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 Tanio Koba 9mm Marushin M92 Type (also very close to P220)

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Tanio Koba 9mm Marushin M92 Type (also very close to P220)   Sun Mar 25, 2012 3:27 pm

Cartridge: "MAD Police" 9mm Marushin M92 type (also very close to P220)

Typec.p. Double Cap Hexagon Cut Piston
Carts per box8
Length27.40 mm
Diameter9.10 mm
Weight10g (without caps)
Parts5 (shell, primer, piston, 0-Ring,top )
Caps7mm (1 OR 2 may be used)
Used in:Marushin Beretta M9 & 92 series, Tanaka 9mm Automatics, MGC Stirling, MGC68 MP40 (if already converted to MGC P220 specs)More may be added TBA

Note: Made of Aluminium Alloy, Gold Anodised finish - However, heavier than brass P220
Note: May be used with One or Two 7mm caps
Note: Very similar to MGC P220 (see http://mp40modelguns.forumotion.t3376-mgc-p220)
Note: Previously thought to be manufactured by TanioKoba in error.
Note: Will NOT fit WaShan Beretta Dolphin magazine (cart. too long)

see also:


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Tanio Koba 9mm Marushin M92 Type (also very close to P220)
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