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 Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:24 pm

Hudson DE50

Hudson was made in the last year resale Nikake DE50 HW model.
DE44 before but who had owned, so I thought cool more than 50 original 44 did not dare to buy. This time, however, resell a long time. And soon, so decided to buy that I have also been minor improvements.
However, the price is 25,000 yen. Accumulated from the fact that besides paying for everything, talk to her aunt's shop to pay for a split. "Okay," and getting ready consent, obtained over the last few months.

We try to get too big. 44 is a common frame, barrel and slide are more thick and strong.
The surprising thing is the cart. 44 is a great deal, 50 different things. But rather with a big enough thumb in the sense that such a thing. Was impressed with the points that have been reproduced with a smaller diameter than the diameter of the rim of the cart (the feeding disadvantage.)
Kiku Hiroshi such a big cart, but you will be properly eject.

S about people who have previously obtained, the original was that the Hudson is a mark, as indeed it. I marked out for use, the "Usable analogies" but I do not care if it contains the inscription, the anxious people may not be permitted.

Surface treatments such as the parting was by far the better 50.

44 cases, but remember that the death渋Ku and out of the magazine has improved nicely out of 50 in this very smooth. The slide stop can be activated by Shakkiri.

SP is like a hammer that has been enhanced, has been achieved reduce misfire (or can be diverted to 44). This area plus points.

The problem is that magazine lip. Bought at too open, but seemed a bit much, sure enough, in loading the magazine and throw open from six in the hold, got out of his first shot and the next bullet. Of course, you still firing, failing to come out blazing again the next bullet.
So, while watching the state of feeding, I tried to tighten a little amount of work is pretty subtle. Tighten too much, and now becomes the proper position below the rim of the cart. If so, when you slide forward, the bolt face could not capture well the cart, pushing a cart jam occurs halfway away.
As noted above, the rim area is smaller than the diameter of the cart, so contact with the original bolt face quite shallow, it's only cause trouble. Also, great pains to find the sweet spot, it will always be careful of using a little opening.

Also, is anxious to touch the tip of the tip of Ditoneta cart. Holes around the tip of the cart, the scars remain crisp and Dito and crashed. A little hole diameter greater good tip cart.

Another structure that has become part of the cover被Satsu barrel chamber, which made the bump on the edge of the cover and look inside the chamber. The dive angle of the cart, it could Jamuru Soga momentum is there, caught the tip, at least a step on the way I would be better to cut as much as possible.

This model is the story of the poor feeding of the cart, but could say something like that and certainly from these points. Anyway, you are only paying lip constant attention.

Care and feeding is incomplete closure of the slide separately. Cart into the chamber, there is considerable resistance from entering the rim of the cart at the moment and the bolt face will slide back (which is between about 1 millimeter to complete closure at this time), focusing more pressing "s tips "After the shock and light, fit into the cart face at last.

At first, I thought that seemed a little different to the rim of a shock when Kuwaeru Ekisuto cart. Perhaps when the limb falls face Curt乗Kkari rim rim periphery face inclination of the plane due Puranjataipuejekuta face, stuck to the face finally slipped from the outer rim and you will eventually push (this moment, "I hang") or not have been so.

SP plunger is likely to weaken a little better if you, like they're afraid now then eject failure occurs. 44 SP plunger was once a weak, apparently weakened the momentum of ejection. In addition to this heavy cart 50AE, ejecting a high failure potential. Well, even if the fire is completely shut down the slide and therefore, may not be a little nervous.

However, such reactions are not successful just disconnect my model might relate to this.
Disconnect this model, by which up and down inside the notch in the slide projection arranged on either side of the trigger bar is disconnected and you can contact the trigger bar and shear. If the slide is a complete closure of the operating problems, and even disconnect and hold the trigger back and not completely closed, the hammer fall happened.
Sure, the story of course, if incomplete closure of the state near 1 centimeter, and a little awkward and incomplete closure occurs at about this very one millimeter. This condition in and out or出Nakatsu.

I tried to find the cause to decompose around, found that the shaft is a problem with safety at last. The projections assume that the disconnect is also part of the axis of the trigger bar safety, some bad side of the contact angle of the axis point, seem to inhibit the return of the trigger bar. This clean cut, well polished at a contact point for Russia and a precaution, since it is no longer cause symptoms like this.

In addition, it is very tight relationship with the bottom of the frame bleach, put the paper increased the clearance of the mind frame. That is operated manually several times and have become more and more smoothly, and still more than 44 well-thumbed.

I forgot one. Cocking a set of pins for preventing the hammer did it over 44. SP is not the hammer seemed to be about 44 over-Enhanced Cocking, was to make sure that you set.

Now fire again in this state. Marushin silver cap set from 6 to hand carts, loaded. Pull the trigger, "corn" Pa blowback clean and dry while making a sound. Also managed to eject the cartridge that big.
At times, but somehow kept Jamuri blowback, hold open failed. "Still, how the bitter" After that I continued to fire, and hold open does not work. Apparently, the manual works well, seems to fire when they get over the shock and stop the slide magazine floor. This side of the magazine floor (where visible from the upper left part of the magazine just provided a window) and cut a little, adjusted the contact surface making a small pin and slide stop flooring. Now, hold on, at least now open to work reliably.
The firing continued for more then 6 will be quite rapid-fire thing not perfect (then somehow became successful.) Again, feeding the neck. Also, Kurt Hudson, CP, so nervous, cart maintenance is absolutely necessary to every fire, falling tone to slack off and work wonders.
However, cracks in the slide, or as if the 44 does not. Minutes increased thickness may have changed the material is appreciated.
That's why movies are presented (note that nearly two megabytes!) Is no big deal. By the usual technique of editing. However, the "big model" would be much understands that (laughs).

So in the best condition to go out of the box, to keep it going but pretty nervous to use, when the force of the blow-back and well apart from the other models. Rather, the impact is heavy blowback slide never tasted the other models. If you are interested even a little better to consider buying experience.
The silver model was also released at the same time, if you still buy the best HW. Awaited heavyweight models. The biggest attraction of this model is heavy.

Added 17.6.25

When we introduced earlier is absolutely blazing six (6 from the loaded hand possible, but from 7) Open - did not hold a successful challenge again.
The first blaze, I blaze was unaware of loose screws that secure the safety, condition and safety is completely burned down in the final stage of trying to fire a bullet (of course, falling hammer) failed. The first barrage of images, you will understand that safety is gradually coming down.

The second fire was careful enough, it succeeds beautifully.
However, the tone and broke after this. The last minute face contact with the bolt and the rim diameter is shorter than the diameter of the cart itself, and your weapon and the frequent failure to break the delicate balance of the magazine.
A huge percentage edgy models. But I like.



Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:07 pm






























Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:07 pm















 ハンマーのコッキング角度やハンマーSPの強化など。それと、カートの弾頭部をマルベリ380オート用(ただし7ミリ仕様に限 る)に変え、カートの全長を短縮化。その分ディトネーターにはカートストッパーをセット(これが何度も外れて困った)。




Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:50 pm

Hudson Tokarev TT33 frustration Diary

Atrocity, audacity rude, pretending to obey but secretly betraying, Hadotoka incoherent. After struggling just vain struggle. Good kids pretend that lure of the devil. After all waste and waste it were done knowingly. Akira Akira feel faint just delusions. "Maybe" to "maybe not." A moment of inspiration just misunderstood. "I'll do it Itchou" is the first step to hell.
In memory of the public shame. Diary Hadotoka frustration. Deyasu late with a smile.
(The long-term because it is created, please bear with us whether there might be conflicts around the content of the description. After all, so Tokarev opponent.)

"If my brother! Following Bye guys!" Along with the slogan came to Hudson Tokarev Kuni Akira silver. In the other incident at your previous Hadosontonpu, became friends, "says a boy Kyushu" reform, "says Hakata boys." He was in the mood like that Tonpu adjustment stage, "send it for adoption, just you wait" came in contact with many times. Also nickname unawares "on brother" turned away, feeling quite brother (just a minute ^^Wink. However, I wish you better get out the child for adoption, and so on, to try and say to myself a little・・・^ ^.

The former Soviet military real gun pistol. Maybe now people might come to see the thing in Japan (laughs). Days is like being pushed into Makarov, temporary world and his wife, "Tokarev, Tokarev" was (mostly made in China is actually Deattarashii・・・). In particular, the time just released by Hudson (1993 or 1992), have appeared in this Tokarev saying if there is any shooting incident. It also, when a boat smuggling, is that many were plated to prevent rust from the hold of a fishing boat that sank carrying. Therefore, when Hudson was released from the plate model is honest "Egetsuna -" I thought that there was a series planned from the beginning if you listen. Anyway, have left the impression that I wish it was mighty timely product planning.

Extraction problems
The model picked up only once in the past that it's not even fire once. Impression that time is "light, thin! How frail!". This slide is the weight of a decent work, and felt. Decided to come from the hand of the past "GUN magazine," and refer to the information-gathering. Have learned from them, "動Kan" that (ーー;. Below, try to be learned before簡記.

Black was initially released ABS model, followed by silver (dummy cart) was added, and then the silver model (fire type), HW and that version has been deployed as a model.
As far as the site of the Hudson, still black, ABS, Black HW, ABS Silver seems to have been sold in three species. The release date, there seems to be an internal part of the shape differences (see later sections). Rumor has it that the initial model ABS work at all. HW current model, but it seems okay so so・・・level.

Mechanical block ○
In early models, the mechanism has been set, block and Disukonekkuta hammer in the metal frame Purafuremu (Innashashi) just because it was being pushed into the state, has filed with the back of the slide hammer When, in contact with the slide block the lifting mechanism from the metal, and can cause a malfunction of the slide coming off. HW pin is provided at a fixed steel models have been sold, was to prevent the lift, said that was not yet complete.

ABS slides too lightly, and it can not get a sufficient amount of recession. HW made has increased weight, lack気味Rashii anyway.

Burichifeisu bad shape because of it and roll off the cart Burichifeisu. SP extractor to prevent it has been a strong, too much strength, feeding the悪Irashii cart. The position has changed even in the middle of an ejector, which allows to have been improved ejection.

Burichifeisu positional relationship between the cart
When a cart of Fururikoiru Burichifeisu (end magazines) for a very short distance between feeding and solid can not be obtained without Fururikoiru slide.

