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 Hudson PPSh41... Basic Cleaning & Inspection Guide

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PostSubject: Hudson PPSh41... Basic Cleaning & Inspection Guide   Tue Aug 05, 2008 9:53 am

Basic Cleaning and Inspection Guide... Hudson PPSh41

Hudson's PPSh41 has a tarnished reputation as being one model gun likely to break very quickly!
My own PPSh41 despite being bought brand new broke it's Bolt within a day or two, living up to its reputation, and I then had several problems to sort out before it would function at all.

My very grateful thanks go to Kickback, Claymore and 8ace for their help, assistance and darned hard work to repair and modify my PPSh41.
I'm happy to say it now works and I've posted a short video in the "Modelguns Videos" section to prove it Exclamation Very Happy

Thanks Guys!!!

Like every modelgun, firing creates corrosive gases that'll attack zinc and steel alike, soot and carbon deposits to clog up Chambers and Pins and deposits resembling red rust that permeates into every nook and cranny of the gun.

All this needs cleaning after every shooting session so once your PPSh has been stripped, follow this Step by Step Guide and keep it in good order.
While your cleaning take time to check each part for damage. Hopefully this Guide will show you the ones you'll most likely encounter at some stage.

Field Stripping has been described in: "Basic Strip Down... Hudson PPSh41" in "Modelgun cleaning discussions"

for Cleaning Cartridges ref to: "Beginner's Guide to... Cleaning Cartridges" in the same Section

Step 1. Magazine

The amount of smoke created by the cartridges is considerable Smile All great stuff for effects but it really creates one almighty mess especially in and around the Magazine.
First signs of the residue left behind is a dull coating over the top section of the mag, around the feed lips and down inside the mag' body. If left unchecked, this residue turns into a rusty brown coloured coating.
It all needs cleaning off...

I wipe as much of the excess off with an oily rag, then spray a liberal coating of Gun Oil (Aerosol can) all over the mags internals and the exterior.
I let this soak in for awhile, usually while I clean the rest of the gun, then wipe everything off with a rag.
Keep at it until there's no sign of this Brown dirt on the rag.

If necessary use something like an old toothbrush to scrub into awkward corners.
A light spray of Gun Oil after cleaning will keep the mechanism inside the mag working smoothly.

Step 2. Detonator Chamber and Pin.

Wipe off the soot and gummy deposits from the pin with a rag.

All this dirt was the result of only 50 or so cartridges...

Wipe inside the Detonator Chamber with a Cotton Bud (Q-Tip) until it's clean. The chamber will need several wipes before the Cotton Bud gets anywhere near clean!

Next I drop both the Pin and Chamber into the UltraSonic cleaner, then into my Polisher. (ref: Cleaning Cartridge section)

All the parts need to be this clean, or cleaner!


Step 3. Bolt assembly.

The weakest link in this gun!

Hudson have redesigned the Bolt making it much lighter than previously. Unfortunately, they lightened it by removing lots of metal from everywhere making it even weaker than before!

Here's the underside of the NEW bolt, notice all that metal milled away...

Here's a photo of the OLD type, notice it's far meatier...

After firing, the Bolt face will look something like this...

Wipe the face clean with a rag and then some Gun Oil. Make sure the Ejector Groove underneath is clean, and that the Extractor claw is spotless.
To remove the Extractor, push out the pivot pin, then lift the Extractor away and from the spring...

If anything will break in this gun, it's the 2 "prongs" that strip the cartridges from the magazine and into the Chamber. These "prongs" are clearly visible here on the lower edge... N.B. these next photos show the home made steel replacement "prongs" / feed rails

The Extractor claw can break too, make sure it has a nice sharp and square edge...

The significance of these component parts is possibly best described by these photos...

Please refer to "Troubleshooting... Hudson PPSh41" in the "Modelgun Cleaning Discussions" section for more detailed explanations.

Make sure the Bolt is thoroughly clean before proceeding further.

Pull the Recoil Spring off the Guide Rod, simple wipe off the old and dirty oil. Check the Spring isn't kinked and coil bound in places...

Step 4. Receiver

This amounts to no more than a big cavity in the stock for the Bolt to move in! A simple but thorough wipe with an oily rag should be enough.

Check that the Ejector is straight, not burred and that the 2 socket screws holding it are tight.

Give the rest of the PPSh a wipe down, use a rag dipped in clean Gun Oil on all the metal parts and a clean rag over the Woodwork to remove fingerprints and excess oil.

*** See also... TroubleShooting Guide Hudson PPSh41***


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Hudson PPSh41... Basic Cleaning & Inspection Guide
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