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 Cartridge Preparation

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Cartridge Preparation   Sun Aug 17, 2008 10:45 am

Post by Mark

As the cartridge/caps are so integral to the firing simulation that the modelgun provides us, there are several areas/details that have to observed when loading/firing any modelgun cartridges. By now, I would think that most of the forum members are quite adept at loading them at this point.

1. Cleanliness: How clean are the cartridges? Any "build up" inside/on them?

2. Straitness: Are the cartridges sides bulged due to pressure?

3. Inside finish: Are the machining/tooling marks smooth?

4. Threads: Burrs/nicks/torn/missing/cross threaded or stretched?

5. Overall cartridge length: Changed due to bulging etc.

6. Outside finish: Rough? Tooling/machining marks etc.

7. Cartridge base/"bullet": On tight? (no gap?)

8. Nose ("bullet") hole: Out of round? Burrs? Too small?

9. Extractor groove/rim: Damaged? Torn off? Not deep enough?

10. "Primer": Loose? Too small? Mixed application? Burred? Too tight?

11. Grease/silicone: Too much? Not enough?

12. Piston: Correct application? Bent? Damaged?

13. O rings/Seals: Good shape? Torn? Missing? Sized rightly?

14. Correct application: HW? ABS? Zinc?

15. Caps: How many?

When your modelgun starts having problems, think about the cartridges first...
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Cartridge Preparation
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