○ eject
Of two arms extending forward from the block mechanism, eject the cart toward the right protrusion, causing the failure seems to eject. The position of the ejector early ones are provided for the left side or front too, things have been said that the current down a little later.
The long length of the cart, which is also conducive to a full ejection Ejekushonpoto bad. Likely sign of something possibly・・・besides this.

Various adjustment

After reviewing the contents overturned. They broke the tip of the barrel Wow, no. Souiya "might be surprised to see the barrel," but I thought that I had no contact with either・・・it. We immediately ordered a barrel. The fire is actually quite likely to be postponed.

First step

Mechanical block ○
Decomposition first. Nice find here. Model at hand has become fixed in a frame screws and metal mechanical block. This is one time省Keta. However, they work like a seesaw that only around a fixed point still must be securely attached in any way.

slide and frame
The slide moves bitter than I expected. That there would be plated, feeling not very likely to blow back. Confirmed the move to remove the internal parts, "What's going on?" I think the bitter about the move. SP Dounokouno hammer rather than a tension of not unreasonable to feel like the clearance of the basics. ・・・Worried about the future. Then, peel off the front plate of the rail Purafuremu First, only a small cut. However, this part of the hard coating is random. Then push the slide rail of the paper, cutting back and forth. This model, it can not afford to reduce the thickness of the bad parts cause weakening, and at this rate does not achieve even after blow-back forever, no other choice. On top of that, when the compound is applied to the Japan Mini Suri合Wase and part of the frame rails and the slide was a little better somehow.

Bleach ○
bleach in the bottom of the hammer in order to reduce friction between the brass plate attached to the bottom of the bleach・5 mm, one To Ide decided to stick a little cart for holding the tip of the chin. HW removed from the slide made bleach, bleach the bottom flat so as to give, just cut the thickness of brass plate attached. On top of that, where two drill holes around the fixed plate in a small screw ("luck of the adjustment, the firing pray" for details.) However, a chin・ago and went from 5 mm, and Kurt Burichifeisu short (end magazines) would be the distance has become more and shorter. Distance in between the original way in mm 4, MGC if governance is about 15 mm. It has two post-processing has become more・5 mm. Now, what happens. (Eventually, the portion of the jaw is cut)

My model is not moved in almost original condition Ekisuto. Ekisuto this model fixing pins (actually tubers slender thread) is fixed in one place, making it so that the rotation angle, but only around it. Beretta M92 such as the typical scheme. But not work. At first, I thought it greatly SP tension is strong, it was different. SP once removed, try to move almost as Ekisuto set. Come on, not to say other than very bad shape or size Ekisuto. Therefore, aligning with the slide removed, sharpened by filing a Ekisuto modified to work well. On top of that, SP was a little weak, this may strengthen the state's future again. The portion of the nail tip has now been renovated with wide type, hold the cart is a certainty. However, thanks to that hard to assemble.

Magazine ○
Inside the magazine, and plunged into a polished brass round brush, moving performance in the entire floor polishing paper. In addition, SP is too strong tension that was cut about 2 inches.

slide stop
And where it does not match the shape of the oyster slide off the slide stop, correct or fine sand to stop the slide. Metal frame at the same time, engages in poor shape where the slide stop, because it inhibits the movement of the slide stop, correct or sand carved with a side of the frame. Increases the amount of upward movement of the slide stop this was to operate reliably stop the slide.

Sleeve ○?
The wonder is that the sleeve part. It's a part that is equivalent to Rikoirupuragu In terms of governance, the purpose of this is unknown.
If the Governor of the Marushin and MGC, recoil from the fact that SP is closed by the end Rikoirupuragu tension has become trapped inside while the slide. So, instead of tension bushings, you can put up a slide on the inside of sufficient strength, which is responsible for that act to prevent damage to the tip. Hudson Tokarev If, however, the interior is筒抜Ke, recoil does not take all the tension of the SP. what role this part? SP or recoil to be compressed and smooth, and improve their weight and how? Anyway, just because that just fits, or rotated to shift back and forth, I think it is a cause of malfunction in contact with the barrel. As another step to determine the complete set of barrels of goods and decided to wait and see once removed. (Once you get the instruction manual at a later date, "instant glue to fix the slide," which had been described. Really? Well, a little rough or not, Mr. Hudson.)

Once assembled at this stage to confirm the movement of the slide. Much better than the movement from scratch. Here, the panicked insects or fire. If the barrel is damaged, however, is how to work all right. The state took away the sleeve, firing from three available cart. 2 rapid-fire success. Sounds great, but the firing was quite a force to eject Curt blow back clean. However, the 3rd shot is stopped at the stage of feeding. At first I thought he's not activated so the slide stop, stop contact with the chin while the bleach in the ass of the cart. succumbed to feel resistance. I tried it again, 3rd shot was the same again. Hold open the final round of one successful, one failed. Successful only twice in two blazing, but Doukou not say, hey持Teta expectations.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:08 pm

Hudson Tokarev TT33 Part 2

Second stage
The instruction manual "SMG's (HW for)" you send from. Also, "OSCAR's" ABS has also been sent to you for that, very helpful. 感謝。 Thanks. I also have a block decomposition mechanism was avoided because there is no instruction manual, easy and mighty disappointed. Military pistol indeed.

Hammer ○, Russia, etc.
And as much as possible so as to reduce friction, and shear Dito, it is polished hammer, well, placebo level. But I think that was clean.

Feeding sure ○
Kio Migaku magazine inside again, gunpowder詰Mezu full load (from Cool to determine feeding to one more unreliable. It may also have influenced the barrel is damaged, scratched the tip per cart also feed light metal frame. Magazine in the lip, what's wrong・・・cart angles.

I'm going to use the cart for the original, P220 is also hard to abandon the cart. The problem is so calm inside the magazine. P220 is a short length 3 mm (well, it's an advantage), so in the magazine, they are moving the cart. And for the warhead section is slightly thicker, too cumbersome and would interfere with the slide stop.

○ sleeve
What should I do worry about the sleeves too. But it is perfectly fitted to operate, install and slides directly, recoil and hit the front in the SP as guides, worried about damage. And even with less weight僅Kanari. The ABS light to think that the slide is worth a little more weight. On the other hand, attached to a slide that is not like glue. One more thing. Given the distance between the cart and under the condition that Fururikoiru Burichifeisu slide, better install the sleeve. Just caught part of the thickness of the slide (1 mm) only, which reduces the amount of sliding back. This part, how you try to cut thin? Hmmm, should I do?
Just this time, "says Hakata boys" went to the Kara元気Ino Makoto.
"If my brother! And you? Climbed over here on the topic of Hadotoka Hiroshi Mori? Is coming next. While talking about the shortage of dust!"・・・・・・Skull and care, and care of people even know・・・(ーー;.

Third stage
"OSCAR's" Early arrival, you send the instruction manual for the ABS. Immediately "SMG's" you tried to send the HW than for the instruction manual. Then, finding that there is a difference in the following. First, the sleeve. This, ABS is not for. Then ejection. This was the initial model for other parts ABS, HW has become an integral for the mechanical block. Position appears to be a little different. HW is a position for a little later dropped. Combine potatoes screw mechanism is a block and metal frame, ABS for the course is not listed, HW was also noted for. Whether intentionally not listed are unknown.

Feeding sure ○
Again, from 8 to prepare the original cart, check the feeding. Pull the slide vigorously to work perfectly with the release Riyou Kaname operate in a flash. However, slightly weaker eject. SP Ekisuto might be better to revert to the strong.

Stop Trigger
When the actual trigger blowback in the state but burned off, pull the slide feels caught in the state. Bleach seems to be in contact with the bottom disc apparently strong connection. Even after the consolidation of Russia and hammer out, since the trigger back, along with some connection to the disk more than necessary force, to increase friction with the bleach. This will also occur governance. Stop trigger has been set Kasutamugaba well (screw potato) is not Date. The governor also said a copy might well be similar to Tokarev happen. We decided to install a trigger stop to limit the movement of the trigger. Pull the trigger while the hammer cocks, the position of the trigger the hammer falls, thick amount equivalent to the amount of movement of the trigger until the trigger is the most backward position, Sumu you attach something to trigger the back. I instantly bonded with adhesive rubber sheet 2 mm thick. Bond position below the trigger bar is just a portion in contact with the magazine catch. This reduced amount of movement of the trigger, the hammer began to fall off a stage full of exhausted. Also favor rapid fire (Wait, how can Hadotoka that?)

Once a weak SP undo.However, I feel a bit too long as part of the nail biting end to the rim of the cart. Well, this seems to be caused from too much movement of Ekisuto increase in the last calibration due to my mistake. Try going a little shorter the time being.

取Ri付Keyou or sleeve of harassment or let me leave off. Attached to the idea certainly seems to recoil SP will be compressed into a smooth, hard to throw away even weight gain.
Thus, in the direction of mounting, I decided to tweak a little. First, the zero thickness of 1 mm caught in the slide part was thinned to 5 mm・. Along with that, the front of the SP recoil guide, a thin but very few to scratch the surface contacting the thickness of the sleeve slides back the amount earned. Now add more than one millimeter Even though both,・・・might consolation. Inside the compound and polished sleeve, even a little smoother SP plan to be compressed. By the way, if a real gun, the barrel will remove the forward pull of the slide as well as governance, this model has become like a Beretta pull backwards. At that time, but of course we must remove the bushings and even so, imagine that removing the idea of pretty strong.If not, you can glue the sleeve Naonokoto. We have nothing to do with the operation of the sleeve, I've cut at an angle so as to dampen the barrel facing the place. This will be a little easier removal of the barrel. But the way that I put the glue・・・馴染Men.

○メカブロック Mechanical block ○
But once that is fixed with screws potato, I felt like a seesaw is moving slightly around a fixed point, as also noted above. We decided to place another more secure location. After just a little bit down from the original fixed point, a hole that penetrates 1.5 blocks and a metal frame in mm mechanical drill, Screw the fine precision. That went well, still a little work. Hmmm, should I do?

