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 Shiraaya's Review & Modification Guide

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Shiraaya's Review & Modification Guide   Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:56 pm

Tanaka H & K USP

Three plastic handgun Tanaka sent into the world (four if you count the Glock 18) in the final model. The realism, while highly praised work of the problem was pointed out, both durable P226. Glock 17, then tears into the performance and durability while firing superdreadnought pride. Based on previous experience, they are Moderuganrashi (realism, balance of agonistic and durability) was implemented widely, at a high level is a large handgun and the prestigious masterpiece model. ABS body, made of changing the color of the frame but slides and produce good atmosphere, a real gun. There is so thick, durable slides pretty well. Safety features characteristic of tears, are quite nicely reproduced. The metal is also different parts of the barrel, Chanbakaba scars are represented in the equipment will be cutting it real Chibiri ^ ^. Lighter than I expected movement of the slide.・・・Strong movement of the hammer, Huh? What, Pechitsu, Pechitsu? ・・・Only movement of the hammer so much against the over feel like pale in a little ^ ^. I mean playing a little, a little disappointing that there is a wobble. But, convinced will do the best that is loose and the clearance bet.
Tanaka used a unique cart Miriparakato 9. 5 mm, using a Haipawakato cap. However, other companies may also be used if you adjust your Miririarukato Dito 9. Notoriety in the literature, I know I've never heard of this model. You are to speak of "excellent", "top form!" "Masterpiece!" Biggest and only compliment. Before, where there is no anguish to Orimashita edge I was eager to finally get in, get your like-minded thanks to your help. (^.^) Dance dancing after a while

[Dito] coordination
Actually, I do not like the original Parakato.'s Power is strong, I'd like Masu Sugi strong. Also, the CP is common specifications cart system cap, O-5 mm less durable, will ring out immediately. Besides, complicated set. Put powder into it to plug it into metal, a good effort and put together a cart or rather, good maintenance after the fire, the other CP and PFC slower times more than. So, consider the diversion of Miririarukato Orimashita nine other companies from entering the front. The time required to adjust its length, Dito. Well, I was sure I kind of try to work・・・also kind. Indeed, previous probes "LX added" The MGC 9mm real CP of coordination had to be remembered-cart, "absorbing," Lucky and immediately Contact. "Hey, hey, the real USP for Dito, tell the size of the CP. Because anything" "Yoshi Yoshi, they'll love him.進Zeyou I know. Come on, this Slippage more soon. Come on, Come on. Fuotsu, Fuotsu, Fuotsu" "A level - what you like, like, a magistrate - us.・・・Us an intellectual. Ahitsu" While a credit card or how ares, access to information Network of this kind of mania when convenient. Will come in handy. According to the report, you, the overall length is 37 mm from the tip of the thickness of 12.3 mm to 4 mm in diameter, the rest end up on the 24.3 mm thickness 5.5 mm in diameter. In the end, and that to keep feeding the cone cart to assist. Size, even after it decided that the other is completed. It is also so, what parts are generally hard to determine the size, unless things greatly, if only it turns out, cut, pasted cut or completed in盛Tta. Dito based in Marushin M712 determined for the first. 0 5 mm and 5 mm thick, somewhat short・5 mm inner diameter, 5.5 mm brass pipe (they sell the store model) in it can be cleared to throw. The total length is too long, cut from the tip. Of course, not every last minute, try a little room to adjust the final stages of finishing. Then, cut the pipe and brass. As also referring to its cut out the time, length adjustment in the finish. In just because it hard a little, then resizing only as rough with sand and the surface of the Dito, adhesives for metals Push on the coated pipe. After that, enters into the cut where the fixing screws Dito. Tamotsu Amane is put over the cut, because that would have been divided around the pipe, leave it only partially. When the barrel is set to set, you careful enough by around them. I thought I 、 PFC use by the end of the cart, but I've put a round Dito, CP will use only those that will not get nervous. Dito completed in less than an hour. Costs 500 yen or so. Really easy!


Feeding was completed at check Dito. First, PFC cart full second manual check. Then CP. No problem either. Also, make sure to set the air cap, the cap at the loading position on the chamber, but when the percussion cap and locate the problems, that too. With joy, thinking, "Kekeke" and laughter. Wrists twice, three times and頬擦Ri (Please note that in public because it is confusing.) However, "Oh Ok, Well fire!" Was fired and courage. Huh? Something funny (・・? Harrow - I! Are broken trigger Kiri points around the base just right. While wondering why, and try to disassemble, Ugetsu! Rikoirusupuringugaido are broken Shock! I do not know what we got this, the impact of the fire damage to the guide for any reason there is trouble, it might be influenced by the trigger. At this rate of going nowhere anyway, I gave up fire. Order the parts through the shop, and rest for a while. </BLOCKQUOTE>

Over one month after ordering the parts.Kogitsukemashita to finally fire somehow. Using the real cart mm 9 CP. Then travel back early, just beat the record because it is a magazine in a short time is not family. Five from each of the three cuts. Eject the last round of failure. Models that ignore the final cut, please . There is no movement of the slide so fast. Is apparently thrown from the Glock. Parakato not original, but maybe a little faster. CP in power, the body still has the impression that you can afford. Parakato do not like the set is cumbersome, but could you get better. By the way, seems to use the Glock SIG226 is exactly the same cart, USP as the anvil (primer) in different sizes so, it is not compatible. If you have a cart parts from Tanaka and even now, I think you try to order now. However, it is a good model!

