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 Marushin UZI ... Basic Reassembly Guide

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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Marushin UZI ... Basic Reassembly Guide   Mon Sep 29, 2008 11:00 am

Basic Re-assembly Guide... Marushin UZI


When I bought my first model gun I had no idea how to strip it down for cleaning and inspection. On-line help from forum members here got me sorted so I thought it might be a good idea to post up a Step by Step guide for Beginners.

The Marushin UZI is relatively easy strip, dismantle and maintain. Just like its real life counterpart, it was designed to be a solid and reliable weapon capable of being taken apart and maintained by a soldier in the field with the minimum of tools.

Strip Down and Inspection of components will be covered in separate Step by Step Guides so this guide begins with your UZI in need of re-assembly

Step 1. Fitting Barrel

Check that Ejector is tightly fastened


Ejector's fixing screw is located here...

Step 3. Fitting Trigger & Grip Assembly

The Grip Assembly has a locating peg that slots into the Receiver, don't force the assembly as this could snap off. Locate the peg into it's slot

Squeeze the Grip Safety Switch, ensure that both Sears fit through their slots in the receiver.
Push the grip assembly down and into place.

Once in place, pass the retaining pin through...

and fit and tighten this screw

Step 3. Re assemble Detonator Chamber assembly

Push the Detonator Pin into the Chamber, then fit and tighten this screw to secure it in place.

If the Pin tends to turn while you're tightening the screw apply some pressure through the vent slot here.

Step 4. Fitting Detonator Chamber

Place the Chamber into the Receiver,

Replace the Top Plate and tighten both cross head screws

Step 5. Fit the Bolt to the Carrier

The Bolt clips onto its' Carrier by this "hook". Push it firmly into place, then fit the retaining "Washer" and socket head screw.
This screw has a tendency to loosen during firing so apply a drop of LocTite or similar to help keep it tight. Do NOT overtighten.

Step 6. Fitting Bolt Assembly into the Receiver

Slide the Recoil Spring over the Guide Rod, then push the Spring into its' hole in the Bolt Carrier

Place the Guide Rod into the Receiver first, then carefully pull the Bolt Carrier back against Spring pressure. Ensure the Guide Rod enters the Hole...

Carefully lower the Bolt Carrier into the Receiver, then guide it forwards until it sits securely in position.

BE WARNED the Recoil Spring is particulary strong on Marushins' UZI. Being an all metal model, there is a good chance you'll pinch or trap your fingers between the Bolt Carrier and Receiver sides, or especially the Ejection Port.

Step 7. Replace Top Plate

Push the Semi Circular shaped peg at the front of the Top Plate into it's slot in the Receiver,

Then push the Plate down and into place. Lock it in place with this Spring Loaded catch.


Check that the Bolt operates correctly. Pull the Cocking Handle back to ensure the Bolt moves freely and easily back over the Sear and into "Cocked" position.

DO NOT dry fire your modelgun as damage may occur. Rather than pull the trigger allowing the Bolt to hammer forwards at speed, the Bolt can be controlled as it travels forwards once the trigger is pulled.

The UZI's cocking handle is not fixed to the Bolt like most other sub machine guns. Pulling the Lever backwards it travels in its' grooves in the Top Plate and "hooks" onto the Bolt Carrier. As it continues backwards, it Cocks the bolt then, once you let it go, a spring under the Top Plate pulls it back towards the front of the reciever.

With the gun cocked, hold the cocking lever back against the Bolt and pull the trigger. Still squeezing the trigger, slowly allow the Cocking lever to move forwards.
The Recoil Spring is now pushing the bolt forwards while you control the speed it travels with the Cocking lever.

The Bolt should slide forwards freely and without sticking. If it does not, then remove the Top Plate and check for obstructions or problems.


Ref: Basic Strip Down

Ref:   Basic Reassembly

Ref:   Loading Marushin 9mm Cartridges

Ref: Loading MGC c.p. type Cartridges

Ref: Basic Parts Inspection Guide


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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

Number of posts : 10783
Age : 59
Location / Country : North Wales
Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Marushin UZI ... Basic Reassembly Guide   Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:06 am



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Marushin UZI ... Basic Reassembly Guide
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