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 Next project from Rare Arms: M14 GBB shellejector

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PostSubject: Next project from Rare Arms: M14 GBB shellejector   Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:31 am

Thanks a ton to Jim for the heads-up!

Now that their XR25 shellejector GBB is available, Rare Arms seem to move on to the next project: A M14 GBB shellejector.
Let's all hope and pray, that this small manufacturer survives long enough to get this thing released Very Happy With the extremely high price of the XR25, they have a rather risky business...

In this picture you can see the power source: two CO2 capsules inside the stock (of course, this also means, that EBR conversions will be very hard, if not impossible to pull off - fine with me though, classic wooden stock all the way! Wink)

Now THAT gun would be something, I'd pay around 1500 USD for geek
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Next project from Rare Arms: M14 GBB shellejector
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