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 Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:29 pm


(2) The relationship between the hammer and bolt block

In this model, when the bolt back block bolts bolt rear end (the metal part) the hammer down, but it looks like, as if to cock the bolt down and look better than necessary. We cut to size, the bolt cocks the hammer block, then cut resistance should also be slightly less if you polish and clean.
To note, however, the presence of shear for a full Kyatchihokku. For the semi-shear (Shiaamu) but this bit's hammer is fixed at that stage for Malaysia to be a full Kyatchihokku fixed yet Not. Cock is finally woke up a little hammer. Masu Sugi full operation for precise cutting is unlikely to気Gatsukazu point.

(3) Polishing Hammer

Tension of the hammer, main spring through Meinsupuringugaido Also, catch hooks are always in contact with Shiaamu. Will they cause friction also fairly stupid. The area in contact with polish those parts of the hammer there. Take Bali, emery paper, polished surface prepared by compounding at the end. You have also polished surface in contact with steel wool, etc. At the same time the bolt block. Once you have a good tip Meinsupuringugaido handled similarly.

(4) main spring

While continuing to operate several times when the hammer cocks, now feel considerable resistance. Conveys Gori Gori fingers feel something when we were causing a hammer. Try to look like a lot, was apparently caused by the main spring. It is spreading like a little touch of spring in parts of the main spring and Meinsupuringugaido. I think what happened from the strength of its spring tension. Cock the hammer when I pushed, the frame is locked in a compressed spring, is pushed into force by this middle part, was how widespread resistance has arisen. Perhaps it was because they used such a long time. It is best to replace the new spring割Ri切Tsu consumables.

Note Another way to shorten the main spring is more likely concerned about the misfire. Sure you can cut the springs, the resistance decreases quite hammer・・・I doubt.

(5) Other

When the bolt is retracted, the hammer (spring) seems to be only a slight creep upward by tension bolts. Therefore, strong internal Bareruekusutenshon top and rub each other bolts, are seen as fairly friction is occurring. Fundamental solution because it is not so structured, polished touch points as possible, I only keep so as to reduce friction as possible. The tape reduces friction (which was coated with Teflon for example) may put it that way if anything like that. Handy things like that, do not know that anyone?

Retention of extractor 2 Cart

In this regard, it is a bit not confident. I'm sorry I was wrong. The only description of the problem. Please post your ideas in (^_^Wink.
Before the description of this model, so I think that you better understand the issues, I will briefly describe how the model around and Saidofaiamoderu Centerfire Extractor definitive.
Fire model is the center bolt face (not sure the proper representation. Bolt (slide) is called a surface in contact with the bottom of the cart.) Will work, and the relative position of extractor (distance) is constant. Extractor gripping the rim of the cart, so the cart is held securely by pushing the cart Ekisutorakutasupuringu tension bolt face. Severe shock and blowback, but also managed to bounce against the thrust coming from below by the following spring tension in the magazine, the ejector (also helped by magazine spring tension) you can only hold the cart until the cart is kicked .

Saidofaiamoderu plate, and firing at the relative position of the extractor and bolt face extractor because it is usually casting change. As they work together if pressed plate extractor with a hammer, firing would produce a change in the retention of the shopping cart is empty. But not so Ekisutorakutasupuringu, retention of fire than the cart would become weak center. Yet somehow, to eject the cart will hold.

This model is there. In this model, bolt extractor, but the face does not move (this model is the "bolt head" part and so on), just moved from is the distance between the extractor and the bolt face will change. Sono Tame, changes the retention cart extractor. Position recess most face bolt, cart, rather than being held extractor is the situation, and has been kept for caught in face bolts. So, the impact of the cart would be a little off. To reproduce while they awaited a movable extractor, since it varies the position of the cart itself, does not seem to extract benefits from the ability of the tractor.
I repeat, if true, biting the rim of the kart at the nail extractor spring tension by pushing the cart fixed bolt face, but should be held firmly to the cart, this model has not been exploited very weak retention force for pushing the movable bolt face. Therefore, the actual time of firing, and lost the ability to上Garou bullet magazine next spring tension (or catch) may have been fired from a cart outside the bolt face. Then bolts to fully back Also, pre-fire around the rest of the top magazine cart, just seems like it may cause jams. Also, it has been set, but should continue Ekisutorakutasupuringu has produced effects of this tension to hold the cart Normally, if a little stiff but the movement itself somehow extractor (central fixing pin Although it move like a seesaw to move), it seems meaningless spring has been set.

By the way, I've heard of this model metal model has good fire performance. Indeed, if the bolt face of the model should be steadfast in shaping the metal together with bolts. So, the cart is held relatively tight (Even though, because space is needed to move forward because of the fire-side cart, not the center line with fire) should have been. Just saw parts table can not be definitive because the spot Even if it is picked up, if that is true of high performance metal firing model, partly due to this point has I think of the idea.
The adjustment is superficial, I tried to adjust a bit extractor. Firstly: what is known as a portion of the nail slightly below the tip of the extractor, so that inward, his mouth a little cart strongly. This time, however, is less extreme and less likely to mouth the rim of the cart at the time of loading the chamber, care must be taken to increase the possibility that it will push the cart went off the tip of the extractor as it is. Then, the whole bit反Rasemasu Top extractor. I do not put shrimp warp. Put too much camber so extreme, another failure to keep feeling compared to the control. Referring to its polished on the side of Bali and the extractor bolt, that might interfere with the operation of the extractor to move smoothly. And the way the equipment will be up and down like a seesaw so that it is only thanks to the tip of the extractor in the warp. Eliminates the risk of accidental discharge even when it is easier gripping the rim of the cart loading also utilized, with spring tension, holding power would rise slightly. Under normal conditions, but not in any because I raised the rear end of the resistance extractor equipment will be in contact with the bolt back when this part of the body. So, what to ditch the way this part of the body or a little cut, you must have lost my resistance. The extractor of this model that contains or burning (especially around the nails) were quite strong and difficult to process.

Since this point is a structural problem, and fully adjusted to improve the original parts seem a bit difficult. The theoretical idea, might want to try to change the model of a metal bolt that one. Looking at the table as part of the internal structure of the bolt seems a little different because the ABS model, extractor spring and bolt inside the bolt body as well, but I need to be replaced all at once and Faiaringupin・・・. Diameter size I think is similar, there is no evidence. If you have two, How is being tested? In addition, HW ABS model also can be used to bolt the model.This is exactly the same structure. But this diversion is not recommended. Because you need to cut into the whole little thick, brittle material, the possibility of damage is high. I actually tried once, which resulted in cracks in the rear bolt of the hammer blow. If the resolution is not misappropriated.

3 cartridges

The original cart-sized private PFC (fire side). They say that sort of conclusion, I think if you set it Intensushito enough. Speaking of greed, use 5 mm cap, I want the plug stroke stretched once more to the inner end. This cart, as seen from the inner stroke does not look long.
I have been fired in different combinations. That point later.

The following is a course adjustment of the cart. Like (a fool) becomes useful in that there are some ways (and what will?) I thought, posted I called you used in the process of coordinating and organizing the combined cart parts, Case M712 for parts. The rim of the M712 for Marushin M92 (M84) Fire Center (old・O-ring removed), for Marushin M16 for. Marushin primer M92 (M84) Centre for Fire, MGC system for CP. The inner for M712, PFC Centre for Fire, for DE44 Hudson, 7 mm inner Kyaromutaipu without gas cap, for Marushin M16. In addition, for a single cart P220, Glock 17 (metal) for for Tokarev.

Also, the different lengths appropriate to each Ditoneta, Dito eventually make three different lengths, or remove the sandals on the shoe or wearing a different length, many times繰Ri返Shimashi or. Dito for this model is simply plugged into the barrel, just being held in an elastic plastic. So when removing the plug with a hammer just to get him out a long metal rod from the muzzle. However, new cases will be difficult to remove once again be fixed. Misfortune to be clean, low friction missing so easy, in such cases seems to be that rough, and it will go ahead Ditoneta錆Bi付Ka the one hand or even scratching. Also, are of course several times and then removed, the site has now become a fool for holding the equipment will be unable to secure the body in the barrel. My model is completely stupid and, from what is now, when fixed Suposupo Pakkintepu wound pipes for water, Dito was fixed to the push force. According to the instruction manual for this model the way, is seen Ditoneta by itself does not seem to have been sold, was confirmed Marushin headquarters, one could buy 500 yen in the name of Chanbapin. For your information.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:38 pm


Listed below, the combination tested.
O-ring having Centerfire M92
Centerfire M92
Centerfire M92
O Ring
7 CP ms
Centerfire M92
O Ring
7 CP ms
Cart cart P220 Glock 17・・Hudson cart
Sky Cap

The situation is different when you adjusted the body of each test, which is also one more general. However, I feel different after the combination, even when something can go with the original ① think. Above all, a long stroke of the inner piece is attractive, the most original of course does not require adjustment of Dito.

② Once in the way it was Just perfect, I was able to ignite the situation is much different. The neck must be a little shorter Ditoneta.

③ The neck of this point is equivalent to shortening the stroke.

④ The most promising持Temashita being adjusted. We can not always perfect, but it was Mairimasen, full firing about seven or eight times was able development. This combination eventually entered the final stage.

⑤ The fire performance was good, but struggled with the inner and come out after the fire. The disadvantage is less than the inner stroke ④.

⑥ are all loaded to the magazine, both feeding the worst. Retire early. Also one more The disadvantage of this short strokes.

Have not tried yet, use the rim for a case, the inner M712 DE44 backwards to the PFC, provides an idea how to type and how to use a cart for the inner ⑤ 380 or a combination of mulberry No, but far more energy to experiment The adjustment relates to a combination of the best neck, removal of Dito cart・The installation work. As mentioned previously in this model, Dito, many times the equipment will be removed completely stupid to repeat the installation and fixed. Because the combination will vary slightly depending on the length of the cart,試Semasen Oisoreto Dito. To an end will be what Dito know what to adapt to any combination, sometimes called starting over

We use the fire in my video is basically the same and ④.
[b]The case section for original (M712), the rim section (same M84 is better,) center fire the cart for [marushin] make [beretsuta] M92 (as for old type O ring you remove,), the inner plug for Hudson DE44 (for [tokarehu] also yes), is the combination the primer those of the aluminum make (one for CP of MGC yes) of the mulberry.It becomes CP as a system.

