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 Shiraaya's Definitive Guide ... Review & Tuning Mods

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Shiraaya's Definitive Guide ... Review & Tuning Mods   Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:45 pm

Marushin XM177E2


A model is all metal. Recently (March 14) and is not intended for resale in the kit. In those early heavy zinc alloy bolts, fire performance is not so good reputation. それが、い It became something of a lightweight aluminum or bolt from around the time, reputation and performance are improved. He was like that that I like Osha emperor. What is currently for sale in all aluminum bolts, and so is what I bought. But we felt strongly try to go to the assembly, the cause of the slump is not only because it's not the bolt. Also on the Internet, "work" we saw some of the idea.

I will be more or less said, clearly going to do the polishing work of the entire internal parts. Bring Me to Shibuya where originally made the models have been recently painted the interior of the so irresistible!

We welcome your models in the first kit, the model might be a little awkward. However, the work is not perfect by any means. Is something.


Tatte assembly, anyway, take the burr, remove the paint inside is Again elements in groups, first, does not work! Mind is enough to proceed with the work of this. To hurry and not panic. Thinking to finish in a day, 3 days, hope you enjoy the work over four days.

Basically a lot of parts count, it has been subdivided into different parts, the instruction manua random (quite good) must be in good order after perusing the start.

In the supplemental instructions that came with the kit, the combination of 7 mm and 5 mm cap explosives or proposal has been described as a coordinated cut in the spring, it is a last resort! And recognition please. It works fine without that!

(1) Magazine Catch

The first hurdle is the magazine catch screw. Screws are pretty tight, and it is pounding away at the break is small. Now fold the parts actually heard of people giving up work will come.

After that, prepared to deal, much like the same size pins and springs, so I knew I would be a mistake, you need careful checking.

(2) Bolt The default is fully polished (laughs) aims. Paper until a shiny touch it anywhere, steel wool,
Especially for some of these round steel wool is effective, it is absolutely necessary to mask fine metal dust that flies. Is because of his health. In addition, we may be dressed in dirty Please. Otherwise, you will be scolded by your family later.

(3) Internal Receiver

There are also inside the receiver to Bali, so we took the paint thoroughly, and rich, remove them as much as possible, until you get the feeling polished smooth with fingertips touching.

In this case was in effect was a cylindrical brass brush. I think that selling home improvement or paint department. I bought it at about 600 yen. In size it seems good things come a little thick compared to the second-largest internal diameter of the receiver.

Also, if I set the ejector (also set tight, it is necessary to polish the sides of the body enters the ejection), and put in contact with each other and apparently the bolt, it was considerably hindered motion or something like sand over the top of the ejector discourage contact with the adjustment.

If the bolt without any resistance level is adjusted within the receiver should work.

The stock interior (which is housed at Rikoirusupuringu) polished brass cylindrical brush is also persistent.

(4) Otomachikkushia

It is a little tricky part. I did not like this is the best.

Otomachikkushia not see my eyes just as surely distorted, put a pin for fastening directly to attempt to set E-ring (hate!)付Ketara, and still did not work at all.

We modified slightly the degree of narrowing spreads the scissors to shear vise (subtle), and finally became smoother movement and coordination Shimashitara polished sides.

What I also did Teiu Toi, is strongly discouraged the use of a vise (failed many times), I think is more tuned in safe direction side polishing paper. I think that may be employed to put on a plane using Riyou Kaname and batten.

However, many times E and stupid but we can remove the ring for those of similar size can be purchased at home centers.

(5) Magazine

Lip of the magazine remains a sharp cut in, cut the fingers became so, and so the bevel is also the resistance as well bite the side of the cart.

After firing the last bullet, should continue to operate the bolt stop is pushed in Magajinfaroa, possibly due to poor form Magajinfaroa so well 押Shi上Genai bolt stop, bolt stop contact with the rubber surface of Faroa pasted boards. Now, surely bolt after firing the last bullet stops.

(6) cartridges

It is about the cart, as seen in the attached Supplement to the kit, Face To Face 7 mm cap (cap while shooting one) seems to act as a seal while the gas is set to shoot.

I shot this while 気Ga付Kazu the role of the first cap, and this was another way to set up Intensushito (shame).

At this time, while shooting a hole in the middle well, reducing the possibility of a misfire or incomplete closure can be used to bolt things clean.

However, When used several times, hitting the mark will be beating up on the ejector plate and the rim of the fire ring.

And continue to accept the failure occurs and caught a bullet with your weapon and the next spring tension is high such as during full load. The interior is dirty and in the cart, you must be aware that incomplete closure is likely to cause the bolt.

(7) Other

The hammer and bolt contact surface is covered by a mirror shine. Shine Komimashita also fairly closely in the chamber.

In addition, did not mention, basically shined all internal parts. Out the side in the manner of planes, corners are steel wool, gloves and a black, long Ganbarimashita numbness in fingers.

I only work three days this (three hours per day) was spent on, for the first firing. Still, at first misfire occurred, come in from around the tone is about 10 rounds fired, then semi-full and is working almost perfectly. Even the kind you get nothing without the spring in good shape from a semi-powder cap Furuburobakku is achieved.


