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 Shiraaya's Definitive Review & Modification Guide

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Shiraaya's Definitive Review & Modification Guide   Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:44 pm

Hudson M3A1

Overview and
Real gun was developed during World War II the United States SMG. The development was focused on high productivity and low production costs, also suitable for what is good is not flattering. The SDF also adopted (some of it I talk with active equipment) that had been, too familiar to the Japanese model. 各地の自衛隊基地際などで、実際に手に取ったり、実物を間近 Around the bases while the SDF, etc., take our hands and I think that many people who've seen the real thing up close. Well, this model is made of the Hudson. Initially, ABS should have appeared as Opunditonetamoderu made. Manufacturer side "model, such as introduction of a model can readily enjoy the novice Furuotoburobakku" Shitarashii development and positioning (I repeat ^^Wink. However, it was released when the market was established in the cart already closed systems are also available powder cap (or 10 years ago?) Opundito alone, there should a little unsatisfactory. Certainly it's easy to maintain slightly more closed system, users also benefit because the cart can be manufactured at low cost is definitely there. However, most were selling "Blowback certainly feel free to enjoy" in terms of the fact that the poor are still open a closed system. I also noticed their manufacturer points, or whether there was any other reason do not know, while HW was changed to a closed system when it was released well-made cart. ABS has now become a closed system design is also made cart. This time I also obtained a closed system made of ABS cart (Hudson CP) specification. Through the shop, because they are all brand new Toyo had. 14 800 yen price (I bought two discounts. This is half'm not ^^Wink. Frankly cheap! The rumble that this price, even more than the finished handgun. Even more, once the folding, the finished product. Rumors circulated that a very strong model. As if the very affordable dish. More than one month after receiving contact with the stock, get a bang bang I can finally納Matta of background checks. Honestly, way back in the car from the shop is happy ass (and I have a car) was to skip the state (laughs).

And impressions
The body made of ABS. Some metal parts around the bolt and trigger, stock, and only a few magazines. Therefore, the light really . Marushin MP40 is also made of plastic, there is considerable weight because it uses metal and Gurippufuremu, this is mostly plastic. Of course the sense of not much rigidity. Thinking "okay to fire at it?" I would like. Surface, the ABS has a very commonplace black painted steel gray plastic like the Pakaraijingu. However, in my eyes, "gray" that is the only visible ^ ^;・・・.
Was impressed by the relationship between the bolt and the frame. The model is usually an internal frame, while in constant contact with the bolt, usually around repeating the exercise. In this model, however, located so as to be sandwiched between the bolt between the metal rod with two runs parallel to the back and forth inside the frame without having to touch a bolt ride metal rod with two of back and forth motion is repeated so as to. Sono Tame probably would have less friction. In fact, the internal frame has rough, do not see evidence of contact with the bolt. Isn `t in the smooth operation of the main reasons. Later, it seems to be the decomposition of the original picture looked real gun.
Press-intensive production method because it is itself a real gun, and say there may be real while parting. However, the barrel is about parting out I want you to. However, since the state purchased at a dust cover to cover Ejekushonpoto degradation characteristic, this is downright moving・・・assemble themselves, and a. It's a system that opened and closed by a spring plate fixed in position, no movement at all Shakkiri sense. Like, put a bad building, I felt like running out the door with oil. At first touch, so good, I want to do something - this is. Also drawn in stock but locked drawer, housed in what is no locking system. Will this be true of a real gun? ・・・Then there is no complaint. Cocking the bolt bolt thrust a finger directly, what a drag. SP Cocking bolt can be easily as strong as it deaf. For more real gun, but the SP should be stronger. I think you went off to tough・・・滑Rashi fingers. What's happening. Apart from this minor point, "Hey, hey," but I think there is something, again stop Above fire model, the model does not display. If you are working smoothly, apparently some complaints will be blown away.