When it is this combination, it is thought that from the fact that process of ignition is done inside all case sides, escaping gas from the rim section is less than original combination, is a power.To that, secure (in case of PFC times when hole does not open in cap there are,) thing it can increase the gas coming out for the front.
Simply, the stroke of the inner plug a little it becomes short in comparison with the original, but you expected there to punch power and closed the eye.
Should note at the time of use, cleaning inside the cart by all means before the using, sufficiently attaches the grease, it means that inner that tries moves smoothly.
It is proper thing with any cart, but with especially this combination, size of the Hudson inner the movement may not with tight vis-a-vis original cart inside diameter.

When it does lousy job of cleaning and grease rise, the feeding not to go (volt/bolt imperfect closing), adverse effect appears to also the blow back well from the fact that resistance is large with tight.
I attached the compound to the cotton stick (2) in advance and after setting to the electromotive drill, pushed in inside the cart, turned and ground.A little it seems that the movement becomes good.
Naturally, as for set position of inner you do not push in to the point and the person who stops midway may in the feeding, is.

Furthermore, when the rim section is for M92, those where 10 departure it loads in the magazine very much become difficult. If it is for M84, it is all right, but because as for one for M92 just just a little it is thick, it seems that that influences.
As for feeding both satisfactory.
Redundancy, that when you say, why, you do not use the CP inner of MGC, in case of CP it is the case that the ignition gas comes out by the fact that inner tilts with the point inside the cart, but with the M712 original cart which is PFC the margin where inner tilts it is not, with CP inner the ignition gas does not pass through.
Because of that there is a breathing hole, you use the Hudson inner and inner of [kiyaromu].

In addition, when you compare the Hudson inner and inner of [kiyaromu], from the fact that the Hudson inner is shorter, that much inner stroke to become long, because it is thought that in the operation aspect it becomes profitable, is.
[deitoneta] cuts those of [marushin] MP40 a little, in order to be agreeable to the Hudson inner, processing the point, has used.
From the fact that it is a little thicker than original [deito], it was locked to exactly good condition inside the barrel which becomes foolish.
With you say, or were hard and stopped being able to remove (the ^_^Wink.

When the effect whose semi condition is bad adjustment

(2002.8.26 revisions

some days ago of the trigger in semi automatic animated picture and the like of this model after the raising, in regard to the M712 model which from the probe LX which you have always taken care has owned, “semi is concrete, pulling the trigger, there are times when the hammer does not fall.If it pulls in the front, with the barrel it reaches the point where it falls.” With it received story.
To tell the truth my model recently, similar condition has been expressed.

problem completely, in addition, from the fact that that kind of condition has not been expressed, it is not to have made excessively problem even in the kit model which is purchased recently, but in order for condition to be advancing gradually, because it is thought, we had decided to try adjusting.
Furthermore, you think that “the model cancer/gun digest” of monthly “Gun magazine” 1983 June edition publication becomes very reference, in regard to this model.
But already because it is the number whose nearly 19 years ago is old, perhaps, the one which is having it is little, we recommend that it is perused by all means.
It is something where also contents below refer this article.
First, you explain in regard to the semi mechanism of this model.You can explain well, or there is no self-confidence, but….
When semi is, the hammer the cock is done by [shiaamu].
When and, the trigger is pulled, the trigger itself, the area in angle of the rear of the part on the pin which exactly enters into the substance frame, contacts around base frontal angle of [shiadeitento], it pushes up [shiadeitento], is linked to that, also [shiaamu] rises, is designed in such a way that relationship with the hammer is cut off.

Furthermore when it can continue the trigger, the contact part of the trigger and the contact part of [shiadeitento] leave, is designed in such a way that it disconnects.
It is good to the model cancer/gun, it pulls and it depends on dropping it is the mechanism which it disconnects operates.
It seems that this trigger and relationship of contact position of [shiadeitento] becomes delicate (connection is shallow,) extraordinary.
That you think whether you think, it is not to become the cause semi out of order being expressed by the delicate difference during deteriorating (wearing out) and the individual this part due to secular.
Me and like the model of the probe, if it pulls in the front, with the barrel section as for the notion that where, it is repaired, [shiadeitento] appearing in before by the thing which pulls, that you think whether it is not the result contact with the trigger recovering.
By the way, in case of the actual gun, relationship of this position has done more firmly (connection is deep,).
Connection being deep, in case of the actual gun the occasion where the short recoil it does, to cut off the relationship with the trigger by backing up [shiadeitento] to which the rocker plunger just a little backs up and contacts mandatorily, because it has reached the point where it disconnects operates is.
Because as for delicate size and form anyhow, as for the internal part with according to of all actual gun, the case where the short recoil it does because also function of the rocker plunger is according to of the actual gun, if the disconnection operation which is similar to the actual gun is adopted, however it probably is to be possible, with in the first place model cancer/gun certainty of the short recoil is not good even with the model cancer/gun, the disconnection operation with this kind of pulling dropping system was adopted, so is.
Although with this, designating internal constitution as according to of the actual gun, you think this that because it actualizes satisfactory operation as model cancer/gun it is the splendid device.
If my thought hits and is those where it is most doubtful, the proper and [shiadeitento] are trigger itself.
If this two is exchanged to the new item, is not as for condition to improve in general, probably will be?
The trigger of the model of the new one me, there is no problem when you set to the model of older one, condition became unable to be expressed completely.
Perhaps after, the person who exchanges also the trigger spring (leaf spring) may.
But, Kiyoshi it does that you exchange to the brand-new part easily the one that, that kind of to see, with order of one or the part which is not done is difficult, (or to the [so] bending. Lazy Person?)


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
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PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Sun Feb 13, 2011 2:41 pm


The owner of nature has no other choice but to adjust the part of present condition, (natural).
So it is how it does where, but….
When the contact failure of trigger and [shiadeitento] is cause, it is on prerequisite, but if the relationship (connection) of this will be secure, it is may reason.
For that that if [shiadeitento] from now should have been located to the front probably, it judged whether the hammer when the cock it is done, the trigger from now is categorized to rear.
Then, when you check the set circumstance of [shiadeitento] carefully, as pushed from forward the hammer as for [shiadeitento] most it is the case that it is the position where it advanced, but, extremely barely, just feeling, by the rocker plunger when the cock it is done, it was discovered.
Then, if either of this mutual contact region was shaved, if [shiadeitento] did already the expectation which appears in a little before, so, connection with the trigger that much thought as the expectation which becomes deep, the part of that of [shiadeitento] shaved a little.
On that, until with the brass brush the brushing, it reaches the point where it shines cleanly, it put locking block, [shiaamu], [shiadeitento], the rocker plunger and trigger top etc to the vice and continued to rub.
Group lifting, when you verified it seems that you improve somehow a little.
Still, when sometimes the hammer does not fall, because it is, is not the case that it is recovered completely, but when you compare to the circumstance which how does not become it is considerable degree of improvement.
Also the method the [gu] of shaving the skin thin, making the advance position of the D tent can think of the contact area of [shiadeitento] and [shiaamu] in other things.
Simply, when you do too excessively, to pull, because there is also a possibility dropping (disconnection) becoming impossible note is necessary.
As for being simplest, however you think that it is to exchange to the brand-new part….
It was 318i which throws away pride (to see, the glory), the this day returning home middle, 2 triggers, 1 volts/bolts it orders.

As for the model 15 years which are said to beginning the kit model before above.
Also paint being ragged, also the inside and outside the scar you are lazy, abnormal play has come rather, the semi with hammer has become difficult to fall.

The adjustment which is expressed at description above after doing, other way, after administering last adjustment, it is ignition.
As for using in the combination cart which expresses on the gold cap.
As for scene four.First 4 running fires, second and as for third 6 running fires, end is 10 running fires.
Even first you expressed, but as for 10 running fires you think that well enough it is rare.

Simply, with “it whirled in the sky and high it did not go the cart which dances”. “It whirls and dances” that rather than saying, it just has dispersed in the place about of 10 centimeter on most substances.
Sort of viewing as for consequence or the revolution whose volt/bolt is light being well enough fast, the shank.The cart the rose is spread with [ketatatatatsu] and the [te] feeling.
Also the coming out of the gas so-so.The tangent sight the [pi] [yo] as for the [pi] [yo] rubbing densely charm.Ignition sound that much is not.
More, if condition rises, also the cart high is ejected, thinks as the thing where also ignition sound becomes large.
We refuse, but it is not possible always operates perfectly.With you say, or generally, do not do (~_~Wink.

Because of the latest animated picture third misfire and feeding obstacle occurs from even to the first, it is the ignition by the cart which remains.
While attaching the grease sufficiently, inside the cart to the finish clean, in order for inner to move smoothly, after expecting perfection, 1 departure 1 departure praying to set the cap, then leaving luck to the heaven (this important matter!)How 10 running fires become possible are.

Even then as for original state compared to operation level rose if and, it succeeds, 10 running fires are pleasant sensation, \ (~o~)/!