Fourth stage
Burrell arrived at last. Preparation takes fire immediately. The problem is the wear sleeve instant glue. Was loaded with metal caps, available from the eight original cart. Misfire first shot, then fired several shots. The following bullets loaded OK. 2、3OK。 The first few bullets, OK. The first four bullets, you fire us, sliding back down in position. First five shells, dud, after firing several shots. The following bullets loaded OK. Eyes from 6,7,8 OK. Kou Shigeru hold open. The situation is very similar things from the next eight. The operation is so narrow, since it appears that somehow works, and I see how it fired again several times later,・・・was fired. Garn, broken barrel . Had completely broken barrel link. 17 from the first event. To be honest, terribly disappointed. It's much more I thought it quit, so what pains you, just to try it again, hit the mail order shop barrel. This broken barrel was made of ABS. What has not for the first ABS (melt in Akurisande). This material is changed, what a fate for one user・・・.

Mechanical block ○

Was expanded to block retaining pin mechanism, yet little work. Is a fixed time was fixed at a position close to the tip of a metal frame and mechanical block, less than 1 millimeter to float away and the tip force is applied, seem to be in contact with the slide. Other two pins are fixed to the other side I thought I設Keyou this was done in a different way from then degradation would take. Based in the state of the metal frame and the tip is lifted from a state that is a little rear end portion, the tip should be floating挟Me something is not here. Thus, vertical holes in the rear end of a metal frame by screwing a small screw in there, adjust the gap. It `s move on. </BLOCKQUOTE> Stage 5
I had half disgust, we concisely. Hammer tried to eliminate the duds to strengthen the SP. The lack of an appropriate size from the SP, hex nuts, cut corners, to expand its hole, then set your own spacers. This tension is a little stronger.
While that is operated several times, licking away the corners of the slide stop notch engages the slide was held open go wrong. The cart is provided for holding the tip of the chin Bleach noticed that the cart is held securely even without this was eventually removed this part (or What are you doing・・・).
Shotorikoiru somehow pale in the barrel. MGC Shotorikoiru this model as well as the governor, under the tension of the recoil recoil SP SP barrel by pressing the link the guide to rotate as the cam links are now down the barrel. Sono Tame, MGC in the Gabba, there is resistance even引Tsu張Rou barrel forward and hold open while (because of resistance by itself is not.) However, if the Tokarev barrel is pulled forward without any resistance. That means either that the link is not working in tension. This model is exactly・・・What the heck. Because it was too rough in Barerubusshingu Shine at number 400 in the compound over the paper, thereby reducing friction.

Phase 6

Shops under the barrel to the arrival. "I Tsuiteta Note this" and handed me a small piece of paper with her aunt's shop. Memorashii from Hudson. The contents are as follows: in general, "Kuni Yoshi can adapt to the chamber of the barrel cart. In front of the fire to warm." I adapt, or blend入Ran Senakya cart? Warm? You're now in summer (ーーWink・・・. Went home with mixed feelings, holding on to, fire immediately. Useless. You can limit the automatic fire from three somehow. I have spilled from a cart Burichifeisu, eject the cart with me. Well, a problem. What will still need to face the chin. Now, I noticed something weird. If touching the cart, where there is a coupling step of the case and bullet. Why? Remove all of the cart, why would not suit the size and definitely Tokarev cart Why do over, found that even subtle differences in size as Tokarev cart. Chi Yuukotcha what! Mairimashita. Up feeling very, Arekore decomposed to determine if, and how,・・・cracks in the barrel. As before, the link points to cracks in the barrel. Oh, and・・・do? </BLOCKQUOTE> End
Willingness to adjust the extinction of the damage at the second barrel. One o'clock (permanent?) Withdrawal. The barrel is damaged each time the ignition, no adjustment Hettakure. Force takes somewhere, but I think that in focusing on the barrel as a result it is, I do not know the cause. As in beyond my capacity. This gracefully throw up the white flag. The three movies that somehow because the blaze was recorded, keep it up and apologize instead.

Living near Hakata "your partner in crime" for everyone who. I'm sorry to no expectations. Invective, I will endure verbal abuse. If true, He went up there, where due to various reasons it also Kanaimasenu We have to apologize. So excuse me while the author of this "Hakata boys", so we offered treatment but instead so please (^^),'s squid. Thank you for a sec. With that said, "Hakata boys," says, well, Best regards!

After that fact was fiddling 2004.3 Arekore add Cocking the hammer and hammer angle and reinforcement of SP. Also for auto parts 380 warheads cart mulberry (limited to seven but Metric) was changed to shorten the length of the cart. The minutes to set the stopper Ditoneta cart (trouble off it many times.)
The best five blazing fire in this state. The Kita Tame hold open the slide was not hurting. The hammer block the left arm (for the first ejection from a ledge) has broken. Here is where the fun really breaks or. After the first shot this movie, from the misfire follows the hammer to cock it again, then four blazing. This is the final hammer down because of disk malfunction connections. The state is still, to somehow move forward from the perspective in the beginning (do not you do not want to (ーーWink.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:36 am




Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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 その後、改めて発火したが、今度はキャップ火薬の入れ忘れなどあり( _ )、連射には失敗。






Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Hudson M3A1

Overview and
Real gun was developed during World War II the United States SMG. The development was focused on high productivity and low production costs, also suitable for what is good is not flattering. The SDF also adopted (some of it I talk with active equipment) that had been, too familiar to the Japanese model. 各地の自衛隊基地際などで、実際に手に取ったり、実物を間近 Around the bases while the SDF, etc., take our hands and I think that many people who've seen the real thing up close. Well, this model is made of the Hudson. Initially, ABS should have appeared as Opunditonetamoderu made. Manufacturer side "model, such as introduction of a model can readily enjoy the novice Furuotoburobakku" Shitarashii development and positioning (I repeat ^^Wink. However, it was released when the market was established in the cart already closed systems are also available powder cap (or 10 years ago?) Opundito alone, there should a little unsatisfactory. Certainly it's easy to maintain slightly more closed system, users also benefit because the cart can be manufactured at low cost is definitely there. However, most were selling "Blowback certainly feel free to enjoy" in terms of the fact that the poor are still open a closed system. I also noticed their manufacturer points, or whether there was any other reason do not know, while HW was changed to a closed system when it was released well-made cart. ABS has now become a closed system design is also made cart. This time I also obtained a closed system made of ABS cart (Hudson CP) specification. Through the shop, because they are all brand new Toyo had. 14 800 yen price (I bought two discounts. This is half'm not ^^Wink. Frankly cheap! The rumble that this price, even more than the finished handgun. Even more, once the folding, the finished product. Rumors circulated that a very strong model. As if the very affordable dish. More than one month after receiving contact with the stock, get a bang bang I can finally納Matta of background checks. Honestly, way back in the car from the shop is happy ass (and I have a car) was to skip the state (laughs).

And impressions
The body made of ABS. Some metal parts around the bolt and trigger, stock, and only a few magazines. Therefore, the light really . Marushin MP40 is also made of plastic, there is considerable weight because it uses metal and Gurippufuremu, this is mostly plastic. Of course the sense of not much rigidity. Thinking "okay to fire at it?" I would like. Surface, the ABS has a very commonplace black painted steel gray plastic like the Pakaraijingu. However, in my eyes, "gray" that is the only visible ^ ^;・・・.
Was impressed by the relationship between the bolt and the frame. The model is usually an internal frame, while in constant contact with the bolt, usually around repeating the exercise. In this model, however, located so as to be sandwiched between the bolt between the metal rod with two runs parallel to the back and forth inside the frame without having to touch a bolt ride metal rod with two of back and forth motion is repeated so as to. Sono Tame probably would have less friction. In fact, the internal frame has rough, do not see evidence of contact with the bolt. Isn `t in the smooth operation of the main reasons. Later, it seems to be the decomposition of the original picture looked real gun.
Press-intensive production method because it is itself a real gun, and say there may be real while parting. However, the barrel is about parting out I want you to. However, since the state purchased at a dust cover to cover Ejekushonpoto degradation characteristic, this is downright moving・・・assemble themselves, and a. It's a system that opened and closed by a spring plate fixed in position, no movement at all Shakkiri sense. Like, put a bad building, I felt like running out the door with oil. At first touch, so good, I want to do something - this is. Also drawn in stock but locked drawer, housed in what is no locking system. Will this be true of a real gun? ・・・Then there is no complaint. Cocking the bolt bolt thrust a finger directly, what a drag. SP Cocking bolt can be easily as strong as it deaf. For more real gun, but the SP should be stronger. I think you went off to tough・・・滑Rashi fingers. What's happening. Apart from this minor point, "Hey, hey," but I think there is something, again stop Above fire model, the model does not display. If you are working smoothly, apparently some complaints will be blown away.

Hudson CP operation system what the original cart and say it. Basically, the CP is the point of the inner gas vent type, it and the other around the inner length shorter than the system characterized by CP. Sharp as little burrow hole venting tip of the inner well Dito. DE44 other models are made in the Hudson owns a shape as the tip of the inner and Dito. The cart size of the CP, PFC cart very realistic approximation of 45 (length, diameter is about the same) but was, when viewed from the side of the tip (warhead) of the shape is slightly different. Square rather as a whole. However, the number has been provided with the cart from the body only six. The thing I always think of the finished product to cart around what do I provide just a little more. Full magazine (30 shots) and even I say, I want at least 15 rounds. Handgun as well. Manufacturers and somewhere (or rather the manufacturers also recently elsewhere) quite frankly, in the magazine and 8 rounds from 7 to enter, and come to see not only from a startup built around five or six from the idiots " This guy "and get a burst of anger. Was a digression.
Anyway, from six in the fun. In this regard, I heard that 45 can be diverted from the cart before the real system, we decided to try once. Hudson CP, so the short length of the inner front and rear, CP, PFC's can be a bit of fire in front of it completely closed bolt, bolt open it anyway because it is not terribly issue. Feeding and magazines (which is thick!) And good compatibility. The following is the result.

Cart・CP is a good HW in the inner, O-ring to wear with caution. The slump was in the inner venting.

PFC cart・well. Sparks popping from the barrel and use the silver cap.
The body does not have any model at all hands, all tests in the box just blew out of oil. There are quite reactionary, outgassing from the muzzle of excellence, in the considerable momentum can eject the cart. Pompon-like flies that are huge and heavy carts real pretty fun Firing cycle is slightly slower, just like a real gun. Relatively easily行Eta endless finger-point shooting. Hmmm, interesting exciting!

