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 Corrosion on Zinc parts

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Corrosion on Zinc parts Empty
PostSubject: Corrosion on Zinc parts   Corrosion on Zinc parts Icon_minitimeFri Nov 26, 2021 6:34 pm

Well, I knew it would happen! I’m new to this great forum, and I posted my first query on the Marushin MP40 side, instead of the correct side..,,here!
OK, I won’t bother everyone again too much, but I’ll try to be brief. I purchased an old first version mgc68 MP40. I have yet to receive it, however in the pictures provided to me it appears as if it has all the first features to distinguish it as early version. As happy as I am (I hope) with finding it…it’s not without its flaws. The formed steel parts are heavily corroded with rust, and the cast zinc parts appear to be rather “Frosted” in appearance, with small bumps on their surface.
Now, I’m hoping that the metal can be lightly abraded using oil and steel wool, then reblued. However, the zinc is new to me, as well as their properties. So, am I correct in assuming it is corrosion, and if so, can it too be restored?

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Corrosion on Zinc parts
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