Because it owns 20 connected magazines, after don't you think? it becomes desired stock.Because the wood product is high, the oak and others which somewhere is not made cheaply with [pura]


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Sun Feb 13, 2011 2:53 pm



Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Sun Feb 13, 2011 2:57 pm

















 ところが結構いい音をさせながら綺麗にブローバック。 ただ、ホールドオープンはしません。







Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Sun Feb 13, 2011 3:29 pm

ACG type small automatic pistol manufactured by the South, "Baby Nambu"

Background to the purchase;
This model, of course interested in the first place and did not have plans to buy Orimashita is the name of this model look like a magazine ad without each shop already, as is seen after the production it is difficult to purchase a new article. Moreover, even if temporarily stock, certainly less than 30,000 yen in gift box, even in plain-wrap price 19,800 yen. Perhaps a lot of gift box models were listed, but you look at the price at auction, generally also over 20,000 yen. I have been to quite tight financially, and fire performance in the magazine and read the post about the past and from that one more thought to myself what I would not be disadvantaged in the compelling edge , Orimashita think.
One day.
OSCAR acquaintance got in on the Internet's appeal is that during a tour conducted in only two local shops. Better stop going around the shop, I was looking through the glass I noticed a display for the models covered in tiny gold unfamiliar. ACG brand baby closer look south. "Oh, did we before?" While hoping and took to his first wife asked for permission to Morai out of the store. The first impression is "What a pretty little something!". OSCAR's also curious. That has been properly set and look into the chamber Ditoneta, firing pattern model. Prepared to deal works but the price is 19,800 yen mind at this point. Even with more than 1 percent is slightly off. "Nope absorbing" and give up, just looking for other models Orimashita, his wife is "half the price, including tax ¥ 9,900 Sure. I still have it 2-chome." Oh! Half price! At this moment, shook, his wife realized the cards and pass them in the head turns white (laughs). The 4-5 minutes, OSCAR can remove the card says, "Give me" and shout. I heard that the fans and his former army. So that in the southern part of the special feelings, so I could not bear it. A state ceremony was also appealing to the land of the research was on display in this shop six way. Please put aside money luck.

The report of the South and became their baby without even thinking all told. The report because it is still at less than a week after purchase, We do not fully understand the whole picture of this wonderful model. Thus, misunderstanding, and lack of depression, please understand that I have been content enough.

All metal-plated 24K, stunning models, such as handicrafts. Dattarashii model is finished with a great custom itself, we often begin with a real gun, I think this is a replica of workmanship and never be ashamed. This southern part of the real gun collector of American and European models見Sere ACG have, I think dancing in the streets of buying. If the powder in the cap Blowback mon let alone trying to抜Kashi waist, I would sit urine leak, I would think (sorry!). Even if you're probably not interested in a model, if this model is in hand, "I want!" I think we think.

I bought my type of blowback. "Imperial" vivid markings. But before Ejekushonpoto "Arsenal Artillery Tokyo" sorry seems to have shifted from the center of the stamp. Originally released, but not as gift box was only fire models, the model looks like it was released and then ignited in simple packaging. Fire model is not been reproduced as a perfect living Shotorikoiru locking block, the model is also going to the firing why we are scraping the bottom part of the engagement bolt. Still Shotorikoiru blowback system. This is brilliant. Centerfire type of cart used only PFC cart. Ignition system so the body is a metal model fire side, we now have to use the cart to the center fire a little twist.

However, there are minor differences between the model and look at my post about buying a magazine in the past. Especially involving the inflammation of points I will describe below.
Personally, I get the grip is too small, and that pops out from the magazine catch is a shame that a little hard to grip.

Move out even when the box is good. To smooth the movement of the bolt out of the trigger is no problem. Gurippuseifuti also operates live. But the magazine into the cart, the cart will not be loaded into the chamber to see the feeding. The state has apparently packed in the magazine cart. We Magazine (stainless steel?) To decompose, so that the smooth motion and internal floor Kio Migaku fine compound. 4,5 The first was from my best but after brushing the feeding problems even if the full load from 7 no longer occurs. Still, the magazine simply because this is a tricky angle to the loading of the cart, you must have some familiarity.

As a precaution, once before the fire was completely decomposed bodies, too. But is not listed in the instruction manual disassembly procedures. No choice but to stare table parts, I give away something of an expression referring to the method for degradation of 14 years. AM and later discovered in the past listed the steps of decomposition in the journal, "I was here first to check if the Son" with regret. There are burrs inside, those that affect the operation is unlikely. AM I noticed that in the past where there is a difference compared to the magazine article.
One cart. Centerfire types of the PFC is undoubtedly the original cart and firing model seems to be: different.
The former type seems to have a hole in the inner plug, a new type is not a hole. How to Iimashou Instead, a hole in the side of the cart was emptied for venting. Shouei cart as you anyway, but I think I had better body with dirt to me completely sealed.
In addition, O has different sets of primers ring groove of the primer as the previous model O now I can no longer set the ring O-ring elasticity moves primer. This point is similar to the Fire Center Marushin PFC improved.

For the body, has changed the shape of the tip of Faiaringupin. Ignition system of this model has been adopted primarily as a form of fire between the sides and center fire. Faiaringupin so out of the center is basically a fire-side, has become part of the primer to make contact with the corner pin cart, in that respect has become a center as well as fire. In other words, fire is a normal side to go to a firing position by pushing the entire cart, this model has been designed to be ignited by striking the primer end.

However, the bottom is flush with the bottom rim of the cart primer, part of the rim was stopped even Faiaringupin forward, can not carry enough power to move forward primer. This cart set the explosives in a state where the cap portion protrudes about 1 mm primers, we now have Faiaringupin hit the spot. However, retracted away by force in the cart was loaded into a primer chamber in some way, it may not be able to be transmitted Faiaringupin force. (This point will be difficult to move O to change things for Tanaka, 5 mm rings, and prone to misfire while now.)
AM is in the magazine in the past was mentioned that a high percentage of misfire. Retarashiku but improvement, so my tip Faiaringupin model has been extended about 1 mm in contact with the primer part. It seems the proportion of unexploded depleted because of this. If the cart freshly cleaned, it seems to fire Fire and center, so they are still full, there misfire.Little, but hopefully I'll extend this part, you can become so too late to be in conflict with regulations So.
Firing over two points in the model, I think the early models and late-model differences. The production is not clear when or what my model, fire model table for additional parts were enclosed in the instruction manual, "1999.7" and it was printed, not in the surrounding I guess. If you have inflammation in a model of the Early For those who are suffering from what is about to explode if they ask to look at parts inventory.
In addition, a real gun, but there are some spots where screws potatoes there, what just my model, easy to loose any screws potatoes to fix the trigger guard among the subtle position of the bar and the trigger and the trigger loosen shift, so be careful cause malfunction.

The adjustment related to the magazine mentioned above, Kio Migaku Fidinguranpu, took much of the extractor The fire performance was not much hope for honesty. "Emperor" the homepage of "SIGHT" in the pages of how to improve the expression fourteen years the southern Hudson was published in the "Southern Baby do not blow-back is only one shot," because I stated those clouds, "Well, much thing to talk about "We do that. Slowly at first to operate the bolt to prevent accidental firing, loaded with test-fired only one shot. Blowback while beautiful sounds pretty good, however.But do not hold open. Well then once again, this time loaded with the bolt action vigorously drastically, but none went off. Ignition time is certain. However, the hold open useless.

Confirmed the earlier stage, because the feeding was good "Do not bad at all this?" Suddenly filled our expectations. So immediately, the challenge to fully load. But potential is like a little sweet, a perfect all bullets fired from a reality that is difficult to seven. Misfire occurs or at any stage, or to explode. Hold open a few percent success rate. The cart as sensitive to dirt, dirty conditions and the frequent lack of unexploded wonders retreat, the worse shape. It was such a situation, we once recorded video. Selective editing to withstand watch something about 30 shots fired from inside the convenience, I updated our views.
Operate the bolt first, starting from where the first bullet loading, rapid-fire first four. Bolt action scenes, and the state of Shotorikoiru "Imperial" You can see the inscription. However, once the slow way (poor misunderstood loaded, once I check the chamber) that have been edited a bit. Then change the angle, blazing 3. Are tied to the screen somehow hold a successful open.

Also the first four rapid-fire second. 3rd shot to burst and the second one is. Please note that after the first five from the same because it is the first video. The tone rises might be a little more rice shoots, the model will not begin play with fire, blow-back tone is good or bad is also what I say hit the ignition pro-rate this model, The point is not terribly important.
Somewhat, but the pains in the words sort of excuse, because I think most people do not fire even if it is purchased on behalf of people of those "when firing, but I like" I will introduce something about it Please understand for example. I also expected it to fire models do not think any longer. It may have shrunk a little life in this fire, I'll think long and cherished.
Anyway, this is a great model. It is recommended to be seen once you have a chance for the hand.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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ACG Baby Nambu Video


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Metal Marushin Automag Clint 1

Thus the auto model in heavy metal. About 33 centimeters long and weighs about 1.5 kg. 定Marimasen targeting is to hold with one hand and shaking in the state also held a hammer in one hand起Kosemasen normal. According to the listening station, a long time ago (1980?) In the model seems to be released, it seems a considerable period of time during some manufacturers do not manufacture. The re-release it around the year 1994, and then traced the history that was released that this model was extended to the new barrel. You have a lot of you know that some models, this model (sorry complicated expression) and became a movie starring Clint Eastwood "Dirty Harry 4", which is introduced in. If the constitution is much like Eastwood, is commonplace in the human physique, take away at all like that held on to look like a gun. Automag made and compare with the MGC is larger in the model here. I feel the size difference and try to grasp clearly. MGC is a style made people feel smart. Unfortunately, the production of a model that's the last time as this. I previously had no interest Sore程, I woke up to the goodness of the South to obtain the metal Burobakkuoto baby the other day, and want desperately to hear the final production, to purchase a substantial force. Simple packaging and cheaper version of a good while, fairly expensive. Pay the price once because it was impossible, get to keep the shop going to force his wife to put a deposit equivalent to half, finally got the balance be paid half a month later. Meanwhile so long. So, like-minded person in the net, certain "tan daughter" from friends, Metal Marushin Automag Clint 1 [fire] in charge, "Sacrifice" by middle-aged fool仰Setsukatta the role of fire "pray luck" report.