Down just before his favorite video was not shot. Patient with her until one month of the new camera in hand. Finally get a new camera. Immediately into the recording. PFC and cart used was CP. Do not use the original cart. However, one more condition is not good. But CP PFC, but three or four times from one, can not jam the automatic fire was expelled for some reason Ejekushonpoto cart. Amount of shortage or retreat, or do not think that because the spill from the bolt face to the ejection process of the cart is already kicked out a fire that is clearly unknown. Extractor was less that the amount of drug used explosives SP cap weak (weak fixed card) might be. We stopped in the middle of the silver caps, metal caps changed. Also, strong extractor was replaced with an SP. CP's cart along the inner O-ring inspected, and replaced with new ones worn. Is a digression, CP HW cart inner O-ring. If you cut into the vertical and the gas jet, the bottom side (side firing pin) may wear thin as Sogareru (with simultaneous course). CP and the cart used to fire, but may have scattered black debris to one side (especially if the bolts are heavy folding), which must Sogareta O-ring debris. In case the gap is clearly visible, so that, when decisions are easy to exchange, if thin Sogareru entirely unsure what should be replaced around. Anyway, O-rings are held in good time every, I think is best to replace often. Then, fired again, this time in the blazing (+_+), caps and gunpowder Reminder failure. How many minutes a night (about 10pm) was recorded in relation to further continue the fire ignited at the closed mind that unfortunately gave up a little. Scenes are presented in the movie, a compilation of more suitably fired 60 shots from their convenience. But I wanted to show you a little long blaze, and was sorry about a little frustration accumulate in these situations. Still, the end is powerful and I think you will understand・・・.

And impressions
Fire performance is satisfactory in Marushin MP40 But I think the model above. Really easy to maintain. I have not used the original cart, I think in a more smoothly if the original cart. In terms of comfort for everyone to enjoy Furuotoburobakku they claim is the manufacturer. The exterior would have likes and dislikes for that matter also made a lot of opinions, is itself a real gun at all "tools" at the level. Save the beautiful, in that there should be no display. What worries me is the durability. To have heard the story before it cracked barrel, worn parts that will come off that adhered to the fire may have heard that Especially the rear site If one side is peeled off just because I can (It's okay except for now.) Also, the metal core of the bolt face of the bolt so I think quite perishable. No part of this decomposition is possible, but can be purchased separately. Parts prices are relatively low Fortunately (especially ABS). Even if temporarily damaged parts, I think it `s not so financially damaged. Currently (2003・4) sites in the Hudson, but because they are published, should have a stable supply of parts. Governor-based real-cart (MGC, also Marushin) can be useful if you have a shared cart. Is recommended.

Add Movie 2003.5.17
When the last report was so one more tune, try it again.
As mentioned previously, the cart will not eject after successful firing occasional symptoms that are sandwiched between the chamber and bolt.
But at first I kind of had enough weight back, extractor that seemed to be due to the SP Ekisuto much stronger and is replaced as described previously.
When the bolt back, carts, face problems if the bolt firmly settled until kicked out by the ejector would not have seemed to have spilled from a cart on the way apparently bolt What next SP bullet magazine that does not affect Mishi Is there any tension. Below the number of your weapon and 10 rounds is a good shape, looks like a high probability of occurrence and put more (lose tension?)
At first I thought Ijirou lip, it will be tricky because you've failed to stop.

The extractor I was contemplating the instruction manual coil current SP is first launched after it was found that the leaf spring SP has been changed. Do not know why. Cost might be a problem.
However, one likely in the leaf spring tension is weak, that might have changed the coil there. If so, is considered to be potential symptoms as described above.
This time, just in case I extractor increasingly more SP. Longer than the original SP from junk found, set it to a double. Even though overlapping, rather than double, arranged around (I have enough time) that. This is now Ekisuto Kuwaeru more powerful rim cart.
As if the speculation, should be able to more than 10 rounds loaded in it. In this state, go immediately to prepare for firing.
Are you ready for the real 45 CP, a few from 20. Silver cap. As a result of the movie. Curt was able to clean out problems in almost rapid-fire.
But second, and a little grizzle third. Once reluctant to care, and maintenance should have been cleaned once, and was unsuccessful in a slipshod way in which maintenance care is also from 20, the couple retreated out the amount of time occurs. O may have also had to wear the ring.
Anyway, from among nearly fired from 80, suitably edited. Will in good condition than last. Especially the last scene has been pretty successful in blazing 20.
The original cart was used to try too, for some reason I just had this at all (laughs). Apparently so bad that the CP had collapsed at the end of the inner Dito.
As far as my models, 45 PFC is the best in good condition.
Anyway, while filled with sparks Ejekushonpoto of 45 flies real heavy carts popping downright funny.
Fired than 40 MP on the same day, the rotation is a bit slower, of course, a different firing sound (maybe a little low?)
While in now, but success or adjustment of this Ekisuto unsure. There an increase in tone than last time, so no doubt was relieved that point, the direction is right or not too confident, do not even know the true model for all others. Perhaps, I hope you each may have devised another way more. If you have a good idea to teach your regards.
By the way, might be noticed and to see a movie, running at slightly Ejekushonpotokaba shock or fire. And anything else interesting that comes up through the rod connected to the cover and body (laughs). The last fire scene, and visit the border area to focus on the cover and body, you can clearly see that come back through the rod. Hudson's truly is a wonderful punch line. The admiration (laughs)

The various orders attached, and of course "buy" model. First of many times I say cheap? How are things going, but 40 short of the MP, is still significant.
This model is also quite spacious and had a barrel bore diameter of only 45 models that mimic, much better outgassing. Now, would not it fine when used in fire-breathing Puroppukato. Ufutsu, I want to do・・・.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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1 本体編

 そのため、固定度合いが弱く、すぐ角をなめてしまうので、しばらくするとぶらぶらになります。購入された方は速攻で取り外されることをお勧めします。 また、ストック側のノッチは右側のほか、なぜか左側の内側(!)にもあります。こりゃ、何のため?



2 マガジン編
 マガジン背部に意味不明の段差があり、7発以上装填しますと、初弾がこの段差の下に位置するため、カートが上がる際その段差にカートのリム部が引っかかり、上がってこられなくなります。 これを防止するには、内部の不要な空間を何らかの方法で埋め、スムースにカートが上下するようにする必要があります。
 私はプラ板をカットし、張り合わせ、ちょうど合うようなパーツを作成し、差し込んであります。 また、こればかりではありません。後に気が付いたのですが、発火のリコイルショックで次弾が飛び出してくるのです。1度など、初弾を発火したとたん、2弾目、3弾目が一緒に飛び出してきました。現在この症状にまいっています。


3 カート編



4 最終調整





(総括) 購入後、3ヶ月近くたってようやく改造カートが完成し、不完全ながら発火(3連射だけだが)が可能になりました。本当はオリジナルカートで成功させたかったのですが、私の腕では無理だと判断し、改造カートという道を選びました。そのため皆さんに気軽にお勧めできる方法ではなくなり、その点では満足できるものではありません。また、マガジンに関する新たな問題も発生し、この点も今後の進展を待つしかない状況です。














1 諸々の調整(というか悪あがき

 そのままでは、PPK用カートは入りませんのでチャンバー内部を拡大。 電動ドリルで気長に削ります。






 2 発作の症状









Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Hudson Scorpion・Vz61


SMG is a compact all-metal. Real gun, a fire closed it has been a model of change to hit an open fire.

Originally released as a model that appeared in the opening gun metal black, just temporarily, is changed golden muzzle closed again, this model was revived with a history of a rare gun metal black open model.

Indeed, its size is the size of a large handgun almost think that it survives as a rare product itself exempt from regulation as a result.

More than 20 years standing has since its launch, the original design remains virtually still has not done is sold Sashitaru improvements.

The following details are described in the next section, the performance level of villainy is a minimum ignition (laughs).

But hear you think like-minded some of the net, said: "18 out of 10 difficulty," "would like an apprentice who still capable of operating smoothly," "動Kan anyway" and so on, but as ornaments anyway Such assessment is not worth it, I regret that the model of inevitable mess with ease.

The topic of this I dabbled it recklessly (fearless), got addicted to the points of your code verbatim predecessors nicely.

Refuse to leave first. The tone is still far from complete.

Here, in a sense, the history of my struggle (and failure records of failure) are well.

(Conceived and frustration many named adjustment)

Body Part 1

(1) Stock
First, before entering the adjustment, so clear the way stock. In this stock. The operation is not affected, other things (!) Is one of the drawbacks.
I find that the fixed site receiver end, a notch is cut into the stock for a fixed, but the projections are provided in the body can get stuck in it, only the right projection.
Therefore, the weak fixed level, since they lick just around the corner, walked around for a while now. If you have purchased is recommended that you removed in haste. The stock is also on the right side of the notch, for some reason left behind (!) There as well. Come on, for what?

(2) decomposition method
To split your body up and down the back of the receiver screws (fixing screws Bakkari Perhaps the old design. One of the drawbacks, too) but removing it when I had to remove the rear end lifted slightly, catching pop magazine Masu.

Then, you will be attacked even Rikoirusupuringu lift. Please be careful.

(3) Suri合Wase
Bolt body, bolt in contact with the inside, and polished the chamber. This area is a common task.
Is sufficient and also the internal parts of the frame Suri合Wase. Too many & especially troublesome that the number of parts I do not think.

Magazine Edition 2
One of the major culprit. At the brink of what a boss (laughs).
When you buy, I think that will come with 6 from the cart, you will operate normally in the range from 6.
However, if you load from more than 7 ・ ・ ・. Work. Really.
There is a step back gibberish magazines, and seven from the over load, to be located under the first bullet of this step, the step may catch the rim of the cart when the cart is raised, this will not be rising. To prevent this, filled in some way unnecessary space within, so must the cart up and down smoothly.
I cut the plastic sheet, laminated them, then create a part that will fit just plug Dearimasu. Also, this is not just. I noticed after firing at Rikoirushokku It comes out next bullet. And once, as soon as you fire the first bullet, second bounce, the first came out with three bullets. This symptom is down for now.

Later, through the Internet, "the idea of a weak magazine spring," and for your feedback, along with a set of springs for the original model was unknown Rikoirusupuringu In emergency rough but junk.
To prevent backlash along floors, fixed electrical wiring for peg fork (full name unknown) has been made to bite the floor.

