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 Tanaka Evolution 2 - 9mm

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PostSubject: Tanaka Evolution 2 - 9mm    Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:07 am

Originally posted by JohnnyV

Well thoughts on new "evolution 2" cartridges, fist they do not have the nice silver bullet heads as on the older ones, which is a shame.. However they are a lot lighter so should eject better!
Next the "cross cut" in the inner tube of the evolution one carts has gone again, I believe this cross cut was put there to allow a little gas to escape just before the piston cleared the "bore" of the inner tube to prevent the oring blowing off under sudden release. The New EVO " carts achieve the same thing without the cross cut by the top of the inner bore being countersunk, and the piston has "cuts" in the front face, giving the same effect as the crosscut. There is also now an EXTRA oring on the outside top of the inner tube which forms a seal between the tube and bullet head, I guess to stop gas going back down the outside of the inner tube as the piston clears the bore. I will post a pic


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Tanaka Evolution 2 - 9mm
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