I look but do not care too much, in its own way a little feedback.
Geringuruga and compare its south and ACG brand baby, the level of surface treatment will be degraded.
First, take the eye, barrel-side processing is okay, otherwise, where traces of sprue and fine wrinkles, roughness is seen. Around the back of the slip over the fingers and grip the bolt, I would have thought that somehow a little more. Also, is standard with wooden grips, this is very much. I'm also not familiar with wooden grips, at first glance, "This is something you like ... or," I think what level. The checker will collapse, and seems to be wavy, around the screw holes on the lens. As long as this level, enough lip black plug that came with originally released in 1980. Price lowered correspondingly. And a shame that they've been negative for a screw driver in each part. Originally launched as the first model here too, I want to screw Hex unified. Is absolutely determined to look good that way. Also, it is a joke, there is a slight gap between the barrel and frame, and the other side you will see that the magazine pull out (laughs).
By the way, each part is a lot of clearance fine, and just slightly off and I should be parallel Sumi Nao, quirky atmosphere (So what does that) exudes. The minute but good work.
Overall, there is little enough to look at the current standards can not be denied. But, huge, heavy, metal, let alone fire Burobakkumoderu. Another, that total forgiveness Chaimasu (laughs).

Internal structure, etc.
Perhaps because an older design, the internal structure has been omitted sounds like pretty. Fire ignition system from the side of course is a metal model. Not even for Shotorikoiru, and of course to the bolt, is a story quite different from the shape of the trigger bar and safety (Tadashi Tadashi understand it that much.) But I, MGC arrangements made by the model is not bold enough. Much simplified in line with the structure of the real gun, is obviously a natural model of the structure as a model farther. Therefore, the decomposition steps are almost as real gun, if lowering the front Teikudaunreba frame, barrel and frame are easily separated, by removing the guide Rikoirusupuringu, bolts from the frame and exits quickly. Maintenance is very easy thanks. Also very good in terms of readily disassembled and reassembled to enjoy.
MGC-made model, the cry for a body that is ridiculously long fixing screws that bolt is moved to tears about. Interestingly, MGC is equipped to prevent accidental discharge when the loaded cart Seifutipureto as well as models made. Marushin and MGC, or an imitation of what was either cooperating or, well, if I operate smoothly but it does not matter.

The only size cart PFC. This is also a huge random. The introduction of magazine photos of past articles is a type of fire ignition pin embedded in the old side of the rim was PFC cart cart models available in this latest Centerfire essentially according to PFC cart ordered structure.
Firing Pin (primer) has become another part of the gas sealing O-ring has been set. I appreciate this point. Performance alone would be better to cart worth, and no cumbersome set of Intensushito. However, unlike the usual inner PFC cart plug hole is not open for venting. Instead, place two holes provided for the venting of the case. Because of the groove so it can dig the tip of a flathead screwdriver Ditoneta opened holes for venting the normal PFC operation that give problems to the inner plug, because removing the sound side and the gas fire forced I think those holes.
However, I have only been released for this model from Maruberifirudo cart, mulberry better as far as the type of CP was found to be (if you have, tell me.) However, this model well (sorry!) Is impressed with what would have developed a special cart. I wonder if there is demand?
Another digression on the cart. The MGC shall try to measure the size of the cart tried this model and the Automag cart. Then how, with a diameter of at all, just one millimeter long Marushin more in length. Curt properly enter either of the other magazine. The models are both good in the cart or feeding. However, MGC can set a model of a cart Marushin, like length of short Ditoneta 4,5 mm, as is the ignition is impossible. Shiteyare raise it repeatedly firing two primers as possible but do not know work well. In contrast, the MGC cart Marushin models are now set to the length of Dito is too long, first went off (full auto →!) Will end up. Firing pin and cut the primer, ignition plugs CP inner primer if you use a regular cart and I think I can not (say irresponsible). By the way, speaking of the theory suggests that even for models made of mulberry Marushin cart, MGC will be diverted to the possibility that there are models made. Since I do not know what that is organized within the inner class, MGC-made model of the possibility of fire is unknown, at least the inner class by removing the feeding should be fine. MGC towards owning a model display made by the school may be recommended. To, from mulberry MGC if it is sold for real-cart made Automag (my ignorance), but I do not need things like this.

Small adjustments;
Get to the cart loaded magazine soon, I tried to check the condition of feeding, condition of the magazine is not good. Strained movement of the floor, and devoid of smoothness. Sure enough, the cart is up 3-4 in the second from Kozu, to be loaded into the chamber, hold open is not working the last bullet. I thought we attempt to disassemble the magazine, including外Semasen quite firmly stuck to the case-based magazine. I mean, now seems to trouble releasing (crying). Reluctantly, fixed down to the floor filled, such as brass brush shined reach the interior. Thanks and good feeding for now, certainly now hold open. Smooth movement of the body as a whole is, the contact plate is tight like a hammer and firing again. Contact area, but shined quite gave up on that there are limits. But do I弱Mere hammer spring, firing in order to fire a heavy cart to the side as this was the springs must be strong, it can be. Eventually a compromise. The other, polished the whole bolt, polished around the sides of the ejector as it was in contact with the ejector bolt.
The ignition is on, there is one thing worrying. This model, and read the post about the past, all the "burst" I said. Yes but that is Seifutipureto for preventing accidental discharge. Apparently, from the heavy cart, cart to move forward on their own momentum to the loading chamber, and go off that. The extractor, because most are too long to slip around the rim of the cart, short of space there, but it's better to go forward once the cart is lost room, such processing, easier to say, do they mean is difficult.
Well, I can not do anything even if we put a cap on an empty cart, and drastically improve the operation bolts, insert the rod from the top of the cart emissions cap and locate the air in your cart. If the plug is almost押Shi込Menai inner state, that will go off for a few that will be all right if there is enough of a millimeter. Then, you know, it seems ... very much successful. Time, seems to be. Once, again, check to make sure. Ok this time. Three times, now attached to check the grease inside the cart, which is also OK. - Oh, I was impressed myself. (Of course I should do, a model of mania sad senior, suddenly can not believe it is working properly Why?) Check Shimashitara extractor to remove the bolt, it seemed like there was room to move his mouth to the rim cart past, would have been improved at any point in time. Anyway, the greater the expectation of fire. Initially, as if the frequent outbursts, CP primer Cart (diameter about the same length is short) I thought I'll use as an inner plug, it seems not necessary. However, it encountered a problem and did not expect another. I have an extractor, I had to check out in the feeding operation. Extractor, but it has become so small pin is fixed to the bolt and pin, and does not seem to match the size of pinholes arranged bolt pin will be sweet and just outside. So, I fixed by screwing long screws instead of pins force. The concern is that the thin wall thickness around the bolt holes of the pin. Put a little oversized pins, I seem to get damaged. Where I have so strangely delicate and detailed models, but so big.


Suddenly a full load (but only from 6) in the test firing. Fri gunpowder caps. I was afraid went off again, pushing the cap is set at one end to the cup. Bolt action but where conflict has drastically go through (laughs). Firing the first shot beautifully. As is safe and also somewhat ejected cart. Next bombs OK. However, 3,4,5 from the first initial misfire, causing the hammer to fire the second time each. The final bullet to fire well and hold opened. Misfire on the way, seems to have pushed the tip of the powder can cause the cap. Strengthening of the hammer spring I thought it was too late from leave, so touching to see how a little more. Nothing wrong with feeding was relieved not seem so. It seems sufficient strength back. Greater than expected firing sound, good feeling. Therefore, the set of gunpowder cap is kept in the range of push rod comes loaded, followed by firing. As a result the video. It is generally smoothly than I expected.

This video has quickened up 6 × 3 image. Or damage to 27 seconds. Second and fifth from the burst of four from the second video (the first time since purchase!), But to absolutely no trouble otherwise. It is also fairly quickly eject the cart. Almost 100 percent certainty hold open. Now you can work on metal models of handguns, I think almost perfect score.

Although other fire several times, ejecting defects occur in about the amount of retreat on rare occasions due to the lack of trouble otherwise unlikely to occur. Model-specific reaction of heavy metals in the model is made of plastic taste. Using a metal cart Burobakkuoto a closed system, but the first two models at the south baby, on the operating level would be far here. You really should keep this safe to fire the maintenance of the cart. HW, and ABS as well as models made, this model is the model I played with fire. All you need to decorate is a waste. However, because the barrel is closed, the interior is of course easy to clean. But looking forward is one of the post-fire maintenance, it will not be bothered. But gas is attached to the ignition of the surface plating, cloudy, so soon after the fire must be carefully wipe the surface. The more you wipe off the surface of gold faded and my model is an intermediate state, such as gold and silver. I like it but this drawback is somewhat different parts of the partial shade.

After all, this time without any big deal, I succeeded in firing. Just "luck of the draw, pray." I mean, just good design model and the cart, thanks to the maker. 仰Setsukatta "human sacrifice" is also a major role, he was relieved that no real problems in the safe (laughs). The is owned by the type of model early For those who are suffering from disorders fire, the cause but there will be various carts, if you can afford if (there is a hand cart mulberry), the current tractor and Export has been replaced with what types do. Can not guarantee, may alter the model maybe it just smoothly. The instruction manual that came with the model I bought is "1999" View From there, it might have been made at this time and perhaps improved, which he owns an earlier model If, once you consider is do you think?

- Miscellaneous thoughts;
Currently, using a metal cart Burobakkuoto closed system is somehow available in new, ACG (Marushin) Southern Baby Marushinotomagu our Marushinmozeru M712, will be about four or fourteen years of the Southern Hudson formula. It also ensures you can buy in this expression about me fourteen years. The rest is due to the presence of such distributor's inventory. The law, but it is limited, so致Shi方Nai model can be produced, even if I think a little different. Besides, manufacturing is not one of them is the other kind. Here, you work hard for one to Mal Singh, the current metal Ruger P08 that I only pray for you to launch an improved
My next target is a metal M712. Blaze is now 10 fully automatic models with metal, where the kit on the shelf somewhere, but I do not know anyone?