Cart Part 3

(1) original cart
The big culprit. The emergence of the strongest boss!
Early carts are made of plastic are used for packing, then the rubber O-ring instead has led to the current. Along with that, the diameter of the piston has changed slightly.
The performance does not change much either way. The Pequena.
First, the poorer performance of the gasket seal gas other than a closed system cart.
Then a short piston stroke, and the cave is open from the middle, so I feel are missing from a gas sufficient power to transmit to the vault.
Fairly dirty inside the body other than the cave chamber in relation to it.
The main cart is to be divided by the screw rim, shallow rim section, and it set the case portion so placed over the rim, so easily swell of the case in gas pressure, and It's right next to where the firing of the screw, the gas would leak when swelled considerably by the pressure of firing case. Not ignite the gas used effectively for that.
When it comes to the worst on the low capacity gas seal.
The last line, and repeat the fire many times, this bulging part, changes shape and becomes unusable. ('ll Face crying wasp!)
However, even though the inner diameter of five millimeters inside the cap design, 5.5 mm (half-whopping!) And so, kind of inner peace can not be used for other models.
In my opinion, of seeking perfection in this cart would work extremely hard.

(2) Remodeling Cart
So I do not think of other models diverted cart This point was confirmed in all other such carts can not be diverted from the conclusion referred to.
Due to the curve magazine took me a cart and accept no taper.
Only then, can only be produced after a new cart.
What to say, and there is also material made from small ones like that are impossible because there is also an amateur technical facilities. Also, if at all production to a new contractor, it is clear a substantial cost.
Eye spots, but then, the PP Marushin PFC happened was owned cart.
Original length is almost the same fraction of the diameter of the rim and went about a PPK for the greater. PPK and turning for the external dimension, seems to have been I mean, can be used with a taper.
Find companies were turning on the net, from a small private eye Fortunately, if you found a trader even small orders, not to talk about (the cartridge of a model that clearly description) was hope, readiness could be obtained.

Since delivery of the profession to do in their spare time hope to see that month. Price drop was that the minute.
Incidentally, at the request of eight development process, from 400 yen per one processing fee (tax). High or low or left to your discretion.

Final Adjustments 4

(1) remodeling cart
Well, after ordering, get the cart finally converted after a month too.
Chuck (to hold body parts turning to be processed) in relation to the rim is not attached to a tapered section tapered case is marked with solid, long, both in diameter, almost as the original . Surface texture shall find more than the original! As expected, professional job!
Immediately, from 8 to load the magazine. Loading completed smoothly without catching anything, relieved.
Then, body fitted, manually operated bolt, your weapon and confirm the operation of the exhaust pod.
Not be kicked out at some exhaust pod, it is also true that the original OK and OK.
The magazine also does not cause concern hitches.
To enhance gas seal, and make your own punch Intensushito at 6 mm and 3 mm from 1 mm thick rubber sheet, set the rim section.

(2) Remodeling Ditoneta
Ditoneta is still a bit short of the original, but has to cut the tip of the screw anything negative, PFC cart if you decide to use that barbara sick.
But even saying coined by simply processing the existing screws, that's easy for me as well. Locate the screw holes for fixing the match was cut into the chamber, cut to proper length, the tip of the PFC process to fit into the recess of the inner plug of the cart.
Once the chamber after a set. When you check into your cart and it stops a little short of completely shutting down bolts, and I understand these kind of things well.
After that, filling the cap 5 mm, only fire.

(3) firing results
Referred to the conclusion, to express the number 60 (of sweetness) is.
First, the performance of the modified cart is sufficient.
Intensushito when combined, can get back the amount of full stroke. Center and also the cap after use, is pierced a hole in the clear.
If it were almost certainly cart will be ejection jams, is obviously expected performance.
But an unexpected problem has occurred for that. Rikoirushokku for strong, now on their own, semi-shear behavior of the shock, even to the full selection.
At first I did not know the cause, finally, part name "relay" to understand that the chief instigator, taking a spring that came with the guy with the Furuonri tighten the screws in place. This condition is now somehow this can be avoided.
After all, the last issue was the magazine.
To the first bullet is fired, when the bolt is retracted, the magazine out of the cart away the following bullet after the shock, which causes Jamurimasu.
Is there a problem with either spring clips, we have not considered an embarrassment for good measure. Would interfere with a narrow lip bolts.
I once succeeded in five of fire, and later still jam occurs. To load only three minutes from the blowback is going to clean ・ ・ ・ fire.
If fire is but a small metal bolt from the shock it will be considerably faster rotation, greater firing sound is quite delightful. But the sad ・ ・ ・.

(Summary) After the purchase, finally finished remodeling cart standing near three months, while firing an incomplete (but only three of fire) is now available. I really wanted to succeed in the original cart, in my arms and it is impossible to judge chose the road of remodeling cart. In a way that everyone should feel free to do so no longer, in that regard is not satisfactory. In addition, new problems also occur on the magazine, I have to wait until the situation even further progress in this regard.

However, only three of fire, full auto fire when there was a good impression struggled minutes (excuses, deception, self-pity.)
Unique style, black metal body, such as a mass model for a small but strong presence.

If you have been telling me that "these difficult times, but only that the existence value is in good black metal."

I think it is. Presence of only ornament is a pity as the standard model (laughs) If you think is good.

The drawback is a little expensive, if one kept on hand, it adds depth to the depth and width of your collection.

(Such as fire caused the attack scenes)

The firing of single scenes look at first 4 shots, two from the next scene is a concatenation of three from the end of full firing. It is embarrassing makeshift video. Rotate faster than expected, and never a blink from 3 from 4. I've found a cart after firing once, the number of mistakes I do not think the firing.

As mentioned above, the incomplete state still (likely to be charged rap on the knuckles and what is going on in the firing sequence of development only three) and can be introduced to everyone in is not, ANO model rather than the usual target Vz61 in that, I also like that from the slump could be over now and maybe my poor future adjustment, I've taken to make sure that once recorded. The last time it may become ・ ・ ・ maybe.

I thought, a bridge between the left and right of Lightning broke the front of the bolt! Impact on the operation is unknown, but hey, do not care. The figurines from the end anyway, Hahaha・・・ (twitched).

Paying stock has taken. Bring to a fire that does not work just come to mind here Yara Yara random stroll away because the stock is a fool for this!

The model I have used was obtained, we have gas bypass is provided in detail yet, so the gas can not be removed. I think I'll expand a little, take one more motivation for what felt like a waste. The model gas bypass is closed (or relatively new?) It seems that too.

Recently has been taken care of from the net 10 moongam PPK's kindness Itadakimashita transfer it to cart.
But what will not do anything but increase the cart in this situation are currently working Maybe I should ask it again.

(The two scenes that caused a fire attack) 2002.7.28

Since firing the first shot to leave Orimashita much. Honestly, I thought I should forget what it is. It happens, the mulberry Marushin PPK found in the shop cart, [Wow ~ I have to like the "He was impressed when looked at idly," It's a scorpion or to use? "Is thought "Act II Dotsu com" beginning. I say leave first. This also failed

A miscellaneous adjustment (or rather futile struggle)

First, the processing chamber is required. As it does, PPK cart is put it expand inside the chamber. Patiently shaved by electric drills. Ditoneta is ready for use. The fire will be completely closed in front of the bolt, bolt does not matter much because it is open. Magazine issue. Again, the cart is not under poor compatibility taper (or, what have I nicely cart?) And look at how six from the first because I Tsukkae you in loading carts from seven or more. Middle of the magazine and could possibly have narrowed the space around the apex of the curve. However, even when the bolt is retracted from 6, the next bullet will protrude. We plunged into the wood to raise from the bottom of the magazine, to strengthen the spring tension will not work, try to somehow rip a small adjustment. To operate manually, but somehow gone out the next bullet, when the blowback of whether explosives can not be optimistic. But I'll stick to the limit, so it is around here. As reported last bolt, I broke the bridge to operate without regard to use and it will likely be impeded. Also, the strong Ekisutorakutasupuringu replace the bolt, slightly expanded the cart where the rim fits (PPK rim of the cart is a little bigger than the original) to ensure retention of the cart when the exhaust pod.

2 attack symptoms

Put the cap to 5 mm with a cart, from set 6. Fire immediately. First fire one shot, jams, is the second fire, jam, Tsutomu Shigeru 3.4.5 continuous firing from the first, jams, six conclusions from the first fire. ... No! Then, fire up many times, from four consecutive ignition limit. do not progress and success is almost certainly from 3! Jam seems to be the cause of all the magazines. Once progress has been recorded since Orimashita "burst capability should not be there from 3 (?) Got the scene Vz61 firing" (makeshift how!) To edit that (laughs). All three are from each firing. Rotation is still fast, but one shot would look in some way, please believe me! It is from 3! Please see become a laugh. The last time worked and why PPK type known as PFC's do not use a cart because of frequent fire, causing symptoms that swells the rim, because the performance fell. In terms of pure performance of the cart, the more I also mulberry. However, because the thin tapered tip, such as PFC would probably hopeless. More rest, get a real gun for the magazine, I only think of to try to allow the body to process it uses. The main spring seems a little weak. Occasionally misfire occurred. Long thin spring like this, so are not familiar with any other troubled as to divert. I have just done again on a whim, perhaps because previous experience had not too disappointed. I enjoyed it quite the opposite. If so surely fire from three, and I think the pre-ignition, you can enjoy plenty of blowback instant impact. Well, it is sour grapes. I'll try and think of something.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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 恐れ入りましたハドソンさん。 外見を一渡り確認した後、分解。しかし、何度も言うが、重い、でかい。ちょっと動かすにも「ヨイショ」と声が出てしまう。










Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Tue Feb 15, 2011 2:56 pm

Hudson made Thompson M1A1

Wait is. Big game after a long time, manufactured by Hudson Thompson M1A1 Full metal appearance.
Even though in my possession is not.
Like-minded person "boy's" Kyushu is a gem of ownership.

Some time ago, "I have an old Hudson Thompson, do you want to play with it? I want to do it,"'s had a talk was, "I do not guarantee anything, you still do," So, which was borrowed.
The goal is naturally fire blowback CP.

Now we・・・How about I wonder相成Rimasu.


"Hey, hey. Hadosontonpu I have an old hand, send it to survive there?" It is the beginning of you and your help.
I heard Silver!
Hudson M1A1 and that Thompson is at home sleeping. Previously, what was transferred from an acquaintance thank your father (Naka Naka is interesting in this history) was a story.

Raretarashii have tried firing end to explode immediately available, is likely to accept what I was thinking I should do something.

