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 Shiraaya's Definitive Guide

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Shiraaya's Definitive Guide   Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:01 pm

Marushin UZI

2003・8・23新動画追加 2003.8.23 added a new video


All metal SMG. It is heavy.
Initially, when the sale is by design specifications Opunditoneta gunpowder, paper magazine from your weapon and the number 17 (?), But it was, then, PFC has been improved to cart specifications, modify somewhat the appearance of doing so it seems to have been.
Also, PFC is also the first model was the specification of the iron press, seems Gurippufuremu plug was made for costs or thereafter.
This point is not very popular, so I have heard that the magazine catch on here in fragile if made of plastic frames.
I have owned, PFC specifications cart is made of iron grip presses.
Aka "Crusher Cart" is said to be, a formidable model easily.


There is no adjustment in that. It is, basically forcing considerations.
A body
(1) Bolt
The first mentioned is the cause of weight formidableness volts. Heavy anyway!
This is lighter. For example, aluminum or ABS if made, would not require too many adjustments.
Custom-(Resin) according to the story of people who have used a lightweight bolt, Beretta 92SB seems to use a cart for the perfect form.
Also, it seems there are ways to reduce the weight and drill holes in this way, the thing that anyone can feel the strength of the equipment and there is no problem.
This bolt on helplessly, I remain of the original.

(2) Rikoirusupuringu
It seems well worth Rikoirusupuringu strong. It seems that those who come are used to cut very well.
Also, a little weaker custom Rikoirusupuringu (Yes, a specialist contractor.) Bolt who said that remains the same, I feel like a million are using the original cart.
I wondered, is worth about seven volumes, with the plunge spring cut. This is junk if it fails (scared).
After that, a small but strong, too, would take the spring Gurippuseifuti soon lose focus a little safety. Komanai has become a mechanism to hold the Gurippuseifuti not even cook the bolt, I was so nasty Emashita a weak spring.
This model, much stronger spring in general, kind people who have better chance in the design equivalent of macho? What was not and will勘繰Tsu.

2 Cart
This model seems to be quite flexible against the cart.
Including the original cart, 92SB series for the same PFC for high power, M39 for it Mirirugariarukato 9 CP series, P220 cart.
You may still find it. I buy things with no cart (used) from what it was, we used a high power for the first cart.
The main body is completely original condition, I was moved back to the fire was blowing quite nicely Intensushito to set your own.
Orimashitara repeatedly firing several times, I have torn the case of the cart and the rim portion. The gas. Seems to have more symptoms but also in the other. M39 is the same cart.
For spring, probably pretty strong, heavy bolts and slowly move out from the post-fire, stay inside the cart for a long time: because this gas is ignited such a result could not resist the pressure of the gas fired Cart I might have.
In addition, CP is not settled in the cart safely.
CP is likely when the cart may be inflated. The reason is the same.
The topic was the disastrous 9 CP Miririarusaizu cart, which crushed the tip of the cart is heavy bolt Jamuru Ito Usuki, became nearly incapacitated. After that horrifying, P220 in the cart is not to try.
The original cart, and the length of the cart 92SB rim of the length of the screw that is usually longer than the PFC cart, but that its min is a strong ....
This model is a good fire performance itself, I shall fear that the cart had made no allowance for some time to ignite.

Use the cart 10 from the original (to make ends meet) to the ignition.
Cut seven main spring wound. Is set to cart Intensushito own.
The development is just 10 have been connected to one of five fire scene so quickly. Respectively, we have an idea of self-congratulation and I have enjoyed quite a different angle.
I was prepared for use by incapacitated addition to the original cart in fact, still on the way from two, and will damage the case substring from the junction of the rim. In the image, but reflected on those angle scatter Katorashiki moment is that the rim part in tears Haipawakato was (sob).
In addition, there are two bullets trying to jam it in the final image, please understand that it charm.
So we have a rubber seal between the chamber and Gasubaipasukaba, outgassing from the muzzle is good.
The firing sound is not much, but I feel quite realistic in the unique mix of metal sound.
Reaction is intense! I must understand that also would see, is that heavy shaking UZI and the bulbul. It feels like the whole body shakes as well as arms.
Enjoy your reaction, the opposite is pretty irresistible to pesky bolt that heavy metal!
Now want to add a fire in order to Furumagajin cart. There seems to be some durability if the original cart. Sandwiched around a few times volts sounds like something no adverse effects. Were depressed at will from one CP (especially the tip.)

Lightening bolt, or if adjustment of the spring, this model become a model for potential use perfect form the original cart. But I think I bet jam inherent.
When the force of the blow-back sequence is successful tears. Original state as soon as unexpectedly firing cycle, create bolts Retsu Tsuyoshi too heavy shock. And if the gas in a rubber seal施Se gas bypass passage, the gas is ejected from the barrel is out fairly quickly. If the cart PFC are more pieces coming out from the barrel of a rounded cap gouged. Become addicted.
The currently discontinued, current (April 14) that the plan does not resell, I think I do nothing but try to get our auction.
However, the collapse seems to have little value even than before the cart from the MP40 is now shared with the resale was not anxious to buy I do not think the cart. In May I think if you do not boil.
The explosives used to purchase the paper from being wrong if the purpose of the first fire.
Appearance, some point to identify is what the body被Satsu rear base of the site, or even the first stage of the extractor can be seen from the long side Ejekushonpoto bolt peep.
In addition there are two obvious points.
The PFC is the first I mentioned the same thing durable press iron grip panel specifications.
For your information.

