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 Tokyo Marui ABS models 30 years old

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PostSubject: Tokyo Marui ABS models 30 years old   Thu Jul 28, 2016 2:53 pm

Hi peeps.

30 years ago I bought some model kits by TM. Colt 1911 Gov and Commander versions + 4" S&W .357 Magnum and 6" S&W .44 Model 29.

They're all in good condition.

What I'm wondering is this: at the time I bought them, the caps required to operate the 1911's were illegal to import (or something). Is there an alternative available today or can someone point me to a supplier of the real ones? I'd so love to get these working.


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PostSubject: Re: Tokyo Marui ABS models 30 years old   Fri Jul 29, 2016 11:49 am

TM caps were slightly different than normal MGC or marushin caps in that they were more flexible than the other caps, they might of been made of a rubber compound rather than plastic not sure on that. Not sure if they were the same size as 7mm caps or slightly larger either, anyway TM caps are as far as i know not available over here. However MGC caps are and if you speak to johnnyv on this forum he can supply them, i am pretty certain they will fit its worth a try.
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Tokyo Marui ABS models 30 years old
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