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 MGC Sterling - Modifing to use MGC Beretta M12S cartridges

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PostSubject: MGC Sterling - Modifing to use MGC Beretta M12S cartridges   Thu Feb 06, 2014 3:03 pm

An unusual modification this, carried out by Japanese enthusiast MrModelgun. MGC's Sterlings were originally designed to use 9mm Open cartridges loaded with paper caps.
Improvements in cartridge design and the introduction of plastic bodied caps provided better performance and as a result the Open cartridge / paper caps became obsolete.

MGCs P220 9mm CP-HW cartridge was found to be a very versatile round, proving suitable for use in several model guns with relatively easy modifications. It has been the cartridge of choice for 9mm model conversions for a long time.

There are problems with the P220 however, being very thin walled screw on tops which are easily crushed or deformed if the gun jams during firing and also the tops' threaded skirt expanding after several uses. This expansion can lead to loss of gas seal and poor feeding from the magazine.

MrModelgun happened to have a large stock of the older MGC M12S CP cartridge so decided to try these in his Sterling. The M12S is nominally 28mm long x 10mm diameter:

P220 cartridges are nominally 26.7mm x 9.15mm diameter:

The M12S screw on top is slightly thicker and stronger making it less prone to damage during firing and jamming (although not ruling it out).

Modifications Reqd:

If your model already uses P220 cartridges then the Chamber will need opening out to fit the wider M12S cartridge


The bolt face is too small in diameter as can be seen here:

and after machining NB Extractor not fitted for clarity:

Only test firing will show if the Detonator Pin needs lengthening slightly.

If, however, you are converting an old Open Cartridge or a non firing Dummy model, you will need a Custom made Det.Pin suitable for CP or CP-HW cartridges


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MGC Sterling - Modifing to use MGC Beretta M12S cartridges
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