Add Video 2002.8.31

 The firing of long time. This cart was used for the PFC side Fire Beretta 92SB Suzuki made a cart. The size of the older type of fire side Marushin Browning HP in the same cart, UZI can be used successfully is a little bigger than the cart. Compared to HP for the minute it is sturdy and a little bit longer part of the rim of the screws that join the case.

As always, sets the Intensushito rim. Grease paint inside the cart, set the gold cap. The cart is available from the number 15.

The video, first start by extending a bolt stock cock. From about 80 fired from inside the convenience, but one has to edit some scenes connected as usual, and shall have succeeded in blazing a relatively common condition and the last video from the rear angle. After that is less or have to jam a little while. A little disappointing because of the cooler air that was blown away the gas from the muzzle fire. It is summertime notes.

This model is absolutely jam inseparable now than since I was fairly flexibly freshly available. Spring seems to cut the influence of a previous report.

The cart, in the Intensushito 1-mm rim seems to have been deep enough. The last video just another day I was set 1.5 mm thick sheet, I think that you know the difference between the ejection force is compared to that of the cart so far. Isao Sako is still full marks. This Rikoirushokku things are addictive.

But unfortunately happened. This model is a bolt that is composed of two parts, of which I have broken parts of the one that is set extractor Seems to have cut into the damaged area and the other part of the face parts bolt. Indeed, "Ekisutorakutahoruda" or something like it was the name. And that no parts inventory was previously confirmed Marushin headquarters. Troubled. Ask the shop to be processed in a small percentage is a fairly complex shape, a good feeling about going to be a substantial amount of money they machined. At this rate, however, would become ornament. Attached to the shoulder and fire, the taste is also very hard that the recoil is no longer as intense brain shake violently. Hmmm, should I do? Will suffer. Later, the custom probe from the LX friend's shop, there was damage to part of the offer custom fabrication. Thankfully in the story, courtesy (even申Shimashi with a fee of course) what we believe to Take it to spoil.


After a long time Marushin UZI.

During last year's report, but remember that it was described as the verge of some corrupt Ekisutorakutahoruda bolt it to a later date, "Degozai Custom Shop" Custom asked friends.

Those resulting in truly impressive, just bolt body. And at first noticed, and try to disassemble the parts, the handle was carved my name is fine. Hey hate, things to do

This can now be fired at ease, there is Marushin UZI.To say one or two parts is new, just "good girl" does not become

Come to think of why it is difficult or rather a continuous fire again based on past experience glitches, the problem comes down 2 points. s there a sufficient amount of first retreat, at one point or another has been obtained does not affect the smooth ejection.

First point first, for the PF for Suzuki 92SB by setting the seal O-ring cart, and I was almost overcome.

Secondly eject the issue a bit messy. To eject the cart is well, until it retreated to the ejection bolt must have been firmly fixed to the bolt face cart. In this model, but the tip of the nail Ekisuto thin, and the large area of the face a little Bolt, poor retention of the cart. They spilled from a cart in the cart face only once. 92SB slightly larger but similar can be said. We cut a little Ekisuto (the part hidden in the holder, not nails) to increase the movement range, so I tried to Cart Kuwaeru well. Also, there were signs it hit a cart in front of the frame Ejekushonpoto, I've also cut down there. On top of that fire.

The movie series of minor cuts. All early 92SB cart. M12S little late for CP using the cart. Each will be about 15 rounds from 10 rounds, at best, quite a nice touch to the outgassing from the muzzle, firing sounds also quite work out. However, SB faults cart cart rim and knock down the swells. The Handogankurasu but will not occur, this model of heavy metal bolt, which would swell the rim of the gas pressure in the cart it takes quite a stretch. The system similar things happen. PF or the fate of the cart. Performance also falls to cart If so, it is difficult to charge anything to the magazine. You can load 15 rounds, the tip of the bow so swollen rim cart, they refused to charge more. As bananas need the magazine. In addition, M12S or sold for the CP lacking power. It sounds a bit surprising, SB cart has more power. Plain to see the status of the eject. I think that is probably due to the difference between the inner stroke. These bolts heavyweight punch but CP is more short stroke, stroke punch slightly inferior long-PF may be more advantageous. Speaking at a car engine, short stroke and high RPM engine horsepower and absolute long-stroke engine or a difference in torque from low to medium range even lower. The model is hard to get it anyway. As well as treasure, but I would like to have fun and to respect the inflammation.

Then, CP is diverted when, in the original Dito firing point in front too, needs to be shortened. Since this model Dito fixed a little special, to divert Dito other models is difficult. This would be better to substitute processed or ready-made original screws. Dito M12S when I use the cart, the screws are used instead of off the shelf.

Finally, 92SB Itadakimashita Cart Tooru Tooru "Sutabo" with "B4" thank you's. Now you can enjoy for a while. The "Custom Shop Degozai" says, thanks for a great part. It is still grumpy, able somehow survive. I thank you once again. Thank you.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Shiraaya's Definitive Guide   Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:02 pm







1 本体


2 カート


























Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Shiraaya's Definitive Guide
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