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 Cammenga ar-15 easy load magazine for Marushin???

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PostSubject: Cammenga ar-15 easy load magazine for Marushin???   Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:30 am

Hi guy's

Just came across this whilst trawling the net.
Cammenga easy load ar-15 magazine designed to allow easy cartridge loading, and was wondering if any of the machining\engineer guru's that spend their time tuning and experimenting with ideas to keep our models working would think that these could be a viable 30 round magazine for the Marushin M16\XM177's?
I don't have one of these to hand unfortunately to have a closer inspection of the internals and mechanism, but was this thinking if a ramp could be permenantely inserted in the sliding front section to allow the Marushin cartridges to function?
Anyhow if anyone who likes to tinker around in their man cave\machine shop, take a wee look at them to see if they could be made to work Question

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Cammenga ar-15 easy load magazine for Marushin???
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