and complete resolution (what'll second), and fixed. Polished side of the bar and again in passing the trigger, to assemble on that.

As an aside, MGC is Marushingaba governance than a little difficult to assemble. ABS particular model, becomes excessive force to the frame, so soft. Manual operation itself is no problem I like, I do not know what will happen is difficult during the fire. At this point, it was already close to midnight, stop here. Anguish and still sleeps. </BLOCKQUOTE>

Sixth Sunday
<BLOCKQUOTE>Rikoirupuragu little to stop the rotation of the processing was in the mood before. You know you look at the picture, push a hole where the iron ball to plug in drill, we can stop the rotation of the plug to pierce the space frame. The effect of rotation of the plug is pushed Rikoirusupuringu Otherwise, off to the proper position, will be in contact with the bottom barrel plug. In addition, HW and we reaffirm the model in about ABS models, but were misaligned.

On the day Saturday. If you normally have is family commitment for the day included, "I wonder useless" to that effect on that board as well. However, the evening will be a rally around the home and business that has a wife and daughter. Shime Shime I thought "I can come to stay," said gently, "do we bother" with the answer. 怖! Scary! Settled amicably as possible to the spot, firing a fleeting time. Use the silver caps. I did not have time, so pardon the angle is all together. How are things going much interest. One is missing the slide stop coming. Apparently, because it seems way too tentatively to divert those polished HW model. Another point is bad slide closure. The cause appears to be complete by the rim of the cart Kuwaenai Extd. Therefore, from 7 did not succeed fully automatic fire. Both problems occurred at some point. Still, the movie, so for recording, editing uploaded concatenation. Readjustment later on, add up so please forgive what I撮Remashitara again. </BLOCKQUOTE>
<BLOCKQUOTE>Add Picture Herohero ○ The next day Sunday, try again. But there has to own head. Through the slide stop is a hole in the shaft, filling a small lead ball, by taking measures to eliminate relief. Perhaps too familiar failure of the slide closed, eliminating 90%. The rest is due to a malfunction ... and disco shear connector has made adjustments along the way transformed. It also frequently caught the trigger the hammer fall. It Mairimashita. To a good age, and of course, but they are things to understand that there is a moderate, has always failed to do so. Middle, HW and replaced with the frame but the model still incompatible Ikimasen pulling well. All told, many times to catch fire, but also recorded many times, because it was not perfect, are uploaded to those connected to the appropriate Sorerashiku. The movie is at most two magazines, in the shadows. But this model is surprisingly strong. No creel lit. It is the only salvation Revenge plays later to order the parts.

Revenge movie ○ (?) 2002.12.22

Somehow now finally satisfied. Get and display the shear connectors, exchanges. Curt, PFC and not to set inner CP without using gas. ほぼ完璧です。 Almost perfect. The cart is sorted by the repeated use, PFC primer deformed because of the cart. The result is as noticeable misfire, this time changing the position of the inner and primer to prevent accidental discharge that occurred. CP then forced to change. Originally, the inner product using the gas release Marushin, has good compatibility with Dito. The power seems to be a mod relief, HW mild now compared to when using the inner. 不発はほとんどなく、暴発は皆無。 There are few duds, none of the outbursts. I feel good. Accordingly, put a hole in an aluminum pipe barrel穿Tta 12. Sliced diagonally to one side, muzzle to the longer side, with the barrel押Shi込Mimashita the shorter side of the chamber. </BLOCKQUOTE>

And Iimashi and wherefore, to make the gas ejected from the gas port. But this did not seem very effective. But as far as Ikimasen futility, the percentage of not very hard. まあ、アクセントですわ(笑)。 Well, I is the accent (laughs). 16-second movie, from 35 five magazines. oKou Shigeru all hold open. However, the firing sound is not great. Without feeling a little muffled response was taken from the room. Unfortunately for most it would at that point. Then, instead of a hammer for a commander, Gurippuseifuti modified accordingly. SUGIZO Later, SUGIZO custom fine you if you stick the front sight - san. Would like tea. </BLOCKQUOTE>

<BLOCKQUOTE> Add 2003.4.6.