Hudson CP operation system what the original cart and say it. Basically, the CP is the point of the inner gas vent type, it and the other around the inner length shorter than the system characterized by CP. Sharp as little burrow hole venting tip of the inner well Dito. DE44 other models are made in the Hudson owns a shape as the tip of the inner and Dito. The cart size of the CP, PFC cart very realistic approximation of 45 (length, diameter is about the same) but was, when viewed from the side of the tip (warhead) of the shape is slightly different. Square rather as a whole. However, the number has been provided with the cart from the body only six. The thing I always think of the finished product to cart around what do I provide just a little more. Full magazine (30 shots) and even I say, I want at least 15 rounds. Handgun as well. Manufacturers and somewhere (or rather the manufacturers also recently elsewhere) quite frankly, in the magazine and 8 rounds from 7 to enter, and come to see not only from a startup built around five or six from the idiots " This guy "and get a burst of anger. Was a digression.
Anyway, from six in the fun. In this regard, I heard that 45 can be diverted from the cart before the real system, we decided to try once. Hudson CP, so the short length of the inner front and rear, CP, PFC's can be a bit of fire in front of it completely closed bolt, bolt open it anyway because it is not terribly issue. Feeding and magazines (which is thick!) And good compatibility. The following is the result.

Cart・CP is a good HW in the inner, O-ring to wear with caution. The slump was in the inner venting.

PFC cart・well. Sparks popping from the barrel and use the silver cap.
The body does not have any model at all hands, all tests in the box just blew out of oil. There are quite reactionary, outgassing from the muzzle of excellence, in the considerable momentum can eject the cart. Pompon-like flies that are huge and heavy carts real pretty fun Firing cycle is slightly slower, just like a real gun. Relatively easily行Eta endless finger-point shooting. Hmmm, interesting exciting!

Down just before his favorite video was not shot. Patient with her until one month of the new camera in hand. Finally get a new camera. Immediately into the recording. PFC and cart used was CP. Do not use the original cart. However, one more condition is not good. But CP PFC, but three or four times from one, can not jam the automatic fire was expelled for some reason Ejekushonpoto cart. Amount of shortage or retreat, or do not think that because the spill from the bolt face to the ejection process of the cart is already kicked out a fire that is clearly unknown. Extractor was less that the amount of drug used explosives SP cap weak (weak fixed card) might be. We stopped in the middle of the silver caps, metal caps changed. Also, strong extractor was replaced with an SP. CP's cart along the inner O-ring inspected, and replaced with new ones worn. Is a digression, CP HW cart inner O-ring. If you cut into the vertical and the gas jet, the bottom side (side firing pin) may wear thin as Sogareru (with simultaneous course). CP and the cart used to fire, but may have scattered black debris to one side (especially if the bolts are heavy folding), which must Sogareta O-ring debris. In case the gap is clearly visible, so that, when decisions are easy to exchange, if thin Sogareru entirely unsure what should be replaced around. Anyway, O-rings are held in good time every, I think is best to replace often. Then, fired again, this time in the blazing (+_+), caps and gunpowder Reminder failure. How many minutes a night (about 10pm) was recorded in relation to further continue the fire ignited at the closed mind that unfortunately gave up a little. Scenes are presented in the movie, a compilation of more suitably fired 60 shots from their convenience. But I wanted to show you a little long blaze, and was sorry about a little frustration accumulate in these situations. Still, the end is powerful and I think you will understand・・・.

