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 Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS

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Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Empty
PostSubject: Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS   Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Icon_minitimeSat Sep 14, 2013 4:48 pm

So here's the second Model Gun I had been delivered yesterday.
The "Taxi Driver" Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS.

The matte black finish was the last thing I'd want on such a revolver replica, but somehow, it grew on me lately to the point I bought it as soon as it was available. That said, I didn't had much choice as there is still NO metal finish Tanaka revolver in stock anywhere.

Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Tumblr_mt34tgglDe1rpidqno4_1280
Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Tumblr_mt34tgglDe1rpidqno5_1280
Some will despise the lack of pictures and flashy box art. I don't give a crap. I even like the seriousness it gives to the model.
It's not exactly a toy, but we're not kidding here anyways. The model speaks for itself.

Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Tumblr_mt34q9TdRi1rpidqno1_1280
The size, the weight, the accuracy and last but not least, the craftsmanship are outstanding.

Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Tumblr_mt34q9TdRi1rpidqno2_1280
Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Tumblr_mt34q9TdRi1rpidqno3_1280
Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Tumblr_mt34tgglDe1rpidqno7_1280
Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Tumblr_mt34q9TdRi1rpidqno6_1280
Markings, logos etc, are all gracefully engraved.

Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Tumblr_mt34q9TdRi1rpidqno5_1280
Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Tumblr_mt34q9TdRi1rpidqno7_1280
Each part of the model is top notch and everything fits perfectly. No mold trace or whatsoever. I also collect guitars and I have the same feeling of high level japanese quality control in Tanaka brand than Ibanez guitars brand.

Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Tumblr_mt34q9TdRi1rpidqno8_1280
Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Tumblr_mt34tgglDe1rpidqno8_1280
Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Tumblr_mt34tgglDe1rpidqno1_1280
Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Tumblr_mt34tgglDe1rpidqno2_1280
Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS Tumblr_mt34tgglDe1rpidqno3_1280

I'm really impressed by this model and will proabably focus on Tanaka Works production from now on.

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Tanaka S&W M29 8" HWABS
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