- Nonsense, repetition;
Both the total production volume of 300 Street, which is said to be rare model丁To 500. How bad were washed away when the waves came into the world of the boom, when the air gun sales, leaving Sashitaru (sold) imperceptibly discontinued. It is said to become a model system an opportunity to withdraw from the Otomachikkuhandogan Tanaka. If the model of the world, the world, so I must have hit・・・. The street became known for its high performance but is sometimes too late. Ironically, it is now quite expensive and are trading at such auction. Too late. If you sell more, this is a model of a Hand-Held Tanaka after this wonderful model, manufacturers are not up anywhere, it might be my Shiremase attractive model to develop I. A model like this will be our responsibility. One of the manufacturers with technology and product development is magnificent and I missed the Muzamuza. But if I may say so, and you might have been better taken into account in the choice of model is another. Indeed P226, Glock, USP, is a model of the first of its kind, just as a fan is a great blessing. However, little action was strong. Because it is the preferred gun of modern style features, yada, secondary and purposes, and we should put the results to select a model that could become something different a little sex appeal. For example if you were a S & W Model 、 Auto. If S & W Auto Parts, a model of base-line, through the second air gun, then there would have been familiar to fans as such. 、 Fact that S & W Auto who want the ultimate good is heard. Also, plenty of variation in the real gun. Even if the base model underlying the design exactly as governor, in deployment, not a lesser variation is relatively easy after (require less capital investment), should be. More than a layman's view, trademarks, etc. I think that manufacturers had variously circumstances. Just as the USP, Glock, was impressed by the performance of S & W Mateba Kono Tsutomu Haikyapagaba, auto, and MP5 (series expansion is possible, too) and I only hope that the development Itadaketara.

Add 2003.3.1

CP made by the previous fire. This is the firing of PFC. Say that the current real 9mm PFC power many times inferior to the CP. SP USP recoil was confident enough to work fine if you will. The test firing, Fidingutoraburu is none. Hold an open fire even after the successful final bullet was also eject the cart. The feeling is better than CP. Looking from behind, fire from the muzzle was also raised. Absorbing fun CP but this does not Naka Naka, PFC remains in the phenomenon. In the case of CP, but is disturbed greatly by the jet of gas that comes out when the inner face of gas from the gas cart, PFC when the gas is ejected from the center of the cap, can disrupt the jet reached without much muzzle What is to blame for that. Prop feeling a little (^ ^) v. Suitably connected in the movie. Perhaps feeling a little wet gunpowder had been raining. Is a bit disappointing because there was a misfire from about 2, the overall tone is good. CP flame from the muzzle fire than flashy but the sound is small. I like it (laughs). However, HW more pleasant it would slide. It is a shame.

2003.5.2 note issues, entitled "Report of the middle pillar of fire"

Got broken ! While they make a noise every tough but durable, got corrupted so (sob). I think that the situation must understand if you look at the image base is damaged barrel, what a lift is divided chamber slides for that. Frequent symptoms are similar to those in the Glock.

The realists are displaced because Chanbakaba adhered to, and this is not due to. Using the original Parakato cart. I think I fear is still Parakato be too strong. CP and PFC in these symptoms but have a feeling that come out. Fortunately in my case, have purchased a spare barrel already. Since no force is applied where the normal state, it is also terribly slide acrylic casting in the gap Sunday, so much harm that can be used to paint Naose not without problems. Well, just surprised. If you display school anyway, how to adjust the ignition pro Dito CP PFC may be good or be entertained by fire. Since the sign of a high incidence of corruption Fidingutoraburu, then you'd better check. The barrel but no, the slide will be able to prevent corruption. Human sacrifice was a report from a middle-aged fire.

Additional 2003.5.24 Movie "Tomb Raider" Angelina Jolie has starred in use by USP. Competition style front stabilizer (?) Appears with really good they are set (By the way, your good also suitable Angelina toots!). "Hey I want OIRA also" had thought (By the way, Angelina toots you want more ), This stabilizer, so I have not quite dressed Complex custom.
But "K's" When I saw the site, there is something you have not set an air gun stabilizer very similar. "Oh, Arujan! Bye, buy it goin Come on port" So I bought that. USP Tanaka, and try to set the size of the batch. However, the drawback of becoming lazy and put this decomposition. After the extension of the barrel. At first, I tried to corrupt USP extended cut of the barrel, insert abandoned to be out.
I do, the air gun barrel was in the junk box (unidentified) found. So this guy inner barrel (aluminum) into an incision vertically, USP work to clear inserts. Periphery and a little narrower, USP into a clean barrel押Shi込Ndara. However, about 1 cm is too long, for the moment was fair game. Came second, so pretty, not fixed in any way I probably would not worry, as it is fired. Long barrel, and firing sounds for narrowing the inner diameter is smaller than it had no problems. Barrels remain firmly extended.
Absorbing fun (^ ^). Was opened and held, has become like in easily. If completeness, and also it is necessary to paint for fun anyway and truncation of the barrel. If you have to do with the time, recording a movie once. I've used a gold cap mm 9 CP. 5 rapid-fire cutting. The final bullet to eject failed, it does not care 9 CP millimeters so that it is the habit of giving up when using this model. The slides are the last to accept the things damaged. Since the operation a few cracks and no effect can be fired safely. Hey, if you say that Angelina is beside her, but this is not the only next to the Gnat Puni. Well, I've got left・・・life.


Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Shiraaya's Review & Modification Guide   Thu Apr 07, 2011 1:00 pm


タナカ製H&K USPの巻































2003・5・24追加  映画「トゥームレイダー」で主演のアンジェリーナ・ジョリーが使用しているUSP。




Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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Shiraaya's Review & Modification Guide
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