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 WTB MP44 + Mkb42(h) + Mp43 etc., parts or guns.

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PostSubject: WTB MP44 + Mkb42(h) + Mp43 etc., parts or guns.   Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:58 am

Whatever you have that you're selling thinking of selling, trading.

I have cash waiting or goodies to trade - my replica gun collection has dwindled rather a lot being replaced by real guns  - but I still have quite a lot left.
(For sellers in the US I am state and federally permitted: FFL, CA DOJ EFP, CA DOJ DWP - )

My real gun area of focus is MP44 - ammo, accessories, parts, and of course the guns.
I have decided to add the Shoei line to my collection as they are so cool, basically.

PM me what you have and whether you're wanting to sell or trade.

Real or reproduction, Shoei or Haenel, I don't care - rusty or brand new -

Mags or stock pins or whole guns.

Have a great one!

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WTB MP44 + Mkb42(h) + Mp43 etc., parts or guns.
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