I made another MGC's ABS specifications CP owns the M16.

And we compare the two, firing sound when firing certainly rather flat expression, "Bang!" The sound of exploding gunpowder is so large that the MGC's. Marushin ones are fine, or that the operation sound "Gashatsu!" Sound and feel noticeably. Marushin ones are made from metal, energy increases that can be taken really works, I think it's less energy in the sound around the opposite. I think I have reasonably good sound ・ ・ ・.

However, the reaction is also the metal that feels like something big Marushin. Both themselves rarely misfire. And surely if the blowback firing either. Sufficient amount of the bolt back. Marushin advantage of what is coming from feeling heavy and rigid metal, buy it and nothing new here (in a limited number of small producers but also to say) that it would be the only fire models of the M16 series .

It may take time to adjust, but, do not need special techniques. Assembly is one of the great pleasure of this hobby has adjusted well. Finished work, inspiring work perfectly when you are Hitoshio. The model I think you deserve that much effort.

Ailing those who work in those who are owned by the previous model zinc bolt, is made of aluminum to bolt to retrofit once Why not?

(Fire scene)

I took the first fire scene. The percentage would have shot it well. Probe LX's to ask, is the same one that I will introduce in his pages. Probe LX's, Thank you for that occasion.

All bullets fired by the continuous full load for 15 rounds. Only one course from gunpowder caps. From about the first 4 shots, I think that you know the gas fire that erupted from the muzzle. Cart is considerable momentum in the exhaust shell, we really like the unique sound mechanical actuation. Cart before firing inside the CRC (the model is used for metals) blew Perhaps, like a lot is a considerable amount of gas. Also, after firing, is turning a little longer so interesting trail of gas from the muzzle movement.

The jet of gas is only this, is because 0.5 Gasubaipasukaba to own a gas seal attached to a rubber sheet, mm. Moamoa and will drift around the hand guard from gas do not do this. However, it also serves as the chamber of the screw cover fixing screws pass, can not be fixed, so care must be taken to reach the end of the chamber and use the screws too thick sheet. I wanted a full load from 20 challenge really bashed in the rim of the cart from your weapon and is caught at full load and, where appropriate, so I put a troublesome compromise. The next time I got a brand new cart loaded separately from the full 20, try to challenge all bullets fired (Please be patient.) The magazine wants to be in good condition 30 coupled to it. But no plan was confirmed in office for resale Marushin (April 2002), he says.
Hey, mon do, do not leave the instruction manual option on the list!

XM177E2 new video, "recorded image 2002.8.6"

It is also activated by one metal caps. Operation in the first semi-full in the middle pinky promise. Selector for the full Even though, it is only a trigger operated as semi Deattari only fire one shot, and quite suitable from 3 and get a burst. Come with me on the proper motion well. However, compared to the stability of the semi-full to fall a little impression. I think what it might have had that a few bursts. Want to say out loud to the still, is that no amount of back due to lack of a jam. Definitely one blow back gunpowder caps. Fire away to scatter the precious gas cooler under the influence of wind, much interest is impressive not too bad. They tried to fire after a while, I thought it a good model. 腰Dame in full at the shoulder with semi-is likely to become addicted to both.

2004.8 "double cap firing forbidden (?)"

Marushin a long time XM. We tried out the double-firing cap.
Operate without problems in the earlier reports as a single, gay love than before (?) Was soon tried for.
As a result of the movie. Of course firing sound bigger, there is a momentum to eject, Hiroshi Mori also outgassing.
However, much fun can check the ignition flame from muzzle sometimes the power is somewhat excessive, so be careful. No wonder it is the model just because the metal is a taboo.

I noticed this point.
◎ cart is absolutely new is better.
Effect of the ejector plate and a rim around the fire ring but hit the rim quickly fall apart, it is not expected to become strong work. I think his mouth in order not to deform the rim firmly Ekisuto, eject multiple defects. Also, so many misfires.
Kitara tone gradually fell, suggesting a better first cart. New venture seeks to replace the cart.
Even though this model cart is pretty good price to 200 yen a piece. Case of mind, much less to buy and easy to get downright regrettable and can not intact.
The unit price is relatively reasonable, and a metal folding firing just enjoy the presence of almost only want a price and supply carts consideration of consumables. Mal Singh to drop the price of the cart or your means, you hope that with the release of the rim or just by itself.

Widen the bypass venting ◎.
The barrel has been opened holes for the gas bypass in two places. The wider path between the gas and dig deeper holes around, the more likely the gas is missing.
I hit the steel insert further modifications prevent you dig even impossible of course, but 3 mm, the effect is still high. Let the good work.

For additional movie.
20 was the target of fire, dud or ejection failure occurs in the middle really, what is the best this time of blazing 14,5. Have introduced a cut-cut throw 3 +.
The trigger guard is down the charm ^ ^.
The PC has become possible to put a new sound and throw it, it is quite powerful. In my mind while watching "Heat", and I really like that (meaning unknown).


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10782
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Shiraaya's Definitive Guide ... Review & Tuning Mods   Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:46 pm

























































Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Shiraaya's Definitive Guide ... Review & Tuning Mods
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