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 WTB M16/M4 Type Bolt (even defect ones) and 5.56 Cartridges

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PostSubject: WTB M16/M4 Type Bolt (even defect ones) and 5.56 Cartridges   Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:56 pm

Hey there,
I have an PFC AK-101 Projekt in the works and am searching an AR15/M4/M16 Type Bolt i would Modify to fit.. Well rather Built the Bolt around it, i dont want to Spoiler to much tho!
If someone has a spare Bolt or knows where to get one id highly appreciate your Help. (If noone has one i ofcourse have a PlanB, but it would be easier with it ofcourse!)

And Carts is something i need too ofcourse, would be Ideal ofcourse if someone has an spare Bolt and Shells laying around!
[Or a Broken or Cheap M4/M16 Type PFC Firer!]

Best Regards!
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WTB M16/M4 Type Bolt (even defect ones) and 5.56 Cartridges
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