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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戦闘メカ  ザブングル  5連ライフル

Refer also to smootik's Review for more detailed photos and information:

 大変妙なモデルの登場。正直、モデルガンというにはいささか抵抗があるかもしれない。なにせ、ベースとなったモデルは普通の人間では物理的に持てないはず・・・^^;。「戦闘メカ ザブングル」という昔あったアニメに登場するメカが装備するビームライフルがベースモデルらしい。縮尺自体何分の一か不明。







Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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MARUSHIN Five-mecha combat rifle Xabungle

Refer also to smootik's Review for more detailed photos and information:

[b]The model appeared very strange.
To be honest, rather a model for resistance may have bit. Any rate, the model was based on the average person is supposed to physically持Tenai "Mecha combat Xabungle" beam rifle equipped Moderurashii mechanism is based on the past that had appeared in the anime. Unknown fraction of the scale itself. Frankly children's toys, and this model appeared, or rather what, it is a blow to the back. The explosives can cap it

Following the old "SIGHT" because this model has been introduced in the journal, invited talk will introduce and learn from it that the Eta. The official product name "Rifle Kit Xabungle five-fighting mechanism," the potatoes and then barter. Looking at the table parts "1982.10" products and know that 20 years ago and has been printed. 2300 yen price at that time. Had been sold in kit form rather than finished products, and building a model of bond unlike Marui required. Some are screwed into place to some extent, easy assembly. Olive color is not meant to be honest is not cool. operating system is, can be loaded from the magazine 5. Cart comes standard but only two from the structure of the cart PFC. The manufacturer, how anxious Mal Singh I was making this mon.

We got the neighbor "GUN_PB" what was owned by friends. PB's入Retarashiku also used in hand carts, there was only one shot. I hope the cart without any form of fire Can. You like to try to somehow blaze cart? "持Chikake and was" OK "to say what has taken over. It's a cart is a problem, this model is actually only a cart. It is also likely that the size of the other cart inside the PFC is quite different. Male and female roles are reversed and the case rim, and the thickness of the rim to have a good, different from the shape of the plug. Perhaps, but I think to weaken the power of ideas, and make way for private cart this model is surprising. To be honest, but do not even feel like Saka Isa・・・useless.
Well, this fire-side cart PPK diverted cart. Found to be just right and cut the tip about 1 mm. However, just because the three inner plug is not long enough for Dito (!) Is used repeatedly. This point "SIGHT" The magazine had to be described in two of two had just explode. Was worried about the blowback is very short strokes so well, indeed PFC, operated tightly.
The structure of the magazine a little different. Without a lip, is a cart in which to hold the pipe and turned on the first half of the magazine instead. And when a fire is completely Curt抜Ke出Zu magazine, fired in the back left portion of the half pipe. Maybe even with good speaking Chanbaresu. But the problem is in the cart did not work, hold the pipes, often occurs following a shock or fire a bullet out. Thanks to the failure of fire 5. Four rapid-fire ended the best. Also, how is that while the scope is equipped with a lens that contains the time! However, a narrower field of view so no use at all. There is no insert in the barrel, and because it is open bolt, firing off a loud shrill sound considerably. However, the movie was cut too large or not hear high frequencies. This model, would not it be nice custom materials. If I buy new, at least, I wish Japan would buy up the competition participants BLK equivalent



Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Marushin MP40


SMG was up a model of the German army during World War II, a very famous with the same name.

SMG as a model of type, MGC M11 Ingram's masterpiece is a model of reputation and solely to form a matchless people.

Plastic is also made of heavy metal is used everywhere but申Shimashi. Gurippufuremu especially because it is a metal, you can feel a sense of rigidity is good, very solid.

Since its initial launch, we repeat the basic structure is discontinued and resell it seems has not changed anything.

The first would be that great design is all. I own you now (May 2002) were sold as kits for resale. Orimashita is anxious to get before, I was able to become your desire Why do not the last time.

I was so thrilled not different expectations models.

Looking for those who live Furuotomoderugan unctuous, or who have never experienced a fully automatic, or even the person who displays group, Packie, who had happened to wander into this page ... Something that I know, anyway, I now run the shop, please order the net! Absolutely no regrets! 're Not sold soon yo!


Although the number of components in its own way, often is seen as the real number of individual parts is greater than the handgun that is not so much. I think that moving parts are made from plastic deburring easier in general.

try to assemble thoughts take place, I do not think Sore程hands.

Because not all easy Hame込Meta Pachinpachin and it is assigned, say, showing me the horror stories I will explain some.

○ barrel inset
It was when I had to temporarily assemble. Akira Osamu any way, not working, I tried to see the state as it is plugged into the main frame comfortably into the barrel, because you make a little power, in peace Orimashi or. Itashimashitara So, pull out, come out again (sob). come out anyway.
It is weakened. Were fighting about an hour, finally panicked but was able to extract. Again, even the temporarily assembled again, and should be recognized as soon as taken from Bali, a minimum It is.
I noticed that, after completion, and then fixed barrel seems a little sweeter. Only a few moves and shakes from side to side with the barrel. You may not want to worry too much・・・.

keyed inserts
In just gave me so well, containing the entire insert, especially削Rimashita projection of the rear end.
Place while you insert the odd position (behind considerably, from entering the hand) will go up. Then, it will not be able to set in place, the chamber itself to be conservative.

○ Installation Stock
It was much the most troublesome. For me well into trouble with the pin retainer. To repeat several of us, but finally settled here, most time was taken .
Also, I do not know, I only have a fixed stock Dearimasen too sure. Stock moves slightly in the locked position.
The most unfortunate is that this model.

Magazine ○
Because of the size of the floor or inside the magazine, is bad for the movement of the floor, including the floor area of the hand into the sand, Riya Yasu, and use different kinds of brass brush to smooth. It is also sharp, abrasive edge I rounded and better.
But this magazine, I feel like I will soon rust. I am a little worried.

○ chamber
Check the feeding was assembled from the cart stops moving, that plunged to the bottom of the chamber door, only the last bullet carved with a power drill, this part of the expansion chamber,. If after Grease Oke, nearly perfect would operate.

○ Other
Where work is needed to put a pin in advance, try putting a pin would wish to be sure and check for burrs.

Appearance, but the metal finish is excellent. Without a touch of Bali, is about caring for a roll pretty well, so black.

Part plastic, but has come out Bali firm. Some sink marks. On how to use your mind to look over but, taking the burrs with a model of pains, the sink mark anxious fill Purapate, be painted on it We in.

Even though the first place, SMG, a model used solely to fight pretty much the opposite, so funny, after giving a cliff about the whole paper, matte surface smooth enough to not be seen after the putty The extent of black spray.

Leave the rest to come out dirty and wear out naturally.

This part of the adjustment, little work has been performed.

It is more accurate and did not need to do or say. Places that can hinder the work did not look at any part. Burr hole is about taking more than drive a pin.

This works fine but if, as a model kit is in almost perfect I think.

Looking a little surprised, but big surprise coming along.

M76, I was beginning to think clearly, about the size of MP40 is long over and let the people around you, the weight is too heavy to be from the M76 metal parts.

UZI shared cart and cart. UZI also wrote about the size of the cart page, the company's S & WM39 (439) is identical to the case of M39, for comparison (short) and the rim of the (long) length each point of difference, as to enhance the effect of the gas leak is a long, threaded coupling is slightly larger in size hole for venting the inner plug is pierced by Kubo Mito.

The weight of the bolt UZI, as compared to the damage of the Cart, so much light that I think unlikely, I think M39 can be used in the cart.

Until now, there was a fire some time after completion.

Is regrettable that instead of a separate fire, and listen to your story on the net, and from previous post about the good so that considerable jump in the cart, the selection was difficult because of the fire place.

Ingram M16 and I can respond to the cardboard boxes and place next to eject if the type of horizontally, as in this model system that is for so little embarrassed ejecting obliquely upward.

It was only recently noticed that, actually hurt the wood floor while rotating the cart down hard (slow!). Hallway floor where fire was the second floor is always full of scratches. Even the walls and Some scratches can be seen from a forced, inevitably with caution.

Even with a fire in the room, the troublesome scattered around the cart, so the state can not be reached an ignition does not take into account any countermeasures.

In response to this emergency, but may require drastic measures.


The first video is first used to ignite the original cart. Powder gold cap. Intensushito is not used. The first 15 rounds, followed by 12 from, I think it was the last 10 rounds.

Outgassing from the muzzle is as expected, but the cart is like a fly more than offset it.

Please note especially the second picture. Can you jump to cart in a row?

Out into a column that is so clean, has good relations with the extractor ejector, and that is evidence of blowback force is stable.

The second video later, M39 is intended to use Intensushito cart. Cap silver powder. Prepared to compensate for the light table lamp has a light.

Is divided into five parts, the first part is certainly blazing 14, followed by nine blazing, keep one moment, blazing six, then nine blazing, blazing in the end I think I was 10.

47 rapid-fire, never misfire, failure is not ejecting. Perhaps using Intensushito, outgassing is amazing this better. Sometimes I could see the sparks!

This model is ridiculous. Frankly, those that are fired, what is good enough to be considered fire place ....

Issue 3 is now unclear who fired this (crying). Fluorescent ceiling glass windows, all fragile, must be away from the area. Please fire on it. Total of 80 or more from now (at least from those not included putting 100) but a fire was attacked repeatedly bounced off the cart hit the wall (laughs).

I am looking for a model Orimashita readily available before firing full auto.

The interface is broken bolt M76 (once, repaired), and also because I heard that it is fragile base of the barrel ×.

Have the guts to fire the UZI, concerned about the life of the cart.

M16 and XM is cumbersome because of the large post-fire maintenance pattern.

Dolphin is Hashi Hazime handgun, but then it only remains Ingram. I certainly feel that fire, spinning yarns were a little too fast.

In that, MP is pretty I was hoping for. But do not feel that fire is too much Ikimasen top form (laughs).

I envy those who really feel the fire in the environment for this model. I now enjoy having a cardboard box on fire (laughs).

But this is definitely buying! There is an example that if you add something to the quality, the model corresponding to it! Now, I'll never have to buy a loss! Oh, so you can come to buy a spare cart later. I'll Cha gone in seconds.

Supplemental appropriation - whether the cart on M39 -

As the second video 2, OK it.