ABS Marushin Government as usual. HW felt short of the ignition performance models, but slightly, still mostly in good shape model HW with all your favorite models. As previous reports, slide and barrel tweak SFV12 was fake. But no sign of any break from the often ignited it. However, the rate of gas ports fancy getting sober mind is a little place elsewhere. Ri, had also dabbled in custom exterior. No big deal. Gansumisu a monkey can do a Table.

The addition of the flat side of the slide of hand, longer frame end, the barrel of a barrel of corn changes around the site, had put his hands on is pretty low cut and what not Ejekushonpoto. Puraripea flat side of the slide, the frame extending from the port of junk Maruigaba barrel properly processed corn plastic is bonded to plate, the front sight "SUGIZO-added" What you previously from the site, the rear plastic board etc. from the concoction, do not spend very little money. However, within the hammer at the SP M712 SP hammer was set to cut. This will be quite strong, has plummeted explode. Paint coating is not only what was sold at home improvement store.

The reasons were completed over three weeks, it's enough to concentrate on the weekend Shiteyare. Some points to think When I finished roughing stand out, have a passion for minute changes. Slide also has extended the operation was relieved Cone in barrels that are not affected.

Movie Magazine 2 minutes (by adding one Cap Magazine minutes later silver). The first magazine for using a silver cap, sparking the slide stop has been said quite unsuccessful. The first two magazines are getting reliable operation metal caps. I think me and it rises a little more familiar with the condition attached to painted parts of the rail. But unfortunately, but that little action is awaited from the process gas port. Well, from a cap・・・although not too unreasonable.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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MGC製 S&WM76の巻
MGC・M76 (概要)








Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
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MGC S & WM76 volume of steel
MGC・M76 MGC M76・

SMG-made plastic models. The real gun manufacturers to rare S & W.
As you can see, the style is indeed the norm, what is a rather unusual place in the rotation is done in a horizontal stretch of the stock. The method also naturally Opunborutofaiaringu work.
In my memory, I think it was sold in powder cap system specification Open Detonator 7 mm around 1980. Then, CP for the cart (the company formerly M59 7mm cap spec cart with the same type) is that the specification was changed.

Even though there is nothing to adjust the cartridge. I was working out perfectly in the box as it is.
However, if they have cart ・ ・ ・.
Actually, what I own, obtained from a friend in the used, which had been neglected and is not available from the time the cart.
Living in rural areas because it is original, no shop, the internet age is also not popular, I had to give up the cart to get out.
But one day, the Center for Fire M84 Marushin PFC cart when you purchase, the cart is apparently because the signs of M76 in the Mari Osamu it is up to the cart came up with this diversion.

First, I adjusted the body must somehow Ditoneta.
Miriopunkato Ditoneta is for the original 7, M84 does not fit all of the PFC cart.
Therefore, the Marushin Ditoneta of Saidofaiagaba was found in the preliminary purchase.
Slightly thicker in diameter, M84 cart is tight (similar to the diameter of the hole in the tip), it drills Ditoneta electric scissors and cut in thin rasp is rotated.
In my experience, the length of the governor Ditoneta cart is just fine as fire in the center, the cart is where the fire side and a little bit short. During this procedure, just in case it needs to be adjusted must be confirmed by actual match.
How to Set Ditoneta M76 is really easy, insert the Ditoneta from the chamber, protruding from the body parts bitten E ring let the barrel (one with jacket) is only fixed by screwing into the body.
If the original, somewhat thick and the diameter of the portion in contact with cart, E-ring and bite someone will come out both before and after.
If the governor Ditoneta, as it does because it is not fixed (and falling toward the muzzle. Duh), corresponding to the case of the original E-ring, you need to arrange something with the parts to fix There.
Out of junk parts I happened to discover that the things that have threaded holes for the potatoes to one side of the hexagon nut with a screw attached to the distal end of potato Ditoneta this.
Insert removed the body from the front of the barrel, and you're just screwing the barrel and cover. Easier way than the original set.
The alternative would be very similar in size screws instead of the Governor Ditoneta. If size is perfect, just as the tip-loading process smoothly on OK, I think.
Also,, M84 M92F part if you ask for a case that combines Saidofaiakato plug inner rim for a center fire carts, M84 Centerfire 出来上Garimasu cart for the fake.
However, causes only a small step with each other because of different diameters (may vary depending on the lot.) M76 safely but does work, M84 and not confirmed in Cz75. Reference.
The M84 cartridge magazine, as it does, the magazine side of the step挟Mari Faroa just put the magazine will not work.
We need to do to expand this space to cut part of the difference. As long as it loaded, the smoother your weapon and both.
However, if you try to load more than 20 development will be equivalent to tight. Again, the original cart and might arise is impossible to differ slightly in size. But in about 15 rounds, then work fine in any way.
Once any adjustments and even then only fire.

