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 Kolser SA models - a short review

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Kolser SA models - a short review  Empty
PostSubject: Kolser SA models - a short review    Kolser SA models - a short review  Icon_minitimeTue Feb 18, 2014 4:59 pm

singleaction wrote:
Kolser S.A. was founded in 1965 and started manufacturing replicas in 1970; their main focus is old flintlock pistols, swords, daggers, etc, but they also offer a very nice replica of the Colt SAA in black, grey and nickel/gold finish with either a 5,5" or 7,5" barrel and four different versions of the Winchester 1873 rifle (or perhaps 1892, information on this differs). I haven't seen any of the rifles for real, just pictured, but they look nice enough. The SAA, on the other hand, I have both seen and own one; they are much, much better than the Denix equivalents, mechanism is good, much higher finish and overall superb build quality compared to the Denix ones, I'd even go as far as to say that it's the next best thing to a model gun revolver, although that might be to raise expectations a bit much. Wink But, I like it; it's all metal with wood grips (used to be plastic earlier), the barrel is open and so are the chambers and it has a good weight, about 900 grams. And, I haven't mentioned yet that it's meant to shoot (toy) caps with! The revolver comes with 6 cartridges in a brass finish and the cap is placed at the front of the cartridge (where the primer is on a real cartridge) and then you're ready to blaze away! I think it would be fairly easy to modify it so that it could take PFC cartridges instead, the original solution is not the best, the metal used in these cartridges is pretty soft and you wear down the "detonator pins" pretty quickly.
And now, for some pics and a few short video clips (notice that the first two videos state that these revolvers are non-firing replicas, but as far as I know these models, i.e. the 7,5" barrel ones, can also fire caps, they just don't come with cartridges and the barrel and chambers are plugged):

Kolser SA models - a short review  Old-west-replica-blued-finish-m1873-army-pistol-cap-pistol-6
Kolser SA models - a short review  Old-west-replica-m1873-army-pistol-antiqued-gray-finish-cap-pistol-6
Kolser SA models - a short review  Yhst-16098599766357_2268_548828024
Kolser SA models - a short review  Yhst-16098599766357_2268_545247529
Kolser SA models - a short review  Yhst-16098599766357_2268_545781508
Kolser SA models - a short review  Yhst-16098599766357_2268_547569600
Kolser SA models - a short review  Yhst-16098599766357_2268_544790625


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Kolser SA models - a short review  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kolser SA models - a short review    Kolser SA models - a short review  Icon_minitimeSun Mar 02, 2014 3:26 pm

Another clip of the Kolser SAA in action:

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Kolser SA models - a short review
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