As it is slightly inferior in power, eject the cart too modest, there is sometimes also not eject, will set the best condition and Intensushito. The fire was feeling much better than the original condition. No problem with outgassing, the external dimensions are identical, feeding, ejecting both problems at all.

However, the repeated (up to eight times) and let the situation using the cart, there are two things had to split from about one-third of the circumference part of the valley along the threads of the case. However, this causes MP40 and there will be about how I used it, and is somewhat questionable.

M39 is to cart my embezzle reasonable to set the Intensushito, M39 in the course, UZI it may be used, but they are accumulated fatigue, by chance, and might have become obvious that this I think. The life was not, basically.

UZI bolts are those of the MP40 has a much lighter burden to cart Rikoirusupuringu so weak is supposed to be small.

In my opinion, but the last, I personally do not think that I do not have to worry. Anyway, life is what I'll be there cart. I UZI to the original cart for, MP40 M39 I will not use the cart.

Power to set the cart received Intensushito M39 felt like a better cart. Used in the original cap and all, but did not hole, M39 is better on almost every hole clean, I feel even stronger reaction.

However, Curt Iki embezzle the original tune that I have come up a little dirt on the threads溜Mare. Intensushito course you can also set the original cart, we did not Deshimasen was necessary.

Well, this story, as happened to me some time have owned M39 cart (25,6 was from) and those who speak only useful to those that align the cart now, nothing M39 need not bother to choose a cart, it is good only if you purchased the cart. You will not like the no hassle that way.

However, this model because it is made of plastic, the open straight barrels during muzzle from the chamber, and use the gunpowder cap silver, you may jump out of muzzle sparks specific cap silver (video second reference). I'm pretty happy there is impressive!

Called many times.

If you buy it. The regret!

Additional 2003/5/4
The long Marushin MP40. I fear you are on fire since the last report.

The M39 was also used to set this Intensushito cart. In my feeling, as is the case with the original cart with M39 in the cart was set Intensushito, M39 I think there is more power. Of course, if you set the original cart Intensushito, M39 (+ Intensushito) will get more power must be equal or cart. Silver cap. Cut three movies. 20 from the first, from 15,6 in the middle, from the last 22. May have been slightly cut the number of bullets in relation to editing, felt that was all thanks to the continuous firing.
Collection time of about four seconds. Meanwhile, cart, leave the fly (laughs). You know it is falling apart and eject the cart. Understand the beauty of this model you see the movie. Perhaps this performance will also be built, bought and I think that everyone is guaranteed. Cart, including failure to maintain greatly anyway, as long as it is commonplace for the maintenance should be able to always operate at peak form. If you taste the emotion of a stress-free Full Auto, aside from what you should buy this model. By the way, MP is a model of American fans love the 40 Mr. Mark ("like a model of various things across the ocean" below), such that the Itadai take a look? Whether, by all means,I'd enjoy ^ ^


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Marushin XM177E2


A model is all metal. Recently (March 14) and is not intended for resale in the kit. In those early heavy zinc alloy bolts, fire performance is not so good reputation. それが、い It became something of a lightweight aluminum or bolt from around the time, reputation and performance are improved. He was like that that I like Osha emperor. What is currently for sale in all aluminum bolts, and so is what I bought. But we felt strongly try to go to the assembly, the cause of the slump is not only because it's not the bolt. Also on the Internet, "work" we saw some of the idea.

I will be more or less said, clearly going to do the polishing work of the entire internal parts. Bring Me to Shibuya where originally made the models have been recently painted the interior of the so irresistible!

We welcome your models in the first kit, the model might be a little awkward. However, the work is not perfect by any means. Is something.


Tatte assembly, anyway, take the burr, remove the paint inside is Again elements in groups, first, does not work! Mind is enough to proceed with the work of this. To hurry and not panic. Thinking to finish in a day, 3 days, hope you enjoy the work over four days.

Basically a lot of parts count, it has been subdivided into different parts, the instruction manua random (quite good) must be in good order after perusing the start.

In the supplemental instructions that came with the kit, the combination of 7 mm and 5 mm cap explosives or proposal has been described as a coordinated cut in the spring, it is a last resort! And recognition please. It works fine without that!

(1) Magazine Catch

The first hurdle is the magazine catch screw. Screws are pretty tight, and it is pounding away at the break is small. Now fold the parts actually heard of people giving up work will come.

After that, prepared to deal, much like the same size pins and springs, so I knew I would be a mistake, you need careful checking.

(2) Bolt The default is fully polished (laughs) aims. Paper until a shiny touch it anywhere, steel wool,
Especially for some of these round steel wool is effective, it is absolutely necessary to mask fine metal dust that flies. Is because of his health. In addition, we may be dressed in dirty Please. Otherwise, you will be scolded by your family later.

(3) Internal Receiver

There are also inside the receiver to Bali, so we took the paint thoroughly, and rich, remove them as much as possible, until you get the feeling polished smooth with fingertips touching.

In this case was in effect was a cylindrical brass brush. I think that selling home improvement or paint department. I bought it at about 600 yen. In size it seems good things come a little thick compared to the second-largest internal diameter of the receiver.

Also, if I set the ejector (also set tight, it is necessary to polish the sides of the body enters the ejection), and put in contact with each other and apparently the bolt, it was considerably hindered motion or something like sand over the top of the ejector discourage contact with the adjustment.

If the bolt without any resistance level is adjusted within the receiver should work.

The stock interior (which is housed at Rikoirusupuringu) polished brass cylindrical brush is also persistent.

(4) Otomachikkushia

It is a little tricky part. I did not like this is the best.

Otomachikkushia not see my eyes just as surely distorted, put a pin for fastening directly to attempt to set E-ring (hate!)付Ketara, and still did not work at all.

We modified slightly the degree of narrowing spreads the scissors to shear vise (subtle), and finally became smoother movement and coordination Shimashitara polished sides.

What I also did Teiu Toi, is strongly discouraged the use of a vise (failed many times), I think is more tuned in safe direction side polishing paper. I think that may be employed to put on a plane using Riyou Kaname and batten.

However, many times E and stupid but we can remove the ring for those of similar size can be purchased at home centers.

(5) Magazine

Lip of the magazine remains a sharp cut in, cut the fingers became so, and so the bevel is also the resistance as well bite the side of the cart.

After firing the last bullet, should continue to operate the bolt stop is pushed in Magajinfaroa, possibly due to poor form Magajinfaroa so well 押Shi上Genai bolt stop, bolt stop contact with the rubber surface of Faroa pasted boards. Now, surely bolt after firing the last bullet stops.

(6) cartridges

It is about the cart, as seen in the attached Supplement to the kit, Face To Face 7 mm cap (cap while shooting one) seems to act as a seal while the gas is set to shoot.

I shot this while 気Ga付Kazu the role of the first cap, and this was another way to set up Intensushito (shame).

At this time, while shooting a hole in the middle well, reducing the possibility of a misfire or incomplete closure can be used to bolt things clean.

However, When used several times, hitting the mark will be beating up on the ejector plate and the rim of the fire ring.

And continue to accept the failure occurs and caught a bullet with your weapon and the next spring tension is high such as during full load. The interior is dirty and in the cart, you must be aware that incomplete closure is likely to cause the bolt.

(7) Other

The hammer and bolt contact surface is covered by a mirror shine. Shine Komimashita also fairly closely in the chamber.

In addition, did not mention, basically shined all internal parts. Out the side in the manner of planes, corners are steel wool, gloves and a black, long Ganbarimashita numbness in fingers.

I only work three days this (three hours per day) was spent on, for the first firing. Still, at first misfire occurred, come in from around the tone is about 10 rounds fired, then semi-full and is working almost perfectly. Even the kind you get nothing without the spring in good shape from a semi-powder cap Furuburobakku is achieved.


I made another MGC's ABS specifications CP owns the M16.

And we compare the two, firing sound when firing certainly rather flat expression, "Bang!" The sound of exploding gunpowder is so large that the MGC's. Marushin ones are fine, or that the operation sound "Gashatsu!" Sound and feel noticeably. Marushin ones are made from metal, energy increases that can be taken really works, I think it's less energy in the sound around the opposite. I think I have reasonably good sound ・ ・ ・.

However, the reaction is also the metal that feels like something big Marushin. Both themselves rarely misfire. And surely if the blowback firing either. Sufficient amount of the bolt back. Marushin advantage of what is coming from feeling heavy and rigid metal, buy it and nothing new here (in a limited number of small producers but also to say) that it would be the only fire models of the M16 series .

It may take time to adjust, but, do not need special techniques. Assembly is one of the great pleasure of this hobby has adjusted well. Finished work, inspiring work perfectly when you are Hitoshio. The model I think you deserve that much effort.

Ailing those who work in those who are owned by the previous model zinc bolt, is made of aluminum to bolt to retrofit once Why not?

(Fire scene)

I took the first fire scene. The percentage would have shot it well. Probe LX's to ask, is the same one that I will introduce in his pages. Probe LX's, Thank you for that occasion.

All bullets fired by the continuous full load for 15 rounds. Only one course from gunpowder caps. From about the first 4 shots, I think that you know the gas fire that erupted from the muzzle. Cart is considerable momentum in the exhaust shell, we really like the unique sound mechanical actuation. Cart before firing inside the CRC (the model is used for metals) blew Perhaps, like a lot is a considerable amount of gas. Also, after firing, is turning a little longer so interesting trail of gas from the muzzle movement.

The jet of gas is only this, is because 0.5 Gasubaipasukaba to own a gas seal attached to a rubber sheet, mm. Moamoa and will drift around the hand guard from gas do not do this. However, it also serves as the chamber of the screw cover fixing screws pass, can not be fixed, so care must be taken to reach the end of the chamber and use the screws too thick sheet. I wanted a full load from 20 challenge really bashed in the rim of the cart from your weapon and is caught at full load and, where appropriate, so I put a troublesome compromise. The next time I got a brand new cart loaded separately from the full 20, try to challenge all bullets fired (Please be patient.) The magazine wants to be in good condition 30 coupled to it. But no plan was confirmed in office for resale Marushin (April 2002), he says.
Hey, mon do, do not leave the instruction manual option on the list!