This is it, old man funny (I ← ^ ^Wink discovered the site, "Oh, Odaterya if the old man, the dust It may be that somehow" we, silky voice (laughs) as soon as it was this have been asked by.

The referral is "Furuotoburobakku!." In the process of adjustment, this will burn the cook (←・・・even impossible), "Do you want to!" Quip and reliable.

As far as heard, the cart is included (for details just that type of explosives used cap is unknown) have only one shot. That no manual.

Model for the first time since my own touch, the old "GUN magazine's" Looking from the article, an overview in advance.
May issue, 1980 Kano "Amano Jack (T. NEMO)'s" Impressions detailed model (gunpaper) and had been published, the June issue of the 1984 Masters legendary, "says Tobe lock ( That's six parts!) "published an article has been adjusted and she very much.

As for current models are referred to an article published in April 2000 issue.
But the king with the name Hudson opponent, something that 20 years ago, probably. Worried what will happen.

Day 1

Stuff arrives. Boxes, huge ^ ^. Weight Approximately 5 kg.
To make matters worse between the courier arrived at the same time his wife and daughter came home.
・Wife daughter, "What is this (・・? (I had a wonderful way conger)."
"My edge? Oh, no, what's a little too・・・Azukari (・.・Wink."
My wife, "You're not my pc (^_-)"
"My words, You're wrong. Really, believe ( _ )"
"Wife (-.-)"・・・Who knows
I "Oh, you never to be rude! Do not believe her husband (;_Smile?"
My wife, "nothing else, the relationship is like Bambang (-_-media"
Daughter "really・・・・・・(-_-)"
"I・・・( ; I hit)・・・"

While receiving a cool look on the back of his wife and daughter, and my room hastily逃Ge込Mi, check the contents immediately.
Here it comes! Thompson, wearing a silver-plated! The contents are too big Dekakerya box! Heavy! Beautiful!
The four boxes were also included gunpowder caps.
Hmmm, I wonder how I'm in Kyushu yell ^ ^.

And appearance both inside and outside

Plating on the surface but there have been cloudy, it will be pretty substantial compound and polished.
Made in May 1980 when the stamp. Products for more than 20 years from now.
Surprisingly light and try to pull the bolt. Metal bolt from a moderate weight, but of course feel, lighter move than we had expected. Spring is not as strong as deaf as recoil.

According to Jack Amano's past Impression mentioned above, in order to blow back from a 10 per gunpaper 1 15 grain cart - was that necessary. So, a little scared but I was a nuisance however, was operated by hand at least feeling seemed to be enough to go from level one cart can be used to cap a closed system.

But I was surprised, the hold-open function that was about. Embarrassed to say, it did not know. To retract a bolt and an empty magazine, which is locked in the retracted position of the bolt.
The same feature of the automatic slide stop.

Hudson's恐Re入Rimashita. After checking one's appearance over the decomposition.
However, many times I say heavy, big. Even budge, "Yoisho" get out and voice.
Unmixed managed to slightly puzzled. I could easily remove the bolt and chamber.

By the way, previously entrusted to "Axel's" realism compared to the MGC on the Hudson is completely Tonpu.
Internally very good. Maybe it's not then maybe fire models.

This new pleasant surprise ^ ^ Model because it was folding after regulation, and was convinced that would have killed the ability to bypass the gas chamber is provided. However, the expectation was confirmed・・・small, surprisingly, I'm alive! (^O^)/。 (^ O ^) /. This is great!

Hole has been opened in the back chamber, through which pass the gas from the gas fire has come to be re-directed to the barrel.

Straight-through gas like models or plastic model of the straight barrel before the regulations can not be expected to, if the number of bullets fired many still full, gas fire erupted from the muzzle with certainty.
Reached here that, CP doubled willingness of (laughs).

The model being sold today is ignorance about what has happened.


Detonator Pin to the back of the chamber to confirm that the system contains the form of a chubby little moss.
That means that a model specification gunpaper.
But together, you send Cart cart fire formula powder using older piston cap.

This combination Dito from entering the hole from the tip of the cart is impossible never fired.
However, similar to the real size of the cart 45. Hudson M1A1CP current specifications (which still sells!) Kurt (M3A1 and common) to almost the same size as the real 45 and 45 will enter the real thought that maybe, you can actually see a little relief be. This cart used by real decision almost 45 CP.


If so, then is Dito.
Dito is the original fixed by screwing a screw hole formed in the back chamber.
This is Lucky (^ ^) Most part, the thickness and the pitch is supposed to be a common thread. After looking for a thread that matches the size, you can adjust the length should suffice. I heard the hallelujah chorus of angels in my head at this point ^ ^ ♪.
・・・However, surprisingly, there is no screw fit (>_<). But a thickness just slightly different pitch Original Detonator pin's thread pitch slightly coarser.

"Blech, the pitch is different! Pinch on the pitch! (Cold ^^Wink".
Apparently, there seems to be also different types of pitches. Or is coarse-pitch screw Or・・・older.

"What is it today so far," but a little disappointed, I still探Shi回Tta many were in the corner of the junk box, I noticed that the same thread pitch of rusty red.
"Today if you go down in this holiday," I thought, this is exactly where the combined (^^)!. And that is good for flathead screwdriver, this point also, when convenient to think that removal. Shave the head of the screw should be thin and narrow when it is positive, may lose their driver into notch.
The negative point is that somehow they can use cut and easy to work mounting and removal.

In order to narrow the first head of the screw, cut the head Komu rasp. Because iron is quite troublesome opponent.
Next, cut for length adjustment Kon Kono mind firing point of the cart. ** This is also very hard;. The length is determined by the actual match.

However, just as it is screwed in a little wobble, unstable. Cause trouble and not well located in the center. I also struggled before with MGC's Thompson.

This time, keep putting the screws and washers and nuts already Dito, I screwed in just right position while they stopped, as it is locked tightly in the center well.
Dito nuts and just in case (screw) may be better fixed by a metal adhesive. (However, it was eventually replaced Dito.)

Check Feeding

Once here, make sure to assemble the model feeding.
Loaded from a magazine on the cart filled with empty real cap 45, shoot the sky. Pull the trigger and bolt forward with great force, the chamber sent a relief in the cart so no problem.
Looks like this is a little too long Dito, let it ride for a while. This is also a problem with the cart to retract a bolt was eject.
We decided to try to get it anyway once ignited.

Insert the metal caps, firing bolts were cleaned Fururikoiru (successful holding open!) But, eject failure. What a sweet moment. However, CP was confirmed that sufficient power to operate.

Including greetings, the status of the first "boy's" Kyushu notify you by email, bedtime.

Day 2 morning

Happened to get up early for the whole family excursion that her departure date. 1 hour from the time made small eyes of his wife stuck with outrageous, considering the room hurriedly shut.
Work place shall be considered after the bolt face, extractor, chamber. Kino Migaku crowded inside and outside are also included, of course.

A possible cause of the eject failure of Eve, and that cart is not fully seated on bolt face when the ejection per cart somewhere in the frame that will bounce.

Bolt Face

Looking to meet face to cart bolt which barely. Moreover, there is little difference in the size of the chamber bore size and cart (cart is wobbly), feels like there still may be inserted into the bolt face shifted from the center of the rim. It may have also affected some long Dito.

Push the cart when the chamber is not a problem, when the ejection is not firmly stuck in the rim of the cart Borutofiesu would cause a bad spill cart in the middle of a recession eject volts. So a little tip chamfered bolt face. That way, the rim will make Mari Osamu. On top of that, we fine-tune the length of Dito.


The cart can affect the retention bolt face as well.
First, a little stronger Ekisuto SP, you can try to hold the cart securely. Much stronger and less likely to face Mari Osamu bolt rim, as described above.
Depending on the degree of face Mari Osamu bolt might have weakened the opposition.


First a little touched in fact, in the past "GUN magazine" It's a way of adjusting published in six parts.
From the cart slot chamber, "U" is dressed up like that. A stick that looks like the path of the cart just eject right side at the top of this.
According to the Department's six people per eject the cart here, a jam occurs in the cause. To solve the suitably削Ri取Re do it with the inside of that point.

It is amenable. Prepared to deal against the legendary master. Heyday 20 years ago, now also a model, it was time feedback is also active in your identity clear distinction. Sandwich without doubt, be processed as you said (laughs). (Supplement this regard, the current model are improved methods and fixed extractor operating direction, the direction is better Katoejekuto, how this problem is being solved.)
Of course, the real work after returning home. Mon now begun to do this, the apparent absence of a will.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Tue Feb 15, 2011 2:57 pm


Day 2 evening

Hurry up and come home and start working.
Processing chamber and bolt face, then double-reinforced Ekisuto SP.
In this state, 45CP from 5 to prepare the cart and immediately fired. This has caused the failure is the second ejection. From blazing to clean the remaining three have succeeded.

After firing was repeated several times repeated fine-tuning, and five blazing failure. Ejection from a failure will occur without fail.
Happened just because it is not sure, because I think I fear the rim of the cart is not fully hooked bolt face.
Also seems to hit the side of the chamber, but should have been enough to overcome any power cut, so I pretty crowded.
・・・What to do now. Most quickly to the chamber with a set of bolts to replace the current model, but I sure would, I take the time and money.

The barrage of from 3-4, but rather if it can, the sound is great except fire, and felt things slow cycle.

Day 3

Came home drunk every state, no work (^ ^;

Day 4

To make it easier to interface including cart stuck bolt, bolt beveled face again.
Inner chamber a little narrow, slipping from the center to the cart, the chamber 0・try to roll up into a thin sheet of 1 mm thick stainless steel.
But out of anxiety because I seem to do anything not fixed, and try stuff. Also, now the SP is weakly Ekisuto.
The cause of the failure to use 45CP may also eject Ekisuto not match the depth of cut and angle of the rim of the cart.

As an aside, the former 45CP carts and P220 cart so that切Re込N deep rim, but to firmly take the Ekisuto from becoming cart size real shallow notches in the rim is also 9mm even 45 takes in and Ekisuto has become minimal. Think of the real evils of this well.

The firing from 5 anew in this state.
The results hold the bolt open after a successful four blazing, firing bullets into the final failure. But try again, the situation is exactly the same. Became open to hold the bolt in one shot left in the magazine.
However, four blazing feel is the best so far. You did not see clearly, but seemed much the same way to eject the cart, I felt stable cycles. After preparing for more cart, only the actual firing.

