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 Selling a bunch of models and carts

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Selling a bunch of models and carts Empty
PostSubject: Selling a bunch of models and carts   Selling a bunch of models and carts Icon_minitimeSat Oct 07, 2017 6:47 pm

Hi Guys -

Need to make some room in my collection, so I'm listing some models for sale and some carts. The models are currently listed on ebay. I can do better prices for anyone on the forum. Can also ship internationally, as long as it is legal.
Here are the models currently for sale:
1. Hartford/HWS SAA Fast Draw Custom - new condition (have 2 of these)
2. Tanio Koba 1911 Series 70 - new condition
3. Hartford Double Derringer - new condition
4. MGC Randal Octagon (open) barrel - excellent, used condition
5. MGC M9 HW version - new condition
6. MGC M11 ABS - new condition
7. Hudson MadMax - new condition
8. Tanio Koba M4 cqbr - used, good condition
9. Tanaka M9 Evolution HW - used, good condition

Carts (all new condition):
1. Tanio Koba M4
2. Custom 12 gauge shotgun carts for MadMax (alum and brass, up to 7x7mm each)
3. Tanio Koba M11 easy-cp carts
4. MGC M11 open carts
5. Tanaka M9/G17 9mm Evolution carts
6. Tanaka M9/G17 9mm carts
7. Kano Do P220 carts
8. CAW SAA double cap carts
9. Tanio Koba GM7 easyCP carts
10. Tanio Koba GM7 open carts (aluminum anodized)
11. CAW M1A1 Thompson carts
12. MGC 1921 Thomson carts
13. Hudson MadMax carts (3x5mm)
14. Tanio Koba carts for MGC 1921 Thompson

Shoot me a PM if you have any interest or questions.


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Selling a bunch of models and carts
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