XM177E2 new video, "recorded image 2002.8.6"

It is also activated by one metal caps. Operation in the first semi-full in the middle pinky promise. Selector for the full Even though, it is only a trigger operated as semi Deattari only fire one shot, and quite suitable from 3 and get a burst. Come with me on the proper motion well. However, compared to the stability of the semi-full to fall a little impression. I think what it might have had that a few bursts. Want to say out loud to the still, is that no amount of back due to lack of a jam. Definitely one blow back gunpowder caps. Fire away to scatter the precious gas cooler under the influence of wind, much interest is impressive not too bad. They tried to fire after a while, I thought it a good model. 腰Dame in full at the shoulder with semi-is likely to become addicted to both.

2004.8 "double cap firing forbidden (?)"

Marushin a long time XM. We tried out the double-firing cap.
Operate without problems in the earlier reports as a single, gay love than before (?) Was soon tried for.
As a result of the movie. Of course firing sound bigger, there is a momentum to eject, Hiroshi Mori also outgassing.
However, much fun can check the ignition flame from muzzle sometimes the power is somewhat excessive, so be careful. No wonder it is the model just because the metal is a taboo.

I noticed this point.
◎ cart is absolutely new is better.
Effect of the ejector plate and a rim around the fire ring but hit the rim quickly fall apart, it is not expected to become strong work. I think his mouth in order not to deform the rim firmly Ekisuto, eject multiple defects. Also, so many misfires.
Kitara tone gradually fell, suggesting a better first cart. New venture seeks to replace the cart.
Even though this model cart is pretty good price to 200 yen a piece. Case of mind, much less to buy and easy to get downright regrettable and can not intact.
The unit price is relatively reasonable, and a metal folding firing just enjoy the presence of almost only want a price and supply carts consideration of consumables. Mal Singh to drop the price of the cart or your means, you hope that with the release of the rim or just by itself.

Widen the bypass venting ◎.
The barrel has been opened holes for the gas bypass in two places. The wider path between the gas and dig deeper holes around, the more likely the gas is missing.
I hit the steel insert further modifications prevent you dig even impossible of course, but 3 mm, the effect is still high. Let the good work.

For additional movie.
20 was the target of fire, dud or ejection failure occurs in the middle really, what is the best this time of blazing 14,5. Have introduced a cut-cut throw 3 +.
The trigger guard is down the charm ^ ^.
The PC has become possible to put a new sound and throw it, it is quite powerful. In my mind while watching "Heat", and I really like that (meaning unknown).


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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1 本体


2 カート


























Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Marushin UZI

2003・8・23新動画追加 2003.8.23 added a new video


All metal SMG. It is heavy.
Initially, when the sale is by design specifications Opunditoneta gunpowder, paper magazine from your weapon and the number 17 (?), But it was, then, PFC has been improved to cart specifications, modify somewhat the appearance of doing so it seems to have been.
Also, PFC is also the first model was the specification of the iron press, seems Gurippufuremu plug was made for costs or thereafter.
This point is not very popular, so I have heard that the magazine catch on here in fragile if made of plastic frames.
I have owned, PFC specifications cart is made of iron grip presses.
Aka "Crusher Cart" is said to be, a formidable model easily.


There is no adjustment in that. It is, basically forcing considerations.
A body
(1) Bolt
The first mentioned is the cause of weight formidableness volts. Heavy anyway!
This is lighter. For example, aluminum or ABS if made, would not require too many adjustments.
Custom-(Resin) according to the story of people who have used a lightweight bolt, Beretta 92SB seems to use a cart for the perfect form.
Also, it seems there are ways to reduce the weight and drill holes in this way, the thing that anyone can feel the strength of the equipment and there is no problem.
This bolt on helplessly, I remain of the original.

(2) Rikoirusupuringu
It seems well worth Rikoirusupuringu strong. It seems that those who come are used to cut very well.
Also, a little weaker custom Rikoirusupuringu (Yes, a specialist contractor.) Bolt who said that remains the same, I feel like a million are using the original cart.
I wondered, is worth about seven volumes, with the plunge spring cut. This is junk if it fails (scared).
After that, a small but strong, too, would take the spring Gurippuseifuti soon lose focus a little safety. Komanai has become a mechanism to hold the Gurippuseifuti not even cook the bolt, I was so nasty Emashita a weak spring.
This model, much stronger spring in general, kind people who have better chance in the design equivalent of macho? What was not and will勘繰Tsu.

2 Cart
This model seems to be quite flexible against the cart.
Including the original cart, 92SB series for the same PFC for high power, M39 for it Mirirugariarukato 9 CP series, P220 cart.
You may still find it. I buy things with no cart (used) from what it was, we used a high power for the first cart.
The main body is completely original condition, I was moved back to the fire was blowing quite nicely Intensushito to set your own.
Orimashitara repeatedly firing several times, I have torn the case of the cart and the rim portion. The gas. Seems to have more symptoms but also in the other. M39 is the same cart.
For spring, probably pretty strong, heavy bolts and slowly move out from the post-fire, stay inside the cart for a long time: because this gas is ignited such a result could not resist the pressure of the gas fired Cart I might have.
In addition, CP is not settled in the cart safely.
CP is likely when the cart may be inflated. The reason is the same.
The topic was the disastrous 9 CP Miririarusaizu cart, which crushed the tip of the cart is heavy bolt Jamuru Ito Usuki, became nearly incapacitated. After that horrifying, P220 in the cart is not to try.
The original cart, and the length of the cart 92SB rim of the length of the screw that is usually longer than the PFC cart, but that its min is a strong ....
This model is a good fire performance itself, I shall fear that the cart had made no allowance for some time to ignite.

Use the cart 10 from the original (to make ends meet) to the ignition.
Cut seven main spring wound. Is set to cart Intensushito own.
The development is just 10 have been connected to one of five fire scene so quickly. Respectively, we have an idea of self-congratulation and I have enjoyed quite a different angle.
I was prepared for use by incapacitated addition to the original cart in fact, still on the way from two, and will damage the case substring from the junction of the rim. In the image, but reflected on those angle scatter Katorashiki moment is that the rim part in tears Haipawakato was (sob).
In addition, there are two bullets trying to jam it in the final image, please understand that it charm.
So we have a rubber seal between the chamber and Gasubaipasukaba, outgassing from the muzzle is good.
The firing sound is not much, but I feel quite realistic in the unique mix of metal sound.
Reaction is intense! I must understand that also would see, is that heavy shaking UZI and the bulbul. It feels like the whole body shakes as well as arms.
Enjoy your reaction, the opposite is pretty irresistible to pesky bolt that heavy metal!
Now want to add a fire in order to Furumagajin cart. There seems to be some durability if the original cart. Sandwiched around a few times volts sounds like something no adverse effects. Were depressed at will from one CP (especially the tip.)

Lightening bolt, or if adjustment of the spring, this model become a model for potential use perfect form the original cart. But I think I bet jam inherent.
When the force of the blow-back sequence is successful tears. Original state as soon as unexpectedly firing cycle, create bolts Retsu Tsuyoshi too heavy shock. And if the gas in a rubber seal施Se gas bypass passage, the gas is ejected from the barrel is out fairly quickly. If the cart PFC are more pieces coming out from the barrel of a rounded cap gouged. Become addicted.
The currently discontinued, current (April 14) that the plan does not resell, I think I do nothing but try to get our auction.
However, the collapse seems to have little value even than before the cart from the MP40 is now shared with the resale was not anxious to buy I do not think the cart. In May I think if you do not boil.
The explosives used to purchase the paper from being wrong if the purpose of the first fire.
Appearance, some point to identify is what the body被Satsu rear base of the site, or even the first stage of the extractor can be seen from the long side Ejekushonpoto bolt peep.
In addition there are two obvious points.
The PFC is the first I mentioned the same thing durable press iron grip panel specifications.
For your information.

Add Video 2002.8.31

 The firing of long time. This cart was used for the PFC side Fire Beretta 92SB Suzuki made a cart. The size of the older type of fire side Marushin Browning HP in the same cart, UZI can be used successfully is a little bigger than the cart. Compared to HP for the minute it is sturdy and a little bit longer part of the rim of the screws that join the case.

As always, sets the Intensushito rim. Grease paint inside the cart, set the gold cap. The cart is available from the number 15.

The video, first start by extending a bolt stock cock. From about 80 fired from inside the convenience, but one has to edit some scenes connected as usual, and shall have succeeded in blazing a relatively common condition and the last video from the rear angle. After that is less or have to jam a little while. A little disappointing because of the cooler air that was blown away the gas from the muzzle fire. It is summertime notes.

This model is absolutely jam inseparable now than since I was fairly flexibly freshly available. Spring seems to cut the influence of a previous report.

The cart, in the Intensushito 1-mm rim seems to have been deep enough. The last video just another day I was set 1.5 mm thick sheet, I think that you know the difference between the ejection force is compared to that of the cart so far. Isao Sako is still full marks. This Rikoirushokku things are addictive.

But unfortunately happened. This model is a bolt that is composed of two parts, of which I have broken parts of the one that is set extractor Seems to have cut into the damaged area and the other part of the face parts bolt. Indeed, "Ekisutorakutahoruda" or something like it was the name. And that no parts inventory was previously confirmed Marushin headquarters. Troubled. Ask the shop to be processed in a small percentage is a fairly complex shape, a good feeling about going to be a substantial amount of money they machined. At this rate, however, would become ornament. Attached to the shoulder and fire, the taste is also very hard that the recoil is no longer as intense brain shake violently. Hmmm, should I do? Will suffer. Later, the custom probe from the LX friend's shop, there was damage to part of the offer custom fabrication. Thankfully in the story, courtesy (even申Shimashi with a fee of course) what we believe to Take it to spoil.


After a long time Marushin UZI.