In addition to this proposal, the current New MGCM59 cart may be available perhaps for the 5mm cap design. Improved coordination is required Ditoneta course.
How to Set Ditoneta easy, but it is also open bolt operation, the size of the cart if the magazine works well, and I would like to work fairly smoothly but no cart. And it also easy maintenance made in plastic, good outgassing, the new is not purchased, because it is relatively inexpensive at auction probably because the model simple, to enjoy the blowback at hand pair of is that the best model I think.

Fire scene after shooting note, discovered material facts. Part of the face was damaged bolts.
The price of perfection could work. Beware everyone!

(Fire scene)

Cart use, cart Marushin M84 for Centerfire (PFC). I forgot the exact number of loading, I think probably from 16,7. At first I was prepared from about 30 from the magazine is as tight as mentioned above, where Tomemashita good condition.
The atmosphere of the stock rotation system side, I think a little bit of getting to know us. Sound is a good feeling and sound of the bolt lock stock cock.
As long as you use the cart Centerfire dud so far not even once.
However, the heavy cart Opunditoneta than the original scheme, and has the power to do so, the front bolt cracked (Hie ~) is currently being repaired.

Add 2003.3.8

The first model to introduce you my site. As noted in that case, and failed to come off the front part of the bolt face. So, I thought he shelved anyway, wash clean the oil is removed the damaged section, which attempts to make this successful fusion using acrylic on the Sunday. Repair parts and then fired about 20 remain from the combined work. Energy was also fired off meeting was held in February. This model, the firing really good fun, and this would be a waste to leave it. I then after a while recording the movie.
Cart, the previous M84 Marushin Beretta was used for the center fire cart, this is for the fire side. Because the type of push, ignite the entire bolt anyway, need not be a center for fire, anything, because no use trying to rumble for the fire-side cart. Just plug the inner disk-shaped thing for the center O-ring has been set. Bolt, SP Perhaps even light the fire in this state smoothly even without Intensushito are downright welcome.

18 movie blazing.
Use the silver caps. The fire scene撮Ritakatta from different angles more and gave up because the front bolt is damaged again. Now under restoration. Perhaps you've been injected with plenty of oil before the fire, the flames from the muzzle out prematurely. The folding is a rare phenomenon. As also reported previously, but goes out with a loaded magazine for more than 20 different shapes from the original cart.
Also, I hear says it's often with cracks at the base of the barrel. The trouble is If so, this is already available from a single extrusion barrel and new ones between this junk actually ( Laughing ). Feel free to break in that fire. However, this model also got the CP cart, which was totally useless. HW was used for the inner, the inner clash was ignited as soon as you move forward at breakneck speed, transformed so as to rise from the inside tip. Will not cause the thickness of the tip of the cart. Wait, pains modified for PFC (Even though much work is not) and thus was, now I'm going to enjoy a fire in the PFC. And damage to the bolt insignificant. Just really funny, piquant model


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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MGC S&W M76 Videos no longer available


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Sun Feb 06, 2011 12:19 pm












































Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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MGC-made submachine gun now-defunct steel frame made of. The actual gun was developed in England during World War II suddenly, is very famous. I heard you were marked in order to develop Ⅰ Ⅴ from Mark (sorry if I wrong), this model is that Mark Ⅲ. The gun itself is very simple truth, this model is more like it was simplified. What was supposed to be the most expensive in the folding of certain time. The original paper used gunpowder explosives, firing systems Open bolt firing, Full Auto only. The barrel is open to insert something straight. However, I see that everything was so early type and late-type or not. Although work was that good, maybe because I was still immature at that time could not be blazing well. Now just can not manufacture, non-transferable, the model only allowed in possession.