A little nervous, the tension of the Magazine spring is quite strong. Magazine loaded with ammo I knew I would feel much the SP lost power forward tension bolt.

Day 5

Apart from coordination, to clean the surface of the touch plate a little cloudy. Become much cleaner and polish compound and Shikoshiko.
Plated plastic model, the firing of the material because the resin is weakened but not suitable for firing metal model is because it protects the surface is suitable for plating. Plating thickness of some, the potential渋Ku work, but at least this model will not feel like that.

The old Hudson and past catalogs "GUN magazine," and reading articles, I feel that this model is very much like it was sold only after folding regulation.
Jack Amano's May 1980 "a model・Digest", according to what was introduced as a new release that year, by chance, had been advertising the same issue of a new release products Arguably, I think that this model has been introduced.

Secondary legislation, including the folding in 1977 (1977) and that the product so that after two years. That's why, as the muzzle comes off the gas, must have been an integral gas bypass is set in the first chamber.
In contrast, MGC's model and it was through the barrel before the regulations were developed.
It will not be allowed because the regulations, to remove gas, but gas had fitted a new bypass, it must be because of renovation, will eventually sell it as a model gave up and closed muzzle it's got a sieve.

For Hudson Thompson model gunpaper (model introduced here) the new model → CP → Piston Fire Cartridge model old bolts and repair Ekisuto Taipukatomoderu → (current model) and I traced the history of (strictly speculation, however).
Your old catalog is available in three different surface treatment, it is the black standard definitions, black deluxe model and plating.
Plated model is the way 41 000 yen price at the time.

And in the meantime, I have made about 2 hours. This is lucky. The basic adjustment and dare to try to fire it at the end to the previous day.
Was prepared from 45 CP 16 is real. Gold powder. So successful was sure that once the video is not available.
Cocking the bolt while Dokimune.
Fire emergency!

Squeeze the trigger, the bolt forward, fire Come on! ・・・ "GORI".
Dad-gummed, magazines also lost the tension, so did not get the first shot fired from the force of good.
So try again in 15 rounds without one shot. Dokimune while squeezing the trigger again.
"Tantantantantantatsu!" Blowback continued to clean but slow pace, 14 blazing success!
I hold open the last bullet in front again, satisfied that even a grain of salt.
Great feel good I feel the weight of the metal bolt! I was impressed! Much the same way that eject the cart. Work out the sound bigger fire.

Unfortunately, the few that could not be confirmed from the muzzle gas. This is to be trained in oil or Prop Powder cart was a little disappointed but would improve a little. But this model is good.

Day 6

Fire in the morning.
This day is just the blink much interest.
One reason is gunpowder. Forgot to shut the windows of the room the night before, perhaps because the rain blew in the middle of the night was kicked away a solid powder forgotten. 15 under development, will explode from 3-4.

Reluctantly, but using a silver cap, and this is the power shortage that has hit the small amount of gunpowder. In addition, O-ring because it was quite thin, the slump appears to be spurred. If it worked the blaze about 7,8, 15 rapid-fire did not succeed.

Another point might be a bit serious.
Dito fixed because it is not perfect, but has been weakened by the impact of the firing chamber of the screw holes. Therefore, the wobble is more Dito, and it weakens the vicious circle of holes. After all, Dito is tilted even slightly, then stop successfully entering the cart. Dito biased mechanical force and then, Naonokoto exacerbate the situation.
Again, it was becoming something to consider fixing the nuts I can not help it.

Therefore, some maintenance Tsuburi eyes, Marushin CZ75 Dito back and forth to the contrary, the叩Ki込Nda chamber. If this is fixed very firmly.
Also, the point is found to be fixed Another thing I have to go through the hands a little messy. It is the path of processing on the back end Ejekushonpoto Ekisuto.
Ekisuto Kuwaeru a cart and, slightly lifted the Ekisuto. Since then almost in contact with the inner frame, if a real gun, which has been working away inside the frame. That there is digging trenches.

A model in the CMC (or even a Tanaka) was it had to do, but I guess it was only six or lab.
Minutes to work correctly, but they're not the problem, the position of the cart is filled with jam or pushed out Ekisuto unexpected, they joined forces with excessive deformation. They've become a little too warped Ekisuto arched model. Malfunction could cause it to become extreme.
However, the process is difficult, but now the only state not to pray just plain jams.


Once you edit your movie to the stage.
14 blaze of fire ended the longest shot on the first day. As usual after a tied just so short. Enjoy fine. Slow cycle, heavy duty fire Recoil shock sound.
MGC movies than you'll Thompson, Recoil should know the difference. I think you can learn about a part of the force of the Hudson.

Summary etc.

Currently, only Thompson can buy a brand new model of the Hudson. Tanaka, M1 is in the distributor's inventory may be found if you look, but then to expect, MGC and the CMC model is almost hopeless.
The Thumbs up, you work MGC, in the real CMC (Tanaka) and that, I think that Hudson was expected to further downgrade. I just thought, too.
For the first time in contact with the model of the Hudson, but some made me think again.
Gunpaper model was by chance that CP results in a simple way化Shita transformed into a model as you can see that fire in a hurry. The original design would be better off. Evidence that it was a bolt face disadvantages (extractor) is the current model was renovated, CP by the cart, hear is a great model in the strong box out.

Besides I only know the MGC model, is compared with the real full on the Hudson. The work also consisted of CP is now, not so pale. While the personal touch, the force of the fire at the Hudson feel the weight of the bolt. If you choose one, choose Hudson narrowly. Wait, that one can enjoy the minutes I would have trouble Laughing

From Hudson recently appeared in a special custom models based on this model, surface treatment (150 000 yen how!). Not only that, this model a lot, changing hands, changing the product, I feel that I still carry on making long.
For low-volume production in either case, high (55 000 yen in Sutandatomoderu) tend to be, but you can not get Oisoreto so, what model you want to do something yourself.

This "boy's Kyushu" in the kindness of your father come in with the original owner, you will not touch this valuable model fully.
"Do you want to!" With your words, as well as relieved, but felt some Puresha, to amuse you further.
I like junk to the end, sorry about whether very sorry.
Because fire can once (I do not know whether that has ever (^^Wink.

Also, send me something? Now what (?_?). ・・・・・・Getsu! (ーー;.・・・That.


Click here to View:



Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Tue Feb 15, 2011 3:34 pm

Hudson Sten MkⅡ

The emergence of a metal folding a long time. CP type current specifications. Purchased from the shop is brand new. The shop has always taken care of, I think the stock had been in quite a while. Before the showcase, it was quietly placed on the far left in a box, but it also knew that at first I thought surely airguns. After a while it is realized that a model has been interested in. However, the MGC to have on hand is an extrusion system application, nothing expensive (price 46,000 yen). In addition, Hudson has also made a rude but, how the fire because it was convinced that I fear with much interest, not so much greed Wakanakatta purchase.

However, since some people, "Hadosonsuten, thank you note" to you about. I heard movement in reasonably good condition before the age old Pisutonfaiakato Hudson, the current specification to CP from the cart, nearly絶好調Rashiku, and the middle, increasing real-time mold has been changed, especially slot magazine also serve as a dust cover of the cover is rotated in a model that only the Hudson product. And this becomes, suddenly, and began to worry. Cash is a (^.^). Since then, every stop shop, "Do you still have" had become a habit to check this. One day, to ensure that the kind aunt's shop to ask, what did I have to look miserly abuses, and thrust me laughing aunty calculator. Was surprised to see the amount listed there! Downright special price! However, the amount still fine. We put a deposit, be obtained upon payment of the balance. The balance paid one month and then finally passed after much depend upon what became his last. Back at home, check cash immediately. Most of the material is a zinc alloy, iron stock. I also like the aluminum barrel. Kg in weight is more than 3, MGC system application heavier.
Bolt to break (zinc alloy), a little surprised to see. The meat is quite without (Note: It is an old type and has not been very heavy and without meat). However, stainless steel bolts and still weigh the MGC much different. MGC MGC is also better from the outside would not know because in the hollow equivalent. But this is not very interesting. I was expecting this model is an exciting Rikoirushokku by heavy bolts. However, at this application as much as the MGC system. We decided to put the lead where the bolt without meat. Ki込Mi in place without meat hammer that was on hand to lead plate just superglue fixed end. This becomes stiff and fairly. The concern in the face of the bolt wear. The MGC is a problem arising in the system, as well as extracts from the magazine cart, part abrasion jaw deformity worried that significantly affect the retention of the cart. In this model, particularly because the groove is provided through the center portion of the jaw is ejector, has become a very delicate shape. When it comes to, MGC are thought Could you repair just face as we have done in stainless steel, there is no freedom of work, so being without meat until just after the face, repair in the same way is probably more difficult. Once repairs are absolutely necessary, "Custom Shop Degozai" What shall I consult with friends. In that case, "Degozai custom shop," says, Thank you. Unfortunately, the barrel is completely closed. There is also a gas chamber does not pass. Model before the mold is fixed, but have heard that the bypass had been established for sure. Burrell, check around the various chambers, but I think something can not be processed gas bypass, in the presence of inserts, so it is likely that gave freedom a little too much work. Now, please. If the people who have worked goodwill gas bypass current model, how come you'd teach.

Magazine cover slot brilliant move. Safety has also been reproduced by a simple Kokkingunobu pushed. Simple methods of deduction, not even semi-automatic operate reliably trigger bar was also used as a nectar Disukoneto disco. The perfection of the movement of the selector push-button system. This area is really beautiful. However, very little because they lack the amount of shear in the case of a full fall was broken so bad. For semi-incident. This paper responds by shaving the head of Russia a little bit.

When I check the maximum amount of the bolt back, so that recoil SP Rikoirupuragu hit the rear end of the bolt is not fully compressed, the two bonded layers shock-absorbing sponge inside the plug. By the way, if the MGC Sten, so that the spring is fully compressed before the bolt hit the rear end, you can not hit the bolt itself Rikoirupuragu. The tension of the recoil SP MGC is weak compared to the Hudson. The trouble is the magazine. SP is weak in tension, frequently raised problems that will not come packed in the middle of the cart. Maybe the shape of the floor too bad. Reluctantly, SP diverted Marushin MP40 magazines. However, MP40 magazine also diverted as possible I think. The somewhat shaky, enough to bite if you ask for something a spacer. Hudson is also slightly shorter than the length of the lip around the magazine, use the cart as long as 9 mm felt okay in the real system. However, the end "feel" of the talks.
In fact I have not tried it inadvertently try that ^ ^.

