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 Need help from a VCRA exempt airsofter in the UK

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PostSubject: Need help from a VCRA exempt airsofter in the UK   Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:12 pm

Hi folks,

I have a problem and need some help from someone in the UK who is VCRA exempt: I found an airsoft pistol I have been eyeing for a longtime in a british shop, but the do not ship abroad (in my case: to Germany). But on my proposal, they might ship to a VCRA exemption holder in the UK, and he could (possibly) mail the parcel to me. They would even mail it for free...

Problems are: I don't know anyone with said exemption, and don't know if this would pose other problems (legality of mailing an airsoft gun by a private person, registration of said airsoft pistol, finding a carrier who will still accept 'guns'...) Shocked

Long story short: can anybody help me out as a 'mailman'?

Thx in advance,
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Need help from a VCRA exempt airsofter in the UK
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