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 List of reviews

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Modelgun Perfectionist

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PostSubject: List of reviews   List of reviews Icon_minitimeSat Apr 17, 2010 9:11 pm

This is a list of over 150 reviews posted at this forum.
Arranged alphabetically by manufacturer, then by model name.

Baby Nambu, metal, blowback version by smootik

Colt 61 Navy by shazhib
Colt SAA by shazhib, muzzle flash
Kampfpistol, airsoft GBB by DOC (missing pictures), by smootik
MP18 by smootik, by Garyforce
M3A1 "Grease Gun" M3A1 "Grease Gun" by Cerwyn
Remington percussion revolver (Old Model Army) by Momocampo
Schofield revolver by GaryForce
C/93 Borchardt Pistol by richie328

M1 folding stock, metal by lampwick
Mauser 98k, metal by Garyforce, by smootik

Kalashnikov AK-47 by richard jones
MAC-11 by smootik
MP40 photos
Thompson discussion
overall review discussion

Hartford (HWS)
Colt SAA, HW by shazhib, kit by momocampo
Derringer D-100 by Garyforce
Double Derringer kit by Momocampo
FP45 Liberator by JohnnyV
S&W M19 6" Kit by cosmitron
Type 94 by smootik

Hobby Fix
Colt 1911, metal dummy by 8ace
Colt M4A1, metal dummy by MadMike
Colt M16A4, Metal Dummy by Cerwyn

Colt SAA, ABS by shazhib, by Garyforce, Bisley by Garyforce
Derringer D-100, ABS by Garyforce
Desert Eagle, ABS by smootik
M1 and M14 rifles by shazhib
M1 Garand by kiwigunner, by Dronne
M14, metal dummy by mlin
M3A1, HW by claymore
M3A1, kit by Romagnus
M3A1, metal by francky1958
MadMax shotgun, ABS by Garyforce
Nambu Type 14 (N3, late version), metal by smootik
PPSh-41, metal by claymore
Shotgun, ABS by Garyforce
Sten MkII by claymore
Thompson M1A1 by 8ace, by Mark
vz61 Skorpion by smootik

Colt .357 Magnum 6"by cosmitron
Colt Python, metal by smootik, by Momocampo
Colt SAA, metal by Spencerman
S&W M10, HW by Garyforce, by smootik
S&W M19, history by shazhib
S&W M19, metal by shazhib, by Momocampo
S&W M29-2 8 3/8" AF 1985 by cosmitron
S&W M29 6" HW by cosmitron
S&W M36 Chiefs Special 2" HW by shazhib
S&W M36, metal by Garyforce
S&W Military & Police by cosmitron
Thompson M1928, metal by JohnnyV
Walther P38, metal dummy by smootik

Beretta 93R by claymore, by smootik, in Phottos by shazhib
Sig P230 by shazhib

Automag, metal by Spencerman
Beretta M9 Dolphin, ABS by 2sharp
Beretta M9/M92, ABS and HW kits by Momocampo
Browning M1910, HW by Garyforce
Browning Hi Power M1935 by Garyforce, (removed). by smootik
Colt 1911, ABS discussion, kit assembly by kiwigunner
Colt .25, ABS by Garyforce
Enfield No1 Mk2, HW by Garyforce
Enfield No1 Mk2, kit by Garyforce
Enfield Police, HW by shazhib
Luger P08, Goering by PPU
M16, metal by phobus
Mauser M712, ABS kit by Jakes-model-guns, by Mark
Mauser M712, metal by phobus
Mauser M712, Metal from Japanese site
MP40, ABS by Mark, PFC and airsoft comparison by Cerwyn
MP40, HW by shazhib
S&W Model 2 Army (removed)
S&W M586 6" Kit [url=]by cosmitron[/url]
UZI, metal early version, by Mark, by claymore
Walther P38 Military, ABS by smootik
Walther PPK/S, ABS by Garyforce
Walther PPK/S, HW kit by Momocampo
Xabungle rifle, ABS factory made by smootik
XM177E2, kit by R22Master on Arnies Airsoft, assembly overview by smootik

Automag, metal by claymore
Beretta M9, ABS by Mark
Beretta M96, HW by smootik
Colt 1911, HW Series 80 by MadMike, by Rizzo, Series 70 by Garyforce, MEU by smootik
Colt 1851, metal by kiwigunner
Colt .32, ABS by Garyforce
Colt Woodsman Match Target, ABS by smootik
Derringer Frontier, metal by kiwigunner
Ingram MAC11 by claymore
Luger P08, ABS by smootik, by Garyforce
M4, ABS by BRMoore
M4A1, ABS by claymore
M656, ABS by MadMike
M733, ? by MadMike
MP40 "68" by Mark, by francky1958
Remington M31/RS2 shotgun, metal by Garyforce, by armalyte
SIG P210, transparent, ABS by smootik
Sterling, metal by Mark
S&W M439, ABS by claymore
Thompson 1921 by Mark, by claymore
Winchester M73, metal custom Randall by Garyforce, by Garyforce, by smootik, by kiwigunner

Enfield Webley Mk I by Peticopo

Beretta M1934 (MGC) by smootik
Colt 1911 (MGC) by 1911
Colt SAA (MGC) by Spencerman

MG42 by Jim
Mkb(42)H by PPU
MKb42(H) Blowback Model by Cerwyn

Shu Wei
Beretta M92FS by picure

Beretta M9 HW by Momocampo
Colt Python by Momocampo
Colt SAA by shazhib
Glock 18, ABS by Momocampo
H&K USP by smootik
Sig Sauer P226 ST by c_alexanderson
S&W M1917 6.5" by cosmitron
Trenchgun M1897 by Garyforce
Type 100 by Feldgrau
airsoft Wz63, metal by smootik

Tanio Koba
GM7 by claymore, by smootik
M4 by JohnnyV

Wa Shan
Beretta M84, metal by smootik
Beretta M9 Dolphin, metal by Spencerman, by Momocampo
Colt 1911, metal by Spencerman
Glock 17, metal by Spencerman, by Momocampo
Glock G27, by Jim,
Sig P220, metal by Momocampo
overall review discussion, another discussion

Western Arms
AR-7 rifle by HIGUsan

Colt .25ACP - with Silencerby Phobus

Automags comparison of various makers
dummy, Beretta 92F by Jim
dummy, Beretta 92FS inox by Jim
dummy, Chinese scaled models by Jim
dummy, Colt Snubnose revolver by Jim
Keystone Arsenal, dummy Colt 1911 by 2sharp
LS kits discussion
M4/M16 guide to modelgun rifles by MadMike
custom MP38 by Cerwyn
MGCUK, Sten MkII, custom metal by claymore
Norinco, dummy Colt 1911 by Jim
real steel MP40 by 2Sharp
dummy, Sig P229 by Jim
dummy, Sterling SMG by Jim
Thompson comparison of various makers, history and list of modelguns

Last edited by Cerwyn on Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:55 pm; edited 63 times in total (Reason for editing : recently added: Hobby Fix M16A4 & Marushin M712 Metal)
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Cerwyn (Site Admin)
Cerwyn (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Re: List of reviews   List of reviews Icon_minitimeWed Feb 19, 2014 1:44 pm



Hobby collector of Replica model guns and Militaria.
also member of Living History Reenactment Groups.
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List of reviews
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