The cart came with the cart from 6 real size 9mm. MGC, almost the same size as that of the Marushin. Basically, the CP is, inner, MGC CP system around a bit shorter than the length, and the heart of our own Hudson venting holes are provided. Therefore, the tip of the Ditoneta are sharp so as to cover thin gas venting holes. In addition, MGC using the cart system will be completely closed before the fire because the bolt is relatively long Dito. So check before firing adjustment work so far. We have not made any such Suri合Wase. Ni当Tatte firing, but 9 CP Metric series was going to use the cart in front of the cart and try to P38 for the PF, to check feeding and eject the empty set of plugs and caps for Fire Center. Then it had so much (laughs). Clearly marked with the scars to determine the cap hit in the cart. We prepared 20 from cart, check the manual eject and re-feeding.
Any problems. This P38 was first to try to ignite the cart. Once Wow, open bolt SMG model commonly encountered problems, poor ejection. Sandwiched between the cart frame and bolts, a cart that countless incapacitated. Even if a real gun, when it is not ejecting the tip of the warhead, so that shorter, and thought it would eject as soon as the cart is more advantageous short. However, because the normal state of complete lack of power, plug and Inner Fire Center, inside the rim of the necessity for the O-ring gas seal. Caps money. Firing 10 rounds in which to prepare. First Semi. "Bang!" Will ignite a clean and quite loud. Cart is kicked well, that is also next bullet fired Cocking bolt position. Work even in the semi-automatic fire as it is authentic. Rikoirushokku is huge. Was then prepared from 10 again, this time from the first full fire. "Back up! Battery? Backup!" Successful firing bullets and all clean. MGC slow firing cycle application system more clearly. Hadosontonpu similar feeling. Will lead into effect, the Rikoirushokku intense. Come on, interesting! The introduction to a movie the next day was recorded. Since then the two have a little longer. Those of the first movement and a distinctive magazine cover slot, put a selector operating conditions. Ignition is cut off because I tied the way once. The other is the only fire scene. Rikoirushokku I think you'll know the greatness of the blaze last seen. In fact, during the firing to "fear" felt. Put a little too much might lead . Now it was a metal folding fewer. Tend to be quite more expensive, but it can buy Oisoreto, the metal folding Handoganmoderu the resin is not attractive. In the limited selection of stainless steel model is recommended. It works smoothly and well, this is important is that the easy maintenance. If you are interested, is considering buying doing?

○ 2007.5
Marushin MP40 UZI cart and the S & WM39 (439) is used to cart the movie. Curt is good condition P38, feeding upon the strengths of the shortness of the cart when it was found that would eject from the neck, slightly longer using this cart.
The plug is a center for the fire, do not use Intensushito. The power is somewhat lacking, do not care because we'll all bullets fired continuously full.
The first scene of fire 28. Failure occurs at the ejection of the blaze was expected a little more 30. The second scene of the blaze 20. What has become firmly feel the weight of any bolt. Comfortable swinging around my belly fat days (^ ^ Isuzu.
Look closer and began to fire, but some good energy in the early cycles, we see that the cycle becomes unstable and slower as if the latter half of shortness of breath. Remarkable, especially the first scene.
50 meter dash in middle-aged man like ・・・Like a creature.
Do not ..., Hudson (laughs)

They just fun to catch fire. It is regrettable that there is no gas bypass, but also easy to maintain, not nervous, I thank Curt quite a sharp diversion. And PPSH41 and UZI, M16 Marushin enthusiasts or even poor-friendly system, unlike the happy cart.
Metal model fire faction is recommended.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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Click here to View:



Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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ハドソン製 マドセンM1950サブマシンガン











Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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Hudson submachine gun M1950 Madsen

Model is all metal, and quite heavy for most of the zinc alloy. The barrel is not consistently straight, and the bypass chamber is provided, to devise a like outgas from the muzzle. Because of Opunborutofaiaringu Furuotoonri, the structure is pretty simple.

That is the major characteristic of this model, the decomposition method. Base frame to the rear end of the barrel and remove the base color, like cracking open a chestnut and frame package. You just exposition To his shame about not hail, as It seems to instinctively turn away But no wonder why this has become a real gun, and I would be something to admire in this often goes wrong. The body already "Haikyapa" at the hands of CP's firing was. Hand without adding anything in particular, MGC was the talk of the M12S operates quite smoothly using the cart. Anyway, "Haikyapa" and a considerable faction's fire, so that adjustment yourself, I have just borrowed the chin and very easy to ignite explosives stuffed just cart. Entrusted to carefully inspect the model. In advance "so good I cheated stocks wobble" I had been in contact with, I tried to expand the stock little by way of confirmation. "Pohe" some black ones that had fallen into the hands Innovation. "Funnya?" Looking at Innovation "Hogetsu! I cracked the base of the stock !!!" The tea is great stiff Diss model appears with a strange (often rude) Even though, borrowed, but Out of those as well. Oh, I, and are suffering trying to do, "Hecha, Hocha" falling debris, and also two "Mandarinia, my God! Buddha!" Moment, "Madsen. Hokuriku not meeting the skin of the earth, fleeing at night. Missing since" I thought why not also make mistakes Thank Same day by email, "Haikyapa" to friends. "Hahaha, Shaanai, Shaanai. Late to take paid fire shall find" stock answer and exciting. No, survived. I immediately started filling powder sent to you from cart 20. The M16 was attached inner brief for the type. "Haikyapa" The story says, was that this one is good condition. Magazine prepared Cart (Shingurufidodaburukaramu) loaded into. SP is not very strong, and enter without effort from 20. Insert the magazine into the body, make sure the lock. Jumped off the top of the frame Kokkingunobu cock the bolt. Surprisingly light. I would not think a little SP do not have to be strong. In the original state, but are available Gurippuseifuti apparently, it is away. Hey, ready for firing stance while pounding During that fire, "Cone Pa" and they think and what to do in two
Pull the trigger. 3rd shot as a stop. A faulty or eject. Fire again. Smoothly this time. Becomes faster than I thought, that we cart out. And can also clearly see the gas from the muzzle, firing sound good. Reaction is also not so big, nimble feel. Then, the magazine fired two minutes, and 20 automatic fire and eject failure occurs during misfire did not really succeed. Hokuriku Wed Ka is still a fit? Incidentally, I asked other people in the cart P220. The root of corruption inherent in the stock and that for this model. Beware of people with. Dodge still editing the movie.Short but a little too slow at putting the time being. Finally, "Haikyapa" because it's a message from the charge of that end it has this report. The meaning of the message, so I promise you I do not know. The message "young head. I worked!" (In what?)


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Re: Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website   Tue Feb 15, 2011 4:21 pm










Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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Hudson Ppsh41

Hudson folding models made of metal. The model is renewed at the end of 2006. Ordered shops in the winter 2006. Although the GR model more quickly, which was finally obtained last Mon and installment buying purse better keep pace.

As you know the real gun equipped Soviet Army infantry during World War II. Have always reflected this gun-toting soldiers and documentary films and photos of the Russian front. From its distinctive appearance wearing the drum magazine "Mandolin" or "Balalaika" Retarashii one called.

Well, I made the Hudson model, but try to open the box out, with hardly a mile Taku Shigeru.
Even more surprising manual. A4 paper is one of endless whopping size! It is part one side of the table, substantial instruction manual, A1 on one side only. Even though price is 65,000 yen ・ ・ ・ luxury models. Nantomohaya, amazed.

Well, take heart Take care
Try to really get this model, the position of left most confused.
Due to the location where the drum magazine is just easy to hold, but the bottom of the magazine will have absolutely, that is in the bottom of the round magazine is not so easy to hold. To say, or the jacket around the barrel with the magazine gets in the way forward wide magazine. In between is kind of magazine and trigger guard, and I think that is moving at high speed on a few Kokkingunobu fingertips, too uncomfortable. Downright not come clean.

Forms of antisocial And what about the trigger guard. I would not do anything cruel or too much.
In addition, fat and swollen line on the bottom of the wooden stock I do not know. Like smoking a water stock are not in the form of a Temari had swollen You Shina.
And it has become both a real gun, the Hudson is bad but still Iitaku shout.

Drum magazine apparently is characteristic of this model. I get a real gun but from 71, in a model from the 42 (out of possible 41 from the ignition) can be loaded. MGC Thompson drum magazine but it took the excellent reputation than for a real gun, this magazine I wonder if Hudson. A little sketchy.

Cheat cartridge specification 7.62 mm bullets that mimic the type of CP. Tokarev will be shared with that, the uncertainty will certainly not do so alone I just heard.

Hand until you are honest, but I wondered whether trying to ignite a high-end models, you do not even have to get gas.
Lightweight redesign of the bolt end of last year, it raised the performance of fire. In fact, it's worth so much confidence in the movie that put the fire official in Hudson. So, this only increased slightly in the extractor spring, after the fire had challenged the state of the cart, including all stock.

From the hand cart 13. P220 of the MGC MP40 Marushin carts and cart was also likely be diverted, this time using the original Hudson termed honor.

As a result the movie was working almost perfectly.
The first switching point shot from the semi-full. The following is a blazing 13 at once, as well as semi ・ full, with no trouble at all played a role in the magazine. It only operates from 13 full marks.
41 blazing new cart will be used to think terribly hard, nearly 30 shots the rest of the align wallet very hard. Tokarev are owned by the people of the former type. The model also fired from work, give me a cart is useless even if it has, what I got ^_^;.
The only drawback is that the pain is quite tight rim of the cart. Komu to considerable contact with the ejector once. 6 from 1,800 yen cart. It seems rather small, this is pretty tight.

No gas bypass (initially was). Be expensive. It is a strange shape (laughs). Appalled by the level that is stunned speechless manual. Etc., but have difficulty, even in a very good models Burobakkumoderugan partly because of the few metal folding Opunborutofaiaringu.
Gem is recommended.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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グロック17破損顛末  14・10・1追加






 反対に、これほど素晴らしいモデルガンを製造し、販売していただいたことに感謝いたします。  当方のモデルは運悪く早々と逝ってしまいましたが、それまでの間、大変楽しい経験をさせていただきました。






Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Transferred pages from Shiraaya's Website
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