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 Tanaka G17PFC Slide Disassembly Help

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PostSubject: Tanaka G17PFC Slide Disassembly Help   Sat Nov 14, 2015 7:20 pm

Hi everyone!

Need some help. I want to purchase the steel slide from tokyo model for my Tanaka G17.

The steel slide on the pictures seems to be without rear block with internals. (

It would mean to install it i have to remove the rear block from original Tanaka slide first and to put it in the new one. But how i do it? I have no clue! I am afraid i will damage the original plastic slide.  Wa Shan Glocks seems to have the rear block as a part which is removable be default ( The Tanaka Clock does not show this part in the manual but it is there.

Hope someone here can help with an idea.
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Tanaka G17PFC Slide Disassembly Help
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