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 MGC STERLING ***0riginally posted by Claymore***

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MGC STERLING ***0riginally posted by Claymore*** Empty
PostSubject: MGC STERLING ***0riginally posted by Claymore***   MGC STERLING ***0riginally posted by Claymore*** Icon_minitimeWed Aug 06, 2008 9:56 am

Originally posted by Claymore

This is just a taster as i really did not have the time to fire plus the wife went mad as this model ejects rounds very far and very hard and went straight into the wall, so i had to set things up so the rounds went into a box, not good for taking a vid.
This is an open barrel but the det pin has no hole to let the smoke out (will have to change that) it also has a steel bolt made by 8ace and as always works perfectly (cheers 8ace) that said i am fortunate to have 3 of these models and each one now has a steel bolt all 3 bolts made by someone else, so a big thanks to all who helped me out with the bolts they all work great, cheers.

MGC STERLING ***0riginally posted by Claymore*** Th_sterlingWM

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definatly the last one before i jump on a plane and head off for some scuba diving

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MGC STERLING ***0riginally posted by Claymore***
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