During last year's report, but remember that it was described as the verge of some corrupt Ekisutorakutahoruda bolt it to a later date, "Degozai Custom Shop" Custom asked friends.

Those resulting in truly impressive, just bolt body. And at first noticed, and try to disassemble the parts, the handle was carved my name is fine. Hey hate, things to do

This can now be fired at ease, there is Marushin UZI.To say one or two parts is new, just "good girl" does not become

Come to think of why it is difficult or rather a continuous fire again based on past experience glitches, the problem comes down 2 points. s there a sufficient amount of first retreat, at one point or another has been obtained does not affect the smooth ejection.

First point first, for the PF for Suzuki 92SB by setting the seal O-ring cart, and I was almost overcome.

Secondly eject the issue a bit messy. To eject the cart is well, until it retreated to the ejection bolt must have been firmly fixed to the bolt face cart. In this model, but the tip of the nail Ekisuto thin, and the large area of the face a little Bolt, poor retention of the cart. They spilled from a cart in the cart face only once. 92SB slightly larger but similar can be said. We cut a little Ekisuto (the part hidden in the holder, not nails) to increase the movement range, so I tried to Cart Kuwaeru well. Also, there were signs it hit a cart in front of the frame Ejekushonpoto, I've also cut down there. On top of that fire.

The movie series of minor cuts. All early 92SB cart. M12S little late for CP using the cart. Each will be about 15 rounds from 10 rounds, at best, quite a nice touch to the outgassing from the muzzle, firing sounds also quite work out. However, SB faults cart cart rim and knock down the swells. The Handogankurasu but will not occur, this model of heavy metal bolt, which would swell the rim of the gas pressure in the cart it takes quite a stretch. The system similar things happen. PF or the fate of the cart. Performance also falls to cart If so, it is difficult to charge anything to the magazine. You can load 15 rounds, the tip of the bow so swollen rim cart, they refused to charge more. As bananas need the magazine. In addition, M12S or sold for the CP lacking power. It sounds a bit surprising, SB cart has more power. Plain to see the status of the eject. I think that is probably due to the difference between the inner stroke. These bolts heavyweight punch but CP is more short stroke, stroke punch slightly inferior long-PF may be more advantageous. Speaking at a car engine, short stroke and high RPM engine horsepower and absolute long-stroke engine or a difference in torque from low to medium range even lower. The model is hard to get it anyway. As well as treasure, but I would like to have fun and to respect the inflammation.

Then, CP is diverted when, in the original Dito firing point in front too, needs to be shortened. Since this model Dito fixed a little special, to divert Dito other models is difficult. This would be better to substitute processed or ready-made original screws. Dito M12S when I use the cart, the screws are used instead of off the shelf.

Finally, 92SB Itadakimashita Cart Tooru Tooru "Sutabo" with "B4" thank you's. Now you can enjoy for a while. The "Custom Shop Degozai" says, thanks for a great part. It is still grumpy, able somehow survive. I thank you once again. Thank you.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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1 マガジンとスライドストップ


2 その他




【ちょっとした改良点 14.9.19追加】












Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

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Hudson Desert Eagle IMI 44


The large Magunamuoto appear frequently made by Hollywood action movie.
Of my own, HW .44 model material. In addition it seems that ABS is also made for sale. Cart use is modeled after a real fine Rimudokato Magnum real cart as well as the CP structure is of course Fire Center.
The models are up 50 caliber big brother too, I feel better and better style 44 caliber. What do you think you are?
Hudson is made to say, would have rebuked the views of manufacturers who, at least in my purchases are reasonably smoothly with the blowback of the state out of the box. Really, was a pleasant surprise!


A magazine and slide stop

From out of the box in good condition, the body does not adjust much. But it was not a good relationship between the magazine and slide stop and make a slight point.
Specifically, the button that comes with Magajinfaroa (to operate the slide stop) and so are left intact, it's fine resistance when inserted into the body, or when loading the cart, you need a little cut was. But this time will be cut too ineffective bullets fired after the last slide stop.
Also, when contacted by the slide stop after firing bullets Magajinfaroa final frame and may be contacted as part of the slide stop condition by adding and subtracting in charge of power, position halfway stop slide stop Sono Tame rises Kirazu may they licked the corners of the notch on the slide. The cry was that, too. Assess the contact area, we need to cut back a little bit throughout the process.
That are discussed in later sections of the fire, inside the magazine is like polishing done better. From seven or more, it seems a little goes out the load.

2 Other

In addition, the type plunger forms of ejection (that is reproduced beautifully want to clap!), So from it what you 押Shi出Sou Previous cart because it is the time of your weapon and on the chamber, the rim of the mouth can not really extract the tractor cart. So for me to eject the cart can manually operate the slide. Why just me?
However, when the ignition is pushed against the powers of the bolt head to the cart, so the rim Kuwaeru extractor doing so well, but to eject safely. On this point have been left alone.
Also, little seems to be a weak hammer spring. Compared with the Marushin and MGC, it seems that many small unexploded fire, yet the same center. This point is often to clean inside the cart, pull the oil, we can avoid Once you have a smooth movement of the inner plug.
In addition, it is basic things, so we left a bitter movement as a whole, and to lighten the work to do a careful Suri合Wase of parts as possible, Curt I think in about you cleaned frequently.
While an extra, lower barrel is fine with 抉Tsu space to prevent people from remodeling. I look absurd I was filled with a little putty here. Surface and rolling wildly from a dub mon, but more, but it turned shapelessly (crying).
However, after the prime putty to hide, but have been painted Aianburaito, has become so strange that in the post-dub as well. Good stop your armpits.


Personally, my favorite topic in the model, GUN aware of the existence of the magazine's first report, a model is a model always dreamed of.
Hudson will be released prior to the company, because each had been sold from Aoshima Kokkingueagan and Marui, buy it and put in force in the governance of the kit Marui, Orimashita somehow make Burobakkumoderu .
Therefore, we developed this model, just the fact that I will be out in Hudson's favor (laughs)! But this model, especially those made of HW has a huge drawback. The material is fragile. It seems that too many cracks around the rear, especially the slide. In cold weather, too. I also cracked in two places just me (crying).
Moreover, even once broke the tail stretched over the upper part of the grip frame. I crashed as it is for the hammer cocks back swiftly when the slide. So who is the purpose of obtaining ignition, ABS I think the model is good.
Also, I think this material is hardly reacted HW solution Gembloux.
There are many disadvantages.
Operability, MGC and Marushin than the poor little might. However, we spit the following Ito Shigeru cart full stroke while the long slide model is only this big, kick ass when you hold open after firing the last bullet Masu Hashi inspiring!
Come to get a degree, I ask you to model the blowback powerful experience.

14.9.19 - add a bit of improvement;
The firing of a long time very well. The last time I touched a little bit, this model, stand by me extractor rim of the cart well. When you fire, so the bolt face is pressed against the impact of the blowback cart, but the problem is eject, operation manual work.
Another problem may be in the shape of the extractor, I think that it is strongly affected than the ejection. This model is the type of ejector plunger from the cart to move forward constantly force (force that stuck up from the bolt face) has been added. It seems to bother the rim of the tractor Kuwaeru this extract. So, I replace it with a little weak Ejekutasupuringu. It looks like it worked, even operating manual extractor is now firmly gripping the rim of the cart to us. In addition, the ejection will be a little weak in the cart, so relieved to be done reliably. In addition to this work, to prevent unexploded strengthen the tension spring washers to hammer bite causes sharpen the inner surface of the piston stroke and gunpowder.

Update 2003.9.20

Appeared in nearly a year. I tweaked the following points in time.

First, Hammer SP.
Hammer SP model is rather weak. As a result, prone to misfire.
So I stepped up guy.
The easiest way is the same size of SP, but can I replace it with something more powerful, since it is found as a workaround, set to own a spacer from the nut. For small size is not recorded, so sorry about (^ ^. I guess it was about 3 mm to the thickness.
The result is good. Although not perfect, and certainly decreased significantly misfire.
However, there is a problem. Be strong momentum from the hammer blow will get stronger the minute the course slides. Slides of this model, even a site around the base of the right rear, and often cracks, so hopefully you might be aware that their symptoms worse. Especially HW.
Well, a little cracked because it does not affect the operation, your worry is useless. I like models, is full of cracks around the rear site

Second, measures to prevent excessive Cocking the hammer.
"B 4", Mr. Innashashi pierce the metal by passing a pin, had been prevented from sitting up too much of a hammer. So I challenged. If the work is relatively easy to drill.
The problem was, how to find the appropriate size of the pin.

The slide stop.
Contact with the magazine that is shallow, and often does not work in some way stop the slide. Try to ensure this, and to increase the amount of protrusion of the floor projection, and now the floor - and the movement of poor, or your weapon and is going bad. So, screw the brass plate on the Heck止Meshi part of the slide stop contacts, ensuring that the contacts. It has a pretty effect.

F around the pin end.
Striker pin directly under the rear of the hammer hitting first (zinc) to get quite deformed. If so, had better be careful because bad move. Although some variations can be modified by filing, always better idea to keep spare parts purchased once.
This is just my impression too, I think that zinc Hudson a little soft.
F pin front side plastic. I think he should one day and prepared to break. Fire models as well as other centers, non-bleach decomposition has since adhered to the slide, but only by way of replacement slide・・・once broken, how Although not in a loud voice, something to get somewhere in ingenuity. If you want to replace anyway, many challenges are not doing?
Incidentally, the pin is less than the size of the front F of length 6 cm, diameter 5 mm more fat - about 5, about 3 mm more narrow.

Extra magazine.
Floor - bad move, if I had your weapon and does not work, slide stop operation of the projections are provided to prepare the floor SP to weak. As I wrote before, this time too weak to be careful not difficult to operate the slide stop.
In my case, as noted above, it was crafted to stop the slide, slide stop is a little weak to operate reliably.

Now fire.
4 +4,6 +1,8,8, and slow. You can now blaze a fine magazine. Firing sound is still good. Is the child really good (laughs).
Well, now I can go off with a meeting at any time!


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

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ハドソン DE50























Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website
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