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 Kano-Do 9mm C.P Cartridge - MGC P220 REPLACEMENT

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Kano-Do 9mm C.P Cartridge - MGC P220 REPLACEMENT   Sun Dec 13, 2015 4:20 pm

ljerr2 wrote:
I like the KD cartridge.  I've tried it successfully in the Uzi and the MGC Sig P220.  The cartridge has a wider nose opening, which I like.  It also has a unique style inner piston design.  With it being difficult to find any original MGC P220 carts, this cartridge has become a viable substitute for me.  

The Koba P220 revival cartridges are great options for most people, but they have different threads than the original MGC cartridge unfortunately.  Since I already have a stockpile of original MGC P220's (never enough - if anyone has some, I'm a buyer!  Shocked ), I don't like to have to worry about mixing up parts and pieces possibly, otherwise I'd have loaded up on the Koba P220 cartridges.  The Kano Do's have the same threads as the MGC.

The KD rims are noticeably thinner than the MGC rim, though. I've not found this to be an issue unless I was using some custom parts (bolt) in the model.  The rim also has a chamfer, which may help in bolt alignment/feeding issues.  Depending on the date of manufacture I believe, some MGC P220's don't have the chamfered rim.  (I have some with and some without that feature).  The KD's have more of a chamfer than the Koba carts, too.

The parts for the KD vs. the MGC appear to be 100% compatible and quite possibly identical in critical dimensions.  I can take parts and interchange them between the carts without any fitment issues.

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Kano-Do 9mm C.P Cartridge - MGC P220 REPLACEMENT
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