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 Marushin upgrades

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PostSubject: Marushin upgrades   Sun Sep 04, 2016 3:55 pm

Hello all.

Picked up a 2nd hand marushin XM a few weeks ago on gunseekers and have been tweeking it since. I've been looking at youtube videos showing how some modelguns can have some type of blackish or whitish gunpowder added to the carts to give it a bit more power but that was only for handguns and revolvers. I've also watched videos showing some form of an M4 firing quite loudly with a pretty good muzzle flash.

Does anyone know if those mods can be done with an XM? I've noticed in most of the japanese youtube videos, they appear to be using carts with after market inserts. Anything like that available for the Marushin XM's and M16's? Better det pins etc?

This powder looks really interesting. Looks like normal firework based flash powder. I enjoy model rocketry, so legally mixing powders isn't a problem for me.

youtube - v=c-BiCltpfqY

This is what I want to achieve with my XM if possible. Looks absolutely nuts, though I suspect a lot of the noise is due to sound bouncing back from the walls to make it sound louder.

youtube - v=xsRfmfdtNEU

youtube - v=b1TDPsbFb8A
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PostSubject: Re: Marushin upgrades   Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:31 pm

Hi Herman,

thank’s for the interesting video links.

I think the Marushin XM177E2 doesn’t have an open barrel; it only offers a kind of bypassing for some (retarded) smoke venting. So, without heavy modification, it will be difficult to produce some nice muzzle flash with that model.



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Marushin upgrades
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