And impressions
Fire performance is satisfactory in Marushin MP40 But I think the model above. Really easy to maintain. I have not used the original cart, I think in a more smoothly if the original cart. In terms of comfort for everyone to enjoy Furuotoburobakku they claim is the manufacturer. The exterior would have likes and dislikes for that matter also made a lot of opinions, is itself a real gun at all "tools" at the level. Save the beautiful, in that there should be no display. What worries me is the durability. To have heard the story before it cracked barrel, worn parts that will come off that adhered to the fire may have heard that Especially the rear site If one side is peeled off just because I can (It's okay except for now.) Also, the metal core of the bolt face of the bolt so I think quite perishable. No part of this decomposition is possible, but can be purchased separately. Parts prices are relatively low Fortunately (especially ABS). Even if temporarily damaged parts, I think it `s not so financially damaged. Currently (2003・4) sites in the Hudson, but because they are published, should have a stable supply of parts. Governor-based real-cart (MGC, also Marushin) can be useful if you have a shared cart. Is recommended.

Add Movie 2003.5.17
When the last report was so one more tune, try it again.
As mentioned previously, the cart will not eject after successful firing occasional symptoms that are sandwiched between the chamber and bolt.
But at first I kind of had enough weight back, extractor that seemed to be due to the SP Ekisuto much stronger and is replaced as described previously.
When the bolt back, carts, face problems if the bolt firmly settled until kicked out by the ejector would not have seemed to have spilled from a cart on the way apparently bolt What next SP bullet magazine that does not affect Mishi Is there any tension. Below the number of your weapon and 10 rounds is a good shape, looks like a high probability of occurrence and put more (lose tension?)
At first I thought Ijirou lip, it will be tricky because you've failed to stop.

The extractor I was contemplating the instruction manual coil current SP is first launched after it was found that the leaf spring SP has been changed. Do not know why. Cost might be a problem.
However, one likely in the leaf spring tension is weak, that might have changed the coil there. If so, is considered to be potential symptoms as described above.
This time, just in case I extractor increasingly more SP. Longer than the original SP from junk found, set it to a double. Even though overlapping, rather than double, arranged around (I have enough time) that. This is now Ekisuto Kuwaeru more powerful rim cart.
As if the speculation, should be able to more than 10 rounds loaded in it. In this state, go immediately to prepare for firing.
Are you ready for the real 45 CP, a few from 20. Silver cap. As a result of the movie. Curt was able to clean out problems in almost rapid-fire.
But second, and a little grizzle third. Once reluctant to care, and maintenance should have been cleaned once, and was unsuccessful in a slipshod way in which maintenance care is also from 20, the couple retreated out the amount of time occurs. O may have also had to wear the ring.
Anyway, from among nearly fired from 80, suitably edited. Will in good condition than last. Especially the last scene has been pretty successful in blazing 20.
The original cart was used to try too, for some reason I just had this at all (laughs). Apparently so bad that the CP had collapsed at the end of the inner Dito.
As far as my models, 45 PFC is the best in good condition.
Anyway, while filled with sparks Ejekushonpoto of 45 flies real heavy carts popping downright funny.
Fired than 40 MP on the same day, the rotation is a bit slower, of course, a different firing sound (maybe a little low?)
While in now, but success or adjustment of this Ekisuto unsure. There an increase in tone than last time, so no doubt was relieved that point, the direction is right or not too confident, do not even know the true model for all others. Perhaps, I hope you each may have devised another way more. If you have a good idea to teach your regards.
By the way, might be noticed and to see a movie, running at slightly Ejekushonpotokaba shock or fire. And anything else interesting that comes up through the rod connected to the cover and body (laughs). The last fire scene, and visit the border area to focus on the cover and body, you can clearly see that come back through the rod. Hudson's truly is a wonderful punch line. The admiration (laughs)

The various orders attached, and of course "buy" model. First of many times I say cheap? How are things going, but 40 short of the MP, is still significant.
This model is also quite spacious and had a barrel bore diameter of only 45 models that mimic, much better outgassing. Now, would not it fine when used in fire-breathing Puroppukato. Ufutsu, I want to do・・・.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Shiraaya's Definitive Review & Modification Guide   Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:45 pm


















 その後、改めて発火したが、今度はキャップ火薬の入れ忘れなどあり( _ )、連射には失敗。






Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Shiraaya's Definitive Review & Modification Guide
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