History of the excavation;
Does this model elementary school that I bought when I was in middle school. Yes, I remembered that was what got me on the occasion of my father. After purchase, the remainder from a technical condition of instability and the owner turned the ignition of gunpowder paper several times bad, almost no longer firing after a while. Once Ditone intend to clean - the master away the paper poppy, there had to be out in one shot. Later, the company bought Sterling also, I forgot to leave the closet Maikonda unawares, as it is supposed to show missing much. Some time ago that, from an old Southern expression or fourteen years since my parents could find the M15, we might have been asleep somewhere in the home even chance this guy has seen the opportunity to discover Mashita. Now, in the absence of parents Megake home closet (my room in the past) to explore and found impressive But will she go in sterling?

[Found] the situation when
The far end of the room closet storage boxes, why sterling (mistakes. It was a box of stainless steel) was also included in the decomposed state. Almost entirely of steel, since you had been neglected for 30 years, it already bright red rust.

And try to see, first, the shortage of parts of four bolts that secure the frame to the chamber. It does not care because it can handle off the shelf. The trouble is, Ditoneta. As with the previous command M15, probably will be removed from the body by means of critical components, or do not remember where you saved. At this point a little impatience, BBS I offered Dito on temporary borrowing. It seemed a little too impatient. Itadakimashita who offer the inconvenience but, this matter has been completed, so the next day alternative Dito withdrawn. That is left is no shortage, which is quite distorted Kokkingunobu screwing the bolt hole, and that the state is quite troublesome screw knob, bolt through the frame holes to secure the chamber It takes a little care is so widespread and continued to take the bolts a little forward progress. Well, so often having to worry about not going to fire, so too might not.


And so can not work indoors, so started dropping rust outdoors. Something, with his wife stuck with steel wool was stunned eyes, brass brush, a combination of materials down to rust, polished Shikoshiko intently. The rust also Arakata finally fell to an hour, Then the resulting surface is dull gray in the background, sometimes slovenly pattern. I thought the blue paint from the paint gun, and a peck of trouble, hurried construction of the model submachine gun during the war anyway. Too pretty convinced of it and other strange, as it is. The feeling worn out, and are interpreted arbitrarily and this one is real. Clean the inside and magazines in the same frame. Spring is also red, with broken or not, because it relieved the tension pretty solid.

Ditoneta but the problem is thought to divert the first part of the cart for the first half of the Marushin Saidofaiagabamento. Set around a cart opposite chamber, the firing pin into the screw hole for the tip, how to set a barrel. This approach, however, Dito is fixed and barrel inserts to rely on the neck is very durable and there is concern. We stopped the first day of work, and to review the next day to sleep.
The second day after running a hardware store opening, plumbing parts, looking around to lick around the shop shelf mechanical parts, looks can be diverted if there is something. Not that there was a definite idea at this point was only that I could come up with a good hand if you look at various parts. Is found in the "bus in Heaton tightening" thing. Metal parts and the convex-shaped side view. 1 cm in diameter at the top, bottom 6,7 cm in diameter 1 mm, overall height is about 2 inches at the top has a hole through a diameter of 6 millimeters, the bottom is almost hollow. The bath drain stopper It seems to use when linking to other parts of the wall with chains. But ... "Heaton" strange name, I have a strange name for a little something like this until I mean. Since foundations are likely to buy this Dito. Also purchase parts for other alternatives just in case. Getting Started in the afternoon of that day. The draft said, "Heaton" top of the chamber should get into the fine, but I'm supposed to be in contact with the bottom of the barrel at Ino Hiroshi. Takeshi Sugi lower as it does, can not be set to chamber the barrel must be cut. I do not know what the material seems to be harder than zinc. 6,7 mm 1 cm in diameter, cut the metal pipe Noko gold thickness of 2 mm. Pretty tired. 2 holes where the gas leads to gas ignition barrel is then opened by an electric drill. This is also a rare success in development.

Processing is done, "Heaton" diameter screw insertion from the bottom of about 5,6 mm, extruded to make the top nuts from the other side. This screw serves as a firing pin. Of course, the tip should be left to the feeding process to go smoothly. PFC length just as it was then, CP must be shortened so that it does. CP I felt like it had received a little shorter to about 3 cm for 2 mm.
, , Chamber set to something finished, is completed by screwing the barrel. This way similar to the original, because the durability of the plane is fixed in the barrel Dito is safe and quite likely.
However, using the original CP Dito also seems reduced in a relatively simple. See "Gun" magazine October 1984 issue of "tune up a model course" and I see the referenced article.
MGC made of stainless steel, sterling, that it MP40. Dito exactly the same in both the processing of only three types of CP-cart using the P220 and the model can be improved. What you need is an original and Marushin P38 Dito Dito for processing when an electric drill, Noko Fri, vice, or it will be about the filing. In short, hit the cart way Dito the original (longer) and cut the length to the same extent on the way back and forth across the headband part. Then, around to the other, the original was a better hole in the center of the barrel for the P38 Dito Plug (no processing seems to be going in) and fixed with glue to take. After drilling the holes for venting in the process is to accept that. For your information. But I'm not practiced since.


This model magazine housing (?), But the rear is provided Gurippuseifuti, this is pretty nasty there. The trouble is that the housing must hold a magazine when firing anything necessarily. Jacket and holding a barrel in the style of that time, it may be difficult to maintain and can hold the frame.

And what is very primitive and operated, Iimashou, projecting just the safety of the frame, and is usually located rather than just prevent the bolt forward. So, pull the trigger and bolt stop there for a safety握Razu a little moment forward, a nuisance to grip the safety bolt to move forward after that. Hurry up and take Chimaimasu pay such a thing from a source of mistakes.

Marushin MP40 current magazines or may be compatible. Gatatsukimasu is little to comfortably enter, I surely catch the magazine. Kiku is not a substitute for what you can devise a spacer.


Improvements mentioned above, entered the stage firing tests subjected to adjustment. Marushin M39 was used in the first cart. Intensushito on-set, five from fire. I could not eject the last bullet, you can blaze feel very happy! However, firing several times, but then, so now I have a short amount of time to think back now and then is challenged UZI cart. But well over Ikimasen. Maybe at first thought it had a problem Intensushito noticed that one important thing to remember. Dito is the process of tip shape. Once the tip of the PFC Dito I used to have to use the nerve, it takes filing a simple chamfered, PFC was not processed to match the inner plug. Therefore, to fire or gas leak, recession seems to have enough quantity. M39 in good condition but the cart a little better, because the magnitude of the difference between Inner venting holes. UZI and M39 compares to cart Kiku Hiroshi UZI venting hole is far better, only that it was easy gas leak. At this point, with that気Gatsukazu, for it helped CP P220 using the cart. This stunning 10 blazing success. Last but not eject shells, sadly pinched down to the chamber and bolt (not reused). Miriruga 9 - fire size but for real I think they can, so shallow depressions trapped in Ekisuto of the rim, and the application system of chubby tip of Ekisuto think the idea of good over incompatible use will not I did.

[Movie] for various other
The first fine cut is intended to use the M39 cart. Late (but just because even a blink), a relatively long blaze (blaze last 14), Dito P220 was used to replace the cart. Eventually, the problem was the feeding. The longer it really Dito PFC, when loaded, will be in contact with the trouble-prone Dito tip of the cart. Point, CP is short You will not like that because there is no Dito. One more thing, the magazines are still well Ikimasen SP or ejecting the last round of weak tension. Here, you put it to clear the cart from two pre-charged air cap. There is a metal bolt from the recoil considerably. Almost, UZI It may have made a big line with the movement of heavy bolts from the body itself is lighter feel powerful. During the first firing, perhaps because it took a little lick, I was surprised to recoil. Gas venting holes even more fire from the barrel or two I feel pretty good as I open the book, leave to remain for now partly because of the durability of this. Initial purchase, when I tasted this impression still a child, my life might have been different (laughs). Anyway, it is most interesting to the fire! I would like people to taste this impression of many people if possible. The work out, starting a feeling that it was adjusted, he could do so far in three days, somehow, you may well was a success. Along the way, and out of trouble and be different and undreamt-of speculation, fine, even when there is a headache, trying to introduce what can be managed and relieved. Anyway, it is a closed system with gunpowder caps victory cart. But I really think, after these two there is a closed system of powder and caps to cart golden era of a model or models you how wonderful you were born. </BLOCKQUOTE>

New Year for 2003

Introducing a long time. M93R And M93R, and also for the flashy New Year縁起Mono (what reason?) As UP. Naka Naka baked just a little bit fastidious. Using the familiar cart P220. I was prepared from 20, I was incapacitated after the firing was from 3 or 4 shots. I repented stingy O Maybe I was wrong to use something of the inner ring only. Then, the weak retention of Ekisuto much interest. The bolt face it a little shallow, I will surely eject his mouth is so firmly fixed. Currently, before an ejector kicks in the face so that there is spillage, it feels like to eject failure occurs. Well, if you use even the inner ones were also good, but it seems to work well under the influence increased strength of the bolt back. But the inner fire and metal bolt O-ring models to wear considerably. After the fire, something思Imashitara waste a lot of black so you look down on the floor, all, O was Sogareta thin ring of gas pressure Quite the surprise. Very satisfying things in such a situation could not be included, please forgive me for New Year's celebrations in that market (^ ^ The Isuzu, fire is the sound is impressive compared to the previous one. Please please.
Summer 2003

Since the advent of the New Year. Then once the fire was a matter of fact, ejecting a bad experience many times. Apparently, that seemed to be due to wear of the bolt face. Part of the bolt face, just opposite the Ekisuto, there is a bump hitting ass push cart when the cart from the magazine, it is worn. Therefore, it is pressed down carts in tension Ekisuto on the face bolt, because there is a bump sandwich cart receives its power on the other side, the pattern had been that they spilled from the face bolts immediately Cart be.
Most of the causes of disorders until now some here think. The idea was a lot what to do, it was not so much his hands Oe, go ahead, "Degozai custom shop" play's request processing. Looking at what has been completed for about three weeks, so this is impressive. Faces milling about 6 mm bolts, and screws which was processed separately from the bolt face there, no, no brand new (yeah, you of course). Indeed working professionals.Re入Rimashita.

We immediately fired. But so little is not good. P is different from the original cart and using the cart 220 may be due for a bit tight and the bolt face rim size cart, when sent into the chamber, bolt face completely because they contain little obliquely cart not incorporated into his mouth. Therefore, the pain is intense rim of the cart. We were cutting the Dito little longer, even paper over the bolt face, try again to eliminate the slip angle is often possible. This was a wonderful success! 10 carts available from the first fire was perfect! Bolt is fully retracted so that the exhausts, then feel Rikoirushokku pounding, we are also beautiful to eject the cart.
We prepared the video was recorded immediately. In that case, the highest number of fire from 16. Cart really a lot more prepared, but I should have challenged the long blaze, quite hesitant because of severe pain in cart. If the cart is easy to get a little despair, for what is P 220.I can not get locally. It is a challenge but a minimum of 20 continuously firing any time.

Then later, replacing the PF experiment Dito cart. Was a success ^ ^ I've used UZI (MP40) for P38 and for. Feeding too smoothly, so that the length of the bone Dito. However, the rim O-ring sealing gas supplies. The inner plug seems to be a good thing for the fire center. Naturally included in this fire. It has succeeded in blazing 20. However, in one shot had blown away the rim Wait, oh well.


First, use the cart P220, 10 blazing, blazing 10, 5 blazing, blazing into the pinky promise 16. Then cut short while the three willow, and finally using the P38 for the 20 PF cart blaze. This is a fire in the garage. Would be understandable if you look at the strength of the shaking Rikoirushokku of my bangs. Retsu Tsuyoshi firing sound even greater backlash, Lively, 120 points (^ ^)! Among the new cart is to work almost perfectly.


If you have the mania of the model ex-soldier, please try to come if ignited by a closed system cart. I definitely will not regret! "Degozai custom shop," says, thank you. Now you can enjoy long. By the way, How is your stainless steel?


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website
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