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 Beginner's Guide ... Loading Hudson C.P Type Cartridges

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Beginner's Guide ... Loading Hudson C.P Type Cartridges   Mon Aug 18, 2008 10:29 am

Beginner's Guide to... Loading Hudson C.P. type Cartridges.

Hudson cartridges operate on exactly the same principle as do the MGC products. The internals, however, differ slightly in design.
Hudson use a piston that has hole drilled through its' centre to allow smoke to pass through after firing and thus out of the barrel for effect.
see photos below...

Note that in each case,the Hudson Piston is the one on the Left side...

The downside of this, however, is that on some of Hudson's model guns, the smoke and gases passing through the drilled hole releases much needed gas pressure too. Blow Back is reduced and in some cases, is not powerful enough to operate the guns' bolt through it's cycle.

Hudson pistons are smaller than MGC versions too. This can lead to the piston rocking within the cartridge bore losing gas pressure and Blow Back effect.
see photo below...

Should you ever experience problems with your Hudson modelgun not operating properly and poor Blow Back is suspected, consider replacing the piston with an MGC alternative.

Ref: Tuning Tips... Hudson PPSh41

To load Hudson cartridges then...

Your modelgun will only function correctly if your cartridges are prepared and loaded correctly. This is intended as a Step by Step guide on how to do this.
Cleaning of used cartridges will be dealt with in a seperate article...

First of all, unscrew the cap from the cartridge and empty the case of it's components.

Tools required are

1. Loading tool 2. Cotton Bud (Q-Tip) 3. Small Brush.
Mascara brushes are ideal for this! Get your Girlfriend, Wife, Mother or just go yourself to the nearest Make Up shop and borrow sample brushes (Debenhams are ideal )

Silicone or Lithium based grease make perfect lubricants

The all important Cap, in this case Marushin 7mm

Check that all the parts are present... Cartridge case, Primer, Cap, Piston, Cartridge Top...

Step 1. Run the mascara brush through the cartridge case and over the threads to ensure cleanliness

Step 2. Dip the Cotton Bud in either only a little Silicone Oil or WD40 and smear the inside of the catridge bore. This aids lubrication and gives a little extra smoke effect too.

Step 3. Place the "Primer" into the cartridge, smaller diameter in first

Step 4. Squeeze a little grease from the tube, this much should be plenty, and smear it over the outside edges of the cap. DO NOT smear grease onto the powder charge in the cap.

Step 5. Place the cap into the cartridge, powder charge facing up

N.B. Faulty caps are sometimes found. If the "charge" falls away from the plastic cap like this, discard it as it will not ignite correctly.

Step 6. Push the cap down to the base of the cartridge using the loading tool.

Step 7. Ensure that the "Primer" lies flush with the base of the cartridge when the cap has been pushed into place

Step 8. Smear a little grease around the rubber 0-Ring on the piston. Check the 0-ring for splits or cracks. Damaged rings will not seal correctly and must be renewed.

Step 9. Making sure the firing pin of the piston is grease free,
position it into the cartridge like this and push gently until it sits flush with the top of the threads.

Step 10. Screw the cartridge's top into place,

and there you go,

ready to move onto the next one


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Beginner's Guide ... Loading Hudson C.P Type Cartridges
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