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 Barrel Blockage MGC 1921 Thompson

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Barrel Blockage MGC 1921 Thompson Empty
PostSubject: Barrel Blockage MGC 1921 Thompson   Barrel Blockage MGC 1921 Thompson Icon_minitimeSun Oct 22, 2023 10:11 pm

I am wondering if anyone has a baseline as to barrel blockate on Thompsons?
I looked at CheaperThanDirt and some other places and didn't see an easy way to scope it. Whith my Mini-14 I think U used my thumbnail to reflect enough light so I could see inside the barrel. Essentially I''m hoping don't have to do a fluid test to see where the pressure goes.

The issue is I'm sure the Japanese would have tried higher pressures than caps produce had it been an option...and if they have the gun working without caps, I just haven't seen it.
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Barrel Blockage